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  1. Hi Jake, I'm glad that my post resonated with you so closely. Feel free to try to message me again as I've deleted some old emails. If that doesn't work you can email me directly at christee1980@yahoo.com I'm sure that we will have plenty to discuss in regards to your emotion filled spankings
  2. I'm glad to see that this topic is still fairly prominent here and that there are many spankees who recognize and appreciate the emotion driven arousal surrounding their spankings. Some would probably say I'm too serious, but I prefer the more meaningful and deeply emotional aspects more than the "funishment". This deeply emotional experience could be rooted in the childhood of the spankee or perhaps other life experiences, but at some point those emotions like fear, dread, nervousness, guilt, shame, embarrassment became a source of endless arousal and fantasies. When I think about spanking someone, I think about spanking that person who is having those fantasies and helping them to experience those emotions in the most intense way possible. I probably think about this happening with a male spankee mostly, because at some point his pants will likely be lowered and I would be able to witness the storm of emotions he's experiencing, simply by looking at his penis. I'm intrigued by the way his brain can connect these feelings directly to his private parts and how much more vulnerable and exposed he would feel as I was seeing it. Now, not only am I fully aware that he's nervous and afraid of what's happening, I know that his fears and emotions are making his penis stand straight up, which only intensifies his embarrassment. What makes it even more embarrassing for him is the fact that I am not forcing this punishment upon him. On the contrary, he fully confessed to me that his most fervent masturbation is centered around the thought of being spanked like this. We planned and orchestrated his spanking together, to ensure that it would be the most emotion filled experience possible for him. So he only has himself to blame for the fact that he is nervously standing in front of me with his erect penis giving him away. I'm sure that his obvious arousal would subside as he was being spanked, but the anticipation before it happened and the comfort he received afterwards would bring it back in full force. I could envision him crying and expressing how grateful he is to have this punishment administered upon him, and inevitably he would be brought to a very emotion filled ejaculation. I also take it very seriously when I know that his thoughts of being spanked and taught such a painful, embarrassing lesson have taken over his sexuality. To know that these thoughts are much more powerful for him than the thought of sex or anything normal sexually and he will need to experience this punishment and embarrassment for the rest of his life.
  3. I know that I should share more of my thoughts on this site and stop with all of the lurking. I can remember sitting in school and imagining that my teacher was being disciplined and spanked by her mom, dad or both of her parents. I'm curious if anyone else was having thoughts like this when they were growing up at school? It was intriguing for me, even at such an early age, to imagine my female or male teachers experiencing a very humbling and embarrassing spanking in front of all of the students. The dynamic of seeing a teacher/mentor as a son or daughter being punished for their actions was always in my mind. I would most often imagine the teacher being understanding and willingly accepting their punishment...even with panties lowered. I could imagine him or her sincerely apologizing to the class before going over the knee of their parent/s and lashed with a belt. I had so many strange things in my mind growing up.
  4. I'm curious if there is anyone here who is effected emotionally and sexually by the actual act or even just the thought of being spanked/punished? There have always been scenarios in my mind in which I envision someone becoming very emotional, perhaps even crying as they think about how much they deserve to be spanked/disciplined....and the intense arousal they are feeling as they think about this causes them to become intensely aroused. So there becomes this powerful marriage of intense emotions and burning arousal which causes them to masturbate feverishly. I love the thought of seeing someone reach this state, where even just the thought or description of the punishment he or she deserves bring them to a powerful, emotional climax. If this sounds like you, maybe we can share thoughts. Perhaps this is a connection you've needed to find for a long time.
  5. Hello group, I just discovered this site and thought it would be nice to join, as I've begun to have more and more experience with spanking and disciplining my husband. My name is Christy and my husband and I have been married for 11 years now. Over the years I have learned more about my husband's deep obsession with spanking and punishments, which likely are rooted in his childhood. I've begun to explore this with him more lately and it's become very powerful for him. His longing for punishment and embarrassment is directly connected with his masturbation, so there is a part of me that's concerned I might be doing further damage to him, as he is always masturbating fervently as I'm spanking or administering his punishments. Do you think I should stop or limit this because of his emotional/sexual response? I don't want to ruin him sexually, but I will admit that it's sort of fascinating to see his reactions as I'm doing things to him or even just describing things happening to him. -Christy
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