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  1. I think what appealed to me the most about this was the idea of seeing my teacher facing the consequences of their behavior, at the hand of their own parent or parents. There's a dynamic with this which is very specific. It's embarrassing and painful enough for a child to be spanked by a parent, but it adds a whole new layer of embarrassment and emotions when this happens in front of their class. The role reversal element has always been prominent to me when it comes to spankings.
  2. I personally find it very meaningful when I see my husband starting to masturbate as he is being spanked. It's a very emotional and embarrassing experience for him and those feelings have a direct connection with his private parts. It's like they are linked, and his masturbation and ejaculation are simply an extension of the intense emotions he is experiencing. I don't see it as him being selfish or needing to be punished for it, although there are many things that he feels he deserves to be spanked severely for.
  3. I think your response here resonates the most with me. My husband is a very gentle and kind man, but in his heart he feels a yearning for maternal spankings, much like a young boy. The emotions of shame and embarrassment are like electricity to his private parts and he has had to be very honest with me about his fixation on being spanked and punished in various ways. I don't mind if he starts masturbating or if he ejaculates while being spanked because I know that I'm helping him experience something that affects him in such an emotional and sexual way.
  4. I know that I should share more of my thoughts on this site and stop with all of the lurking. I can remember sitting in school and imagining that my teacher was being disciplined and spanked by her mom, dad or both of her parents. I'm curious if anyone else was having thoughts like this when they were growing up at school? It was intriguing for me, even at such an early age, to imagine my female or male teachers experiencing a very humbling and embarrassing spanking in front of all of the students. The dynamic of seeing a teacher/mentor as a son or daughter being punished for their actions was always in my mind. I would most often imagine the teacher being understanding and willingly accepting their punishment...even with panties lowered. I could imagine him or her sincerely apologizing to the class before going over the knee of their parent/s and lashed with a belt. I had so many strange things in my mind growing up.
  5. HI, Ms. Christy:

    I'd love to chat! I'm in the NC area as well. 

  6. I would love to chat do you have anything like Kik Skype hangouts etc?

  7. I tried to send this in a private message and it said you cannot receive PM's... I hope this is not too forward to post publicly....

    I LOVE what you wrote on your profile.... I realize my screen name is aligned with my current desires- I created this account years ago and as I have grown and explored this realm and learned so much more about myself I have found a craving for female spankers that runs so deep.  Furthermore, a craving for being spanked by a female in the way you describe- an emotional experience and even a maternal disciplinary experience.  

    You seem like an incredibly interesting person so I would absolutely love to chat and learn more if you are interested!

    xo, Caroline

  8. Thanks for sharing this Steven. I’m sure that this has been quite an emotional journey for you, to share such a deep yearning with your wife. From what you’ve written I can tell that you have needed this since you were a little boy, so to have a wife who understands and supports you like this is something very special indeed.
  9. Hi Christy

    I wonder why I got that feeling of being watched!....

    It's you following me 😁

    Best wishes 



  10. Hello! Can we chat please? 

  11. Hello. I'm used to being in a situation where my partner is HOH. I'm a 53 year old male from NY. I seek direction and discipline from an authoritative female. I understand that I need to be held accountable for my actions. and accept the consequences. Thank you!  

  12. Hello how r u 


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