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  1. I hope you don't mind that I am following you as well.  I sent a message asking if you were willing to correspond about your situation with you husband.  I am always curious.  I don't want to bother or offend you. 


  2. Hi,

    I’m grateful for your willingness to share details of your spanking journey with your husband. I commend you for your candor and, even more importantly, for your willingness to meet his spanking needs! I’m drawn to caring, female ERs. Consequently, I’m going to follow you.  Hope that’s ok.



  3. I know that I should share more of my thoughts on this site and stop with all of the lurking. I can remember sitting in school and imagining that my teacher was being disciplined and spanked by her mom, dad or both of her parents. I'm curious if anyone else was having thoughts like this when they were growing up at school? It was intriguing for me, even at such an early age, to imagine my female or male teachers experiencing a very humbling and embarrassing spanking in front of all of the students. The dynamic of seeing a teacher/mentor as a son or daughter being punished for their actions was always in my mind. I would most often imagine the teacher being understanding and willingly accepting their punishment...even with panties lowered. I could imagine him or her sincerely apologizing to the class before going over the knee of their parent/s and lashed with a belt. I had so many strange things in my mind growing up.
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