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  1. Was it hard for you to find a spanker? Did it take long to find one?
  2. Are there any male disciplinarians in or near Boston MA? If so please let me know. Thanks
  3. I'm in Boston Massachusetts Looking for male disciplinarian for NON SEXUAL discipline spankings
  4. As a child my mother would spank me with her hand and a ping pong paddle
  5. I would imagine that a wooden hairbrush would probably be more effective than a plastic one
  6. Worst implement owned? I would most likely say the ping pong paddle I have recently acquired in my possession. I just remember how it felt when I was a child and I remember how painful it was back then
  7. Amanda 38 Female Spankee USA Massachusetts
  8. I want to be spanked for discipline to help me correct certain bad behaviors and better myself
  9. Hi I'm Amanda 38 Boston MA New here
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