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  1. Read a novel together and talk about it. I very much recommend starting with something fun and relationship building, like Cheeky's Legacy. But for more fantasy like choose the Beauty Books
  2. Have you read Cheeky's Legacy? Lilly shows up depressed from miscarriages at the Spa. She is brought there by her husband Dan. He is a frustrated spanker both trying to help Lilly and achieve his own spank sexuality. The Spa is run by a psychologist who knows from his practice people don't get better through therapy. Spanking reaches the bottom, then mind and heart. That's my experience too, and I'm glad to talk about it.
  3. Oh I so agree. This really is a spanking book more for the benefit of the behind than the hand. But it also reaches the mind and heart of both.
  4. I think that I benefit from spankings. So are spankings a kind of blessing, that creates more awareness and love? Isn't that the path to enlightenment and god and such?
  5. I just got this book and it so speaks to me. Its basically trying to say that for not vanilla people the behind is the sixth sense portal. That meaningful relations, personal change and spiritual fulfillment are all enhanced with spankings well given and received. I have been looking for a novel that fits what I am trying to feel. In this novel, there is a spa devoted to health and happiness. The psychiatrist discovers that meaningful change requires spankings. So true. it is funny, sort of political, full of ideas and so very sexy. I am hoping others have read it and want to chat. It is with Avid Press and is on Amazon. Read the reviews, there is nothing like it that I know of.
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