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  1. I am in in Colorado Springs til Monday. I also need to do that Thanks
  2. Justme

    spanks in colorado

    How about those who are over 60 and male. ? Have not found anyone willing to be involved. Nothing sexual, just a spanking for stress. E-male me if interested. Thanks
  3. I am passing through, going South, please comment on age limits and how long sessions last. I am male and 63 years old. Send comment to e-mail address. JM
  4. John in WA...e-mail me... lost your address... Sam
  5. I think it is good, and I have never been any of the things above, accept that when it is all said and done, I am de-stressed, have the right attitude, and learn from the pain of the spanking. In the evening, 6-8 waps and I sleep all night. It does not destory my liver, kidneys, not does it pickle my brain, but it does give me "good sound sleep". It also works right away JM
  6. Perhaps this has been talked about, but if so, I have not seen it. Do you think sapnking is "habit forming" ? And who else needs a spanking to a to go to sleep? Am I the only one? 6-8 waps, hard, firm with a long arm paddle and I am out for the night. If it is habit forming, I do not think it will harm the body, except make your buns like leather. (smile) But, then that is just me. Thanks, JM-Just-Me
  7. Are there any women in Tacoma/Puyallup who spank middle age(60+) men? JM
  8. Well, go down to South Main, turn left....go 3 blocks to Smith St. and turn right, then to June Ave and turn right, stop at 3rd house on left, #3124, look under big rock by the rose bush and there your answer will be....smile
  9. Yes, we are here. I don't write much, but I read some of what is written. If my friends knew about our agreement, they also would feel the same as your friends and they would not understand. Your plan seems to be the same as what we have, and it does work and it has changed lots of things in my life. I think it really "trashes" this site when folks are allowed to make comments that involve their personal sex life. So, I read lightly what is written and comment on what I think is worthy of commenting about. And off the subject...I do miss Babs....but she is "controlled by her feelings", instead of "controlling" her feelings, because if we do not control things in our life, they will control us. And...that is once again..."justme" JM
  10. A few notes back I said that I feel sorry for women, and here is the reason why. I read the profile of davemw, sounded real good. But, then he was lead off by another woman in another state. Anyone who will not make a "commitment" to each other is not in a "safe and stable" relationship. Being man and woman is one thing, but being man and wife is real love and "real commitment". I know it is not very popular these days, but I hope LO_85 will learn this lesson, if a man will not give himself to you and to you ONLY, he is not worth the ice in his tea. If he pushes, pressures for sex outside of being man and wife, then he really does not love you, he just lusts you. If he loved you, he would really HONOR you and not request that you give yourself to him until you are his wife. This record plays both ways, for men and women. As I have said before, this is "justme" and thanks for letting me put my penny in the pot. JM
  11. Yes, I agree, keep up the good work. When you deal with the "public" you can never please them...it is just that way. But, thanks for your effort and for making an attempt, by doing your best. JM
  12. \ You do care. And others here need your in-put. Not all are like these you make reference too. Some are here looking for someone to help them, and while this might not be the best place to look, they do and they are searching, and their searching will be in vain, if you leave. "and how shall they hear...without a Babs?" "and how shall they hear....without a Babs?" Prove you care...and stay! God Bless You, JM PS: Hope you get this. edited to remove huge quote because I am too lazy to go through the whole thing and repair all the broken tags.
  13. Yes, you do fit the number for both, but being called Pops or Gramps REALLY makes me feel old, and I am only 62, still got water running down from the back of my ears.....thought you would like that. JM
  14. Now that you have accomplished this, where do you go from here? Just wondering? JUSTME
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