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  1. I'm so sorry. This was assault. I wonder if one way to start to separate the present from the past, and reduce the flashbacks, when playing with other trusted partners is to ask the partner to spank you with 10 light smacks and then stop. Continue in that sort of vein, where you know exactly how hard and when someone will stop. Anything that helps you start to feel in control again.
  2. Do any of you ask to see ID to verify age when meeting a new playmate in person? I'm wondering about doing that since some folks I'm corresponding with are saying that they are in their early 20's, and I am bad at judging age.
  3. Interested in chatting - more interested in just "trying it out" than "discipline" to start.
  4. snowplow03


    I'm in MD, welcome a message if you're in the area.
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