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  1. Hey, I'm in NYC and have been in the scene for several years. SO MUCH STRESS lately and I've just been trying to find someone to spank it out of me. Message me if you're interested.
  2. NOTE: this is a combination of my original writing and thoughts. I've borrowed from my past work for portions of this... "Good. Now you will properly ask me to punish you... What did you do? I haven't been working and have used it as an excuse to slack off rather than be productive Why do you need to be punished? I need to be reminded that there are REAL consequences for my action/inaction Are you sorry? I AM sorry and regret having wasted so much time the past several days. Respectfully ask for your punishment Will you please punish me in the way y
  3. Hey SN-ers Is anyone else going to the SCONY event next weekend? I’m planning to go and would love to connect with you if you’re going too
  4. one more for good measure - Real Discipline (M/F) I think the build up and ritual of this video is fantastic
  5. I'm curious what everyone's favorite spanking video is. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy! Spanked for watching spanking videos (F/M) Spread and Spanked (M/F) Caught in the Panty Drawer (F/M)
  6. Hello SN community! It's been a while since I've been here but that spankin' hankerin' is back! TBH, I'm not positive what exactly I'm looking for this time around. I've been spanked/mentored entirely by middle-aged women over the years. I always enjoy being a bottom for a woman with a firm hand. That said, I've also begun topping a bit more at spanking parties - and with a NYU mentee I was working with earlier this year. She had a typical college story that involved overindulging (drinking, eating junk food, smoking pot, etc.) We came up with a structured accountability program wher
  7. I'm doing some research and considering starting a business here in New York City. I've noticed lots of spanking therapists & disciplinarians mostly targeted toward men, but wondering if there's any demand for a safe, sane, and formal disciplinarian targeted more toward women?
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