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  1. This game makes me want to turn switch lol so I can move it along. Maybe I’m just not patient tonight. There’s no way I’m a switch anyways! 🤦🏼‍♀️😇
  2. 98 was the last number I saw. Wouldn’t one of you ER’s like to bring it up?
  3. Anyone else want to play so I can go again?
  4. Yes! I am totally into boycotting bedtime! Realistically, I won't be able to. I have bedtime kept for my health, when I keep my evening routine I sleep better. When I actually get to sleep on time, i wake up feeling better then I would have otherwise. Also i know if I get off routine now, it'll be harder to return to it later when life returns to its new normal.
  5. 🙈 peek a 🙉 boo 

    hope you and your family are doing well 


    1. Bha


      Hi friend!!  hugs.  good to have you back here.

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