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  1. I just msged Geeky Child about this, as he owns the club, but apparently he hasn't logged in since April. I can't find a way to make a new post in that club.
  2. Hi, I know you're not around much, but as you are the owner of LGBTQ Spankos, I think I should contact you as well as the board staff. I can't find a way to post to that club. I'm still a member. The "new topic" button does not appear. I imagine this has something to do with the board redesign.

    Thanks for looking into it.


  3. Don't be ashamed of using restraints. They're like protective gear when you're sparring. They give you and your ER more freedom to play hard.
  4. You're not that strange of a girl. Jillian Keenan on why she finds IRL discipline extra hot:
  5. You're not stupid, these are just dated references. These movies were made back in the heyday of tight capri pants and pencil skirts. Both lines of dialogue started with a man telling a woman, to paraphrase, "If you don't stop doing (something annoying), I'll (some euphemism for spank) you until your (euphemism for butt) is so (swollen/sore), you'll be able to feel the raised features of a) a dime in your back pocket or b) the edges of the ink printed on paper pressing into your butt through your clothes. The phrase with the dime in your back pocket I can imagine somebody possibly saying in the 30's or 40's. The newspaper one came from a movie set in the office of a big-city newspaper, involving sexual tension between a stereotypical mid-century gruff, whiskey-swigging city desk editor and a spoiled heiress, and may have been invented just for that dialogue. Though it makes me think of a unique pre-Hays code super-heroine. An otherwise ordinary young woman of Metropolis, who can't seem to avoid getting spanked regularly by her boyfriend, her boss, etc, among other painful mishaps that keep befalling her bottom. Until the audience is clued in that these are the stimuli that trigger her superpower. The skin of her bottom becomes so sensitized that she can...decode an intercepted message between two of the bad guys. Invisible ink, and you don't have the Hydra Labs secret chemical reagent to make it appear? Lex Luthor and a Hydra agent chortle eldritchly. MCU will never figure out their evil plan! But then we see a rear view of Spanky Sue, her plump bottom nearly bursting out of her tight retro skirt as she approaches her MCU handler's desk. He hands her a blank piece of paper, and says they are sure it bears an important hidden communique, but none of their scientists can figure out how to reveal it. She is Liberty's last hope. The camera tracks Sue's face as she lowers her torso over the desk, her face set in earnest resolve. It pans to the substantial wooden ruler the MCU wallah lifts high above her round upthrust rump, then back to her face. A firm comic book "thwack!" makes her eyes widen. She gasps. Cut to a commercial... After the break, Sue shuffles towards a plain wooden chair in the office. She puts the blank paper on the seat, and carefully lowers her bottom on top of it, sucking in her breath and wincing as she shifts her weight from her feet. "Ow, ow, owieee," she whispers as she concentrates on the shapes of the invisible letters, molecule-thick above the paper, digging into into her supernaturally sensitive skin through her girdle and skirt. Steve had BETTER have remembered to pick up an economy-sized jar of cold cream., she says to herself, grimacing. Suddenly, she looks up. "It's a trap! The message we intercepted last week, the one written in lemon juice, that you read by holding over a light bulb? It said they were going to hand off the weapons at the warehouse on the Old Post Road. But they've got a mob of hooligans waiting for us there! Luthor and the high-ranking Hydra officers are going to meet at the warehouse on the Old Host Road. Those parasites..." Her eyes narrowed. Over the next commercial break, the heroes make their way to the scene of the Hydra confab. As soldiers lock grumbling villains into MCU vans, Cap opines that Hydra always loses because of their conviction that smarts are more powerful than all the human decency in the world. "Maybe they're just counting on the wrong kind of smarts," Sue sighs as she leans against him, guiding his hand to the seat of her skirt. Cut to an ad break...
  6. I don't remember any other spanking ads. But in the 70's, I worked swing shift for a while. There was nothing to do when I got home but fall asleep watching some old movie from the 50's/60's. I don't clearly remember their titles, or who was in them, but I recall dialog some remarkable dialogue. Even though it's not matching anything on Google. These could only have been the second halves of sentences that started out threatening a spanking: "You'll be able to tell the date on a dime in your back pocket." "You'll be able to read the headlines in tomorrow's paper sitting down on it."
  7. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's so original!
  8. There is something in me that rebels against the idea of my ER reinforcing the judgements of outside authority. I used to tutor math at a community college. I got to see a wide variety of ways that people had been taught that they were too dumb to do math, or that they were competent to manage everyday life, but were not "math people." A lot of it is the schools manipulating the grading parameters, financial aid rules, etc, so as to maintain an artificial shortage of people who are credentialed to compete for jobs in the shrinking pool of high-paying professions. A side effect is to reward people for staying in their safety zones. (*gets off soap box now*). If I were to build a discipline framework around learning some new skill or body of knowledge, I would want to choose something that required me to stretch out of my comfort zone, ie, I have enough resistance to doing the work required to learn it to desire an external incentive. And I'd define a much shorter feedback period, maybe once or twice a week, to review whether I had done what I said I would, demonstrate my improvement (or lack of it), face the consequences,, and commit to tasks for the week ahead. By the time finals are in the headlights, there's usually not a heck of a lot you can do to change your grade anyway.
  9. Restrained on a spanking bench, so I can struggle against my bonds as hard as I can without worrying about falling off. Extra points if the bench is built so that it can keep my ass up and my buns apart. Canes, mean straps (rubber, dragon whip) the long ruler-like paddle. I'm more of a maso than a sub. I like cathartic ass-beatings that make me lose control. Blood is more than ok. But it's hard to find a partner I trust and a place where I can make enough noise. Most of my experience has been with pros. I'm big enough that I would not feel stable getting the traditional otk spanking over most knees. I'd worry about falling off. My ER would have to be sitting on a sofa or a bed, so I'd have that support.
  10. I can almost hear it set to music.
  11. For me as an ee, the answer would be, both. The "think time" between the two spankings would give me time to reflect on how my behavior had affected the ER. The lingering soreness from the first spanking, and the anxiety of knowing that I had another, longer one coming up in the near future, would keep drawing my mind back to why I was getting spanked. The message of the first spanking is, "Stop that right now!"; the ER is letting me know that my carelessness has caused them pain. The message of the second is that "I'm sorry!" doesn't repair the breach in trust my behavior caused. I have to atone for it by enduring an ordeal in return for the ordeal I put my ER through. Until then, I haven't earned the right for my ER to take me seriously when I say I'll change my behavior.
  12. "Forget the past. You can't change it. "Forget the future. You can't predict it, "Forget the present. I didn't get you one." - unknown
  13. "with plenty of cats around" sounds like a good way of life to me!
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