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  1. You've already taken the plunge, but here's a good read on the subject from a couple of years ago. https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/topic/21091-so-youre-going-to-get-a-spanking-a-guide-for-those-new-to-being-spanked/
  2. I'd stay a few inches south of the top of the spanking zone in that graphic. Though I've got more butt to work with in the lower half than the cartoon figure does. But I think a spanking does the most good when most of it lands on the sit-parts.
  3. Somewhere recently I read that the secret of lasting couples was not that they never disagreed, but that they were able to "rupture and repair" their relationships successfully. I haven't been in a DD relationship, but part of the appeal I imagine is, there's a clear route to forgiveness and reconciliation. Another way to look at "testing the limits to know whether they'll follow through with a spanking" is testing the limits to reassure yourself that you *won't* get days of passive aggression, contempt, or abandonment for doing something your partner doesn't like. I can imagine myself deliber
  4. A leather paddle is kind of a contradiction to me. For something non-rigid on the paddle-strap continuum that you can use for otk, I'd recommend smooth rubber over leather. I just found this article about the sensations different paddle materials create, https://www.lovense.com/bdsm-blog/bdsm-paddle. I got my favorite rubber paddle at a kinky flea market, so I don't know where it was purchased. It delivers a breath-taking sting, especially on wet skin.
  5. Forgive me if this seems OT, but have you tried meditation? I try to sit for 45 min/day, and it helps. also controlled breathing techniques to relieve anxiety.
  6. I like the idea of real disciplinary spankings, but I don't really like to disobey, so this motif of preventative discipline to head off disobedience appeals to me.
  7. I've been enjoying this 14-inch bamboo spoon for the last few weeks. I found it for $3 on the summer seasonal goods close-out rack at Safeway. It's longer and heavier (a little over 3 ounces) than the common home-kitchen 12" wooden spoon. Most of my tools are too long or too short for optimum self-use. This spoon is just right. I'm thinking of finishing it with either tung oil or polyurothane.
  8. Having spent a good deal of time in Manhattan in the '70's, I can easily imagine how un-surprised the natives were.
  9. A rubber strap, this or something close to it. Smooth rubber "drags" across the butt after it strikes, feeling like it's pulling the skin off.
  10. Do share your findings! I can't imagine why Elsevier or one of their competitors doesn't already publish a journal in this field. ;-)
  11. A high school science teacher explains the special properties of lexan on a bare butt, http://lashlerouxspankingprimer.blogspot.com/2009/06/lexan-vs-wood-spanking-hypothesis.html
  12. There's an older thread on the External links subforum called "Wood Choice" that has some interesting discussion: https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/topic/19632-wood-choice/
  13. https://gratefulpain.co.uk/wooden-spanking-paddles-materials/ The first one I've read where they describe how they harvest and process the timber. They favor ash, maple and birch over oak as a paddle material.
  14. I prefer classical music, something that's not heavily beat-driven, so the ER, rather than the background music, controls the pace of spanks. I'm not usually an opera fan, but it can be a good sound curtain.
  15. Assume the Position: Exploring Discipline Relationships (Travis, Georgia State University, 2013) is the only scholarly research about DD specifically that I've found online.
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