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  1. I like the idea of real disciplinary spankings, but I don't really like to disobey, so this motif of preventative discipline to head off disobedience appeals to me.
  2. I've been enjoying this 14-inch bamboo spoon for the last few weeks. I found it for $3 on the summer seasonal goods close-out rack at Safeway. It's longer and heavier (a little over 3 ounces) than the common home-kitchen 12" wooden spoon. Most of my tools are too long or too short for optimum self-use. This spoon is just right. I'm thinking of finishing it with either tung oil or polyurothane.
  3. Having spent a good deal of time in Manhattan in the '70's, I can easily imagine how un-surprised the natives were.
  4. A rubber strap, this or something close to it. Smooth rubber "drags" across the butt after it strikes, feeling like it's pulling the skin off.
  5. Do share your findings! I can't imagine why Elsevier or one of their competitors doesn't already publish a journal in this field. ;-)
  6. A high school science teacher explains the special properties of lexan on a bare butt, http://lashlerouxspankingprimer.blogspot.com/2009/06/lexan-vs-wood-spanking-hypothesis.html
  7. There's an older thread on the External links subforum called "Wood Choice" that has some interesting discussion: https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/topic/19632-wood-choice/
  8. https://gratefulpain.co.uk/wooden-spanking-paddles-materials/ The first one I've read where they describe how they harvest and process the timber. They favor ash, maple and birch over oak as a paddle material.
  9. I prefer classical music, something that's not heavily beat-driven, so the ER, rather than the background music, controls the pace of spanks. I'm not usually an opera fan, but it can be a good sound curtain.
  10. Assume the Position: Exploring Discipline Relationships (Travis, Georgia State University, 2013) is the only scholarly research about DD specifically that I've found online.
  11. 1) Before the spanking - if EE is upset or defiant, this provides a context for settling down and getting into the right headspace. I've had mine with pants down far enough to bare my butt. 10-15 minutes standing with nothing to distract me from the feeling of fresh air down there certainly concentrates the mind on how vulnerable I am. Also emphasizes that the spanking will happen on the ER's schedule. The longer the EE grumbles or whines, the longer they have to wait. 2) During a break in the spanking - The ER's arm gets a rest. And the EE's bare butt will a) cool off a little and b) start swelling up, both of which make EE's butt more sensitive when the spanking resumes. Also provides a logical break if there's more than one spankable incident, eg, the first part of the spanking was for breaking a rule, the second is for failing to tell on themselves, to be contemplated by separate corner time. As someone said, stops the EE from sliding into the zone. And just makes the whole ordeal last longer. 3) After the spanking - EE and ER both get some space to regroup before they face each other again. EE, with pants back up and fastened, has a furiously-throbbing swollen behind to help them concentrate on how they are going to atone for their misdeeds and stay out of trouble in the future.
  12. I think of it as a short, informal spanking that may be delivered in fun, or may be a warning that the EE is pushing a boundary.
  13. I've gotten most of mine from pros. I've wished I could have a long-term "volunteer" spanking relationship, but it's hard for me to get close to people anyway.
  14. I like the sting of a strap. I have a rubber strap that feels like my butt's being whipped bloody. I also like the shock/excitement of a good caning.
  15. The first time I got spanked hard enough, when it was over, the first thought I remember was, "Nothing hurts but my ass." I was astonished at the relief I felt. I was so used to living with nagging minor physical discomforts and my own chronic self-disapproval in the background. For once, I wasn't ashamed of myself for anything. The next thought I remember was how kind my ER had been. I'd been tied to a spanking bench, crying and wailing (in a sound-proofed room) without restraint, my face covered in tears and snot, and he never once made fun of me for it, or criticized me for over-reacting. Sometime soon after, I became aware of the pride I felt in having taken such a walloping. I felt like I'd accomplished something, as though my ER and I had built something together. Early in a hard-enough spanking, there's a moment when I think, "That one hurt almost as much as I can stand. I think I can take the next one or two. But how am I going to live through what comes after that?" And I have to make a conscious decision not to think about any spank but the one I'm getting in that moment. I agree that a too-light spanking can be frustrating. If, several minutes in, I can think about anything else besides the spanking, it's not hard enough. There's a Nirvana B-side, "Aneurysm", with the chorus "Beat me outta me!" repeated over and over. That's what I'm looking for. Freedom from self-consciousness.
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