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  1. I have to admit, I've been disengaging a bit from SN. My wife and I have been spanking a lot less, and lot's of other things using up my time. But, if nothing else, I do have to drop in sometimes and see how this endless contest between ERs and EEs is going.
  2. I tend to avoid that term scene for the same reasons as you mentioned, but use the term session instead. Also, I got the impression that the term scene was associated more with the BDSM community, but not so much with the spanko or DD communities. Although, there is overlap there. My wife and I do all of those. But I still prefer the term session. Has anybody surveyed the literature and established what the preferred term is among spankos?
  3. So, is everybody ready to get their COVID booster? 128.
  4. When you say "spanking relationship" are you talking about spanking hook-ups with various partners? Or are you talking about a long-term committed relationship that includes spanking? I agree with you that just having a mutual spanking fetish is not sufficient to cover all the bases in terms of being a foundation for a long-term relationship. You have to "click" in a lot of other ways. Nevertheless, if you are really a spanko, it's an important, maybe even required, factor in finding a mate.
  5. Why are you so worried about the issue of appearance. it's how it feels, and how you feel, that matters. I am going to assume from your description that you are getting a good hard spanking that hurts like hell, but you don't experience the reddening and bruising. I would just go with the flow, so to speak. My wife and I have been heavy spankos for 25+ years, and the days of either of us having a tender bottom are long since past.
  6. I was in Las Vegas for a week of vacation and then came back to a pile of work. Didn't realize how long it's been since I checked in. I don't want to miss the final resolution of this endless round, one way or the other. Although, I fully expect the ER's to prevail, so is only natural.
  7. Rand E

    Acronym Fun

    Zero Excuses Bring Red Asses. GOHYL.
  8. Slackers ?? Hey, I resemble that remark !!. 166.
  9. I have a compressed L4-L5 disk and sciatica from it, but it just runs from my back down my right leg and, to a lesser extent, my left leg. Does the pain dwell in the buttocks particularly, or does it extent down the legs? Either way, I would suggest you see a doctor and get some radiology ordered (CAT or MRI scans) to identify the source of the pain. You could bring up the spanking activities with your doctor, but I don't see how that is necessary for them to diagnose it. My wife and I do not discuss our spanking activities with our doctors, but that's entirely your decision. One could argue that withholding that information could be problematic. It's hard to say. For my back pain, the MRI told the tale of what was wrong, a bulging and deteriorating L4-L5 disc in my back. The technology is pretty amazing these days.
  10. It's hard for me to relate to this, given the cooperative DD arrangement I have with my wife. None of our family, friends, or acquaintances know about our DD relationship. We also follow strict rules that our DD relationship is confidential, so the idea that we would ever embarrass one another in some non-private settings, or discuss it with others without mutual consent, is completely out of the question. In fact, this confidentiality and mutual respect requirement is a cardinal DD rule itself, and if either of us were to break that rule, it would be all hell to pay.
  11. He must have been stationed in the tropics somewhere. All the lizards we get here in LA, of the non-human variety, are mostly small and amusing. The human lizards, not so much.
  12. Okay. I'm going to phrase this differently now. Who on this thread has NOT gotten their COVID vaccine yet? i understand if you have some kind of religious objection or whatever. I'm not going to hassle you about it. Some folks treat the sanctity and autonomy of their body very very seriously. I can live with that. But except for those sincere exceptions, most everybody on here should be vaccinated at this point. Where do we stand folks?
  13. The money looked real, but that is a mere quibble. Not sure what the overall message of the fat cat post was about.
  14. It seems like a lot of folks in spanking relationships have some form of written agreements, even if it's just the rules and consequences sort of list. But since there aren't any surveys out there, I can't tell if this is the majority of folks or not, just my conjecture from chatting with DD folks here and on the domestic-discipline.net site.
  15. I agree that having a good structured arrangement keeps things under control and helps ensure both parties are in agreement. The consensus among the folks at the DD site I participate in, perhaps the DD folks on SN forum here too, definitely favors getting the agreement in writing, as you have done. Although my wife and I don't have it in writing, our DD arrangement is reasonably well structured and understood between us. I gave it a lot of thought, but I just couldn't make a written agreement fit our situation.
  16. I agree with you on the problematic nature of a consensual non-consent arrangement, and I am not inclined to encourage it for the reasons you stated. As near as I can tell, lots of DD couples make it work, although I suspect there are other dynamics that act as a safety valve there, especially since they tend to be long-term or married relationships. On the other hand, I would be curious to learn how often the DD relationship is raised in legal matters stemming from when those couples break up. My wife and I have rough patches, and when we do, it crosses my mind to think about what would happen if we were to divorce. But, even if the divorce were highly acrimonious, I see little chance that either of us would raise the issue of our DD relationship somehow to try to gain some legal advantage. Not much different than those folks that engage in revenge porn to intimidate their ex-spouse. It would be like some crazy irrational nuclear option that would burn us both to the benefit of neither of us. I don't think she could ever get that irrational, nor, I hope, could I.
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