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  1. Paddle. Finally got back to an actual spanking related word.
  2. 170. Well, just run it up to the max and then we wait.
  3. Crap. We need another ER to make this work.
  4. The cane is really formidable. It's main drawback is that in the hands of an ER lacking the requisite skill, it can wreak havoc. Always work up to it by trying all the less severe implements first. I get the impression the UK folks really love the cane. But always approach it carefully. It's at the high end of the severity spectrum, along with the big wooden frat paddle (and you really gotta be careful with that thing too).
  5. For the DD folk on here, I would suggest visiting https://forum.domestic-discipline.net/ and chat with them. This is a traditional DD site, so it's geared to long-term couples or married folks practicing DD, CDD, or FLR, but obviously, there are going to be singles looking for a DD relationship. You will notice me on there too, but I'm kind of like the token coDD participant. Unfortunately, the traffic on this site is pretty low, but I love the folks on this site for being helpful and down-to-earth.
  6. Another absolutely amazing alphabetic round of ABCs starts now.
  7. Sorry ER's. Looks like I missed the ready, set, go on this one.
  8. Then you need to get some rest and focus on that. My son had a serious TBI a few years ago. I know what it's like to wait for the results of CAT scans and MRI's. I hope it turns out okay.
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