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  1. All right everybody. I want you all to check in and let us know when you have had your COVID shot. My wife and I are supposed to be able to get it later this month, depending on how the waiting list goes. What's happening with you all? 108
  2. Oh look! AG got a shave and a haircut. 104.
  3. Well, being an ER isn't just some chore you are performing. I discipline my wife for misbehavior (and vice-versa) and when she's getting punished, I am highly motivated to teach her a lesson. It's not some sterile exercise in spanking mechanics, although we are both well practiced in the techniques. If you feel you have switch tendencies, just play it by ear and see how it plays into the relationships you have. Don't read too much into a single experience. I am a big advocate of reciprocation when it comes to the power dynamics of close relationships.
  4. The spanking fetish I totally understand, but it sounds like you have a bit of voyeurism mixed in there somewhere. I respect that, even if it's not my thing.
  5. My wife and I used to role-play the disobedient spouse who gets punished for something-or-other. Then, we adopted actual domestic discipline, and found out this was all just dress-rehearsals for the real-deal. Go figure.
  6. Sorry to inject politics into this thread, but if you weren't in Washington, I would be asking you to sign the Newsom recall petition. This has been brutal here in CA. Sadly, the only real resolution will be when we all get our COVID shots. Let me know when you get yours. This will be over soon.
  7. I live in LA. The COVID lockdowns here have definitely been like purgatory. Although, our benevolent governor finally condescended to let us go out and get a haircut. I am so grateful.
  8. I totally agree with you about the structure of traditional DD with a straight dom-sub relationship. Your analogy of parent-and-child is apt, in the sense that the dom has the authority and the discretion, and the sub's role is to be, well, submissive. However, I think this sort of dynamic really requires folks that have a dom-sub ratio that is nearly 100% dom or 100% sub, or like 90/10 at least. Is that really all that common? I have chatted with plenty of folks in traditional DD, CDD, or FLR relationships, and I often wonder if all of them deep-down really have that extreme lopsided dom/
  9. Probably somebody with an agenda. Messing with you.
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