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  1. Probably a better choice of terminology would have been "balanced" switch or something along those lines. In order for the term to be applicable, I think the dom and sub traits need to be fairly evenly balanced, not necessarily 50/50, but 60/40 or even 70/30 maybe. I expect there are plenty of straight doms who have been spanked out of curiosity or some rare impulse, but it's not really in their nature, or the vice-versa case of a sub that has given the rare spanking but is not much into it. Speaking of terminology, I was thinking we should coin the phrase "ultimate" switch. That would be a switch who can convincingly be the dom to a straight sub, or the sub to a straight dom, without them being any the wiser. A veritable spanking chameleon adapting to any environment. Any of you switches out there that can manage that, my hat is off to you.
  2. I understand the notion of adapting to a dom or a sub. That's a flexibility that you have as a switch. I would think that orientation definitely increases the number of potential partners, especially if your dom/sub traits are fairly evenly balanced and you can call them forth as needed depending on your role in the arrangement. I agree with you, there's nothing incomplete about having straight dom and sub partners. As far as the term "true" switch, I'm just using the term to refer to those of us who have fairly evenly balanced dom and sub traits. That is, your not a sub who happen to top on the rare occasion or vice-versa. Just curious, what do you consider your dom/sub ratio to be? So, assuming you are a true switch in the sense I described above, and you hooked up with another true switch, then I would find it odd that you would settle on a straight set of dom/sub roles and not want to explore switching up the roles. On the other hand, if having a switch partner is not your cup of tea, I get it.
  3. My wife and I have accumulated a big chest full of assorted everything. We don't use most of them, and some of them probably never will use again. I just can't seem to get around to throwing anything away. Nevertheless, for recreational purposes, variety is important. For disciplinary spanking, we agreed upon a single implement, a big oak frat paddle, for that purpose and nothing else. After over a year of getting nailed with that thing, I've come to hate it. Maybe that's the point. But, I have been thinking about alternatives to the wooden paddle. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we haven't been doing any disciplinary spanking for months, and there's COVID and all, so haven't gotten around to selecting an alternative. My question back to you all who do spanking for both erotic and disciplinary purposes, do you segregate the implements based on the purpose? Or just use them all for both purposes?
  4. A British friend of mine refers to it as a "hiding"
  5. This is preferred punishment position for my wife and me. Better for accuracy. Better when using longer implements. Less strenuous.
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