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  1. I have to admit, I've been disengaging a bit from SN. My wife and I have been spanking a lot less, and lot's of other things using up my time. But, if nothing else, I do have to drop in sometimes and see how this endless contest between ERs and EEs is going.
  2. I tend to avoid that term scene for the same reasons as you mentioned, but use the term session instead. Also, I got the impression that the term scene was associated more with the BDSM community, but not so much with the spanko or DD communities. Although, there is overlap there. My wife and I do all of those. But I still prefer the term session. Has anybody surveyed the literature and established what the preferred term is among spankos?
  3. So, is everybody ready to get their COVID booster? 128.
  4. When you say "spanking relationship" are you talking about spanking hook-ups with various partners? Or are you talking about a long-term committed relationship that includes spanking? I agree with you that just having a mutual spanking fetish is not sufficient to cover all the bases in terms of being a foundation for a long-term relationship. You have to "click" in a lot of other ways. Nevertheless, if you are really a spanko, it's an important, maybe even required, factor in finding a mate.
  5. Why are you so worried about the issue of appearance. it's how it feels, and how you feel, that matters. I am going to assume from your description that you are getting a good hard spanking that hurts like hell, but you don't experience the reddening and bruising. I would just go with the flow, so to speak. My wife and I have been heavy spankos for 25+ years, and the days of either of us having a tender bottom are long since past.
  6. I was in Las Vegas for a week of vacation and then came back to a pile of work. Didn't realize how long it's been since I checked in. I don't want to miss the final resolution of this endless round, one way or the other. Although, I fully expect the ER's to prevail, so is only natural.
  7. Rand E

    Acronym Fun

    Zero Excuses Bring Red Asses. GOHYL.
  8. Slackers ?? Hey, I resemble that remark !!. 166.
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