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  1. My wife and I haven't done any real discipline in a while, but when we do it, it's really unpleasant and not arousing. Maybe if I had like 1/2 a dozen Viagra in me, I could get an erection during discipline. It's only the memory of it that's sometimes a turn-on - that in itself is perplexing to me, but there it is.
  2. When you say coercion, are you referring to coercive force? As in physically being forced against your will? For example, the EE says the safe word but the ER ignores it and continues pounding away. Or the ER hauls off and spanks the EE without any consent express or implied. I didn't see anything in the previous posts that alluded to that. So, are you working with a broader concept of what you consider coercion? I realize it's only semantics, but just curious.
  3. Well, that clears it up for me, as I sit here in my Cyclohexane Chair Conformation.
  4. 184. This round kind of became the COVID epidemic game, given when it started. But I think we're out of the woods on COVID at this point. This round has to end some time. But I won't be the one to do it.
  5. I only self-spank to try out new implements before introducing them into a spanking session with my wife. It's not erotic or satisfying, it's really just kind of clinical.
  6. I chose mine because I try not to worry.
  7. Your remark about a safe word defeating the purpose of discipline would seem to apply only if you assume that the purpose of discipline is to be un-safe. But you can do discipline safely, and by the same token, you can do non-disciplinary spanking unsafely. The purpose of the safe words are to stay within safety boundaries, and no type of spanking has any legitimate purpose outside those safety boundaries. Quite a few of the couples I have spoken with that utilize actual corporal punishment fall under that domestic discipline category (as it is popularly understood). But I will say that any claim that domestic-discipline means only long-term married couples in some sort of 24/7 dom-sub relationship is a bit of a stereo-type. Or, perhaps to put it another way, those couples certainly exist, but they are just one of the many flavors of domestic discipline relationships out there. Quite a few that I spoke to in DD relationships did not bother with safe words. Sometimes I would debate the issue with them, but in many cases, I could tell that they really didn't need them as a practical matter. As for my wife and me, we have done a limited amount of cooperative domestic-discipline. But more importantly, we have been a hard-core switch spanko couple for going on 30 years. We can read each other like a book both physically and mentally (which is why my wife can always catch me in a lie, damn it). So, we really don't need safe words either, not because it defeats the purpose of punishment, but because we instinctively know the boundaries for safety. And you don't have to be that good or skilled to have those instincts, just do spanking with one partner for many years, and you will be able to do that too. Unless, of course, you are an exceptionally lousy spanko, in which case, maybe you should stop. So, whether we need them or not, my wife and I still have inviolate safe words in effect, always. That will never change. And if you are talking about spanking acquaintances or friends, where perhaps you haven't know each other that long, the safe-words, along with other safety measures, are much more important. Especially with respect to disciplinary spanking. I agree with you entirely on that point. There is no way you are going to know the safety limits for a particular spanking partner without a lot of practice.
  8. I admit, I have a sentimental soft-spot for this round that has gone on for 2 1/2 years (the entire COVID epidemic) and seen so many EEs and ERs come and go. I won't be the one to bring it to an end.
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