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  1. People don't change, mostly. There are many available spankos in the spanko ecosystem. Somebody out there is more compatible. Go find him.
  2. Wow. This is an old thread. But a good topic. We are talking about strictly disciplinary spanking here, right? My wife and I have a coDD arrangement. If the main issue is the number of swats that constitute the punishment, I like it to be fairly predetermined based on the infraction. Let's just say I like to have some "sentencing guidelines" that put some guardrails on the severity of the punishment. I think this helps to tamp down the emotional elements that can be in play depending on the infraction, preventing it from becoming erratic and inappropriately severe. Although we adhere to the notion that it's under the control of the ER in a disciplinary situation, we have not had situations where the punishment was out-of-bounds as viewed by either of us. Maybe a little harsh sometimes, but within reasonable discretionary limits. Also, there is enough ER discretion to the number of swats that the EE can't really know quite when it is over. As far as counting swats out loud during the punishment, I'm not a fan of that. We don't do any of that "thank you sir can I have another" or any such formal responses required of the EE when receiving discipline. I like the responses to be genuine. A simple "That hurts!" and "I'm sorry" are plenty good enough. A little pleading for mercy helps too. Genuine remorse is what is called for. Crying is definitely a good sign of genuine remorse, although I have to admit that I have a tough time handling it when my wife cries.
  3. Hey, you EE's. Get moving. I don't want this round to be over until COVID is over.
  4. Don't get bummed out. Keep looking and find the people who don't suck. There are plenty out there. Some people suck, but not everybody sucks.
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