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  1. I have a question for anyone at all on the forum who knows the answer. thanks! Am I allowed to post sexy photographs that I did not take myself, and also wherein the person IN the photograph is not someone I know or have ever met? I suppose I could give it a whirl and see if I get booted or least censored and possibly yelled at a bit 🧐 This is not even a Spanking photo at all, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. If she was my Wife or Live In steady Lady friend and Companion /Lover, there would be much great wonderful fun every day of our lives i
  2. Really Hot Photos! And Talented and very ARTY Photography. Thanks!
  3. I like that post. it's very erotic. I had to choose "other" for both questions. if one of the optional answers was "because it's fun, it's erotic, it feels good. it's an incredibly sexy form of foreplay and i just like it. it's FUN!" I would have chosen that for both questions. but since i don't have a partner, my input doesn't really amount to a whole lot. still, the few (too few and far between) times I've had a fling with a Lady who was into it, we agreed for some reason. we just liked it, and it was really hot and made us both very horny. all those spanking flings, same rea
  4. do you mean hands cuffed behind your back? sounds like fun, no arguments! still I'm too bony to be the spanker or spankee for that position. both of us would be uncomfortable even if switching roles which is of course the most fun of all! but if you like it, cool :)
  5. I kinda wish I could hook up with another Pretty Man for a VERY sexual spanking, and some very hot M/M sex afterwards!
  6. I don't really know. perhaps it is different for everyone. For me? it is a request on the verge of begging for punishment. I don't mind that my partner always remains fully clothed, and I am stripped totally nude. it's very humiliating, but I LOVE to be humiliated. as much as possible. Perhaps I totally misunderstood your question. if so, I'm sorry......for ME I will misbehave shamelessly, KNOWING that sooner or later I will be punished nude. ass in the air, face in a pillow, which is DELICIOUS humiliation. I do wish I had more rights to choose the punishment. for instance, I wi
  7. nobody seems to like the spreader bar. maybe I'm just a perv :) with the extra long spreader bar, your GOOD parts are up in the air, your face on a pillow. and you are totally helpless to move at all. both feet both hands are securely bound with nice leather straps........... I wish I had a boyfriend to shackle me to one of those and spank me senseless!
  8. Thanks for the post HeartN'BottomWarmer my predicament NOW is mostly that nobody seems interested. but if they WERE, I would be the bottom, waiting in anxiety, and off the blip horniness for my own swish of the belt:) I'd like to ask 2 questions of the Forum (not for you Heart, but everyone else) HOW did you feel the first looked down a nice cock that would sliding into your mouth in seconds? Me? I think I'd faint
  9. a wooden paddle? or an old seasoned leather belt reeking with linseed and mink oil? on my gay submissive naked ass, I like the belt. bear in mind, that's with me wielding it. someday, it sure would heavenly to have another day man at the reins and slapping my ass with that belt ( I have several, some with handles I made, some without) well, I KNOW what I like. what do others prefer? I'm curious and maybe it would be slightly interesting topic~
  10. As a Man, I don't wear panties, or even mens underwear. underneath my jeans or slacks is ME. it is an interesting discussion. it sort of comes down to personal preference, which, as for myself, I always respect. if it's a spanking from a Man, which I would love but can't seem to arrange, I'd prefer to be nude. and if it is a spanking from a LADY I STILL prefer to completely nude. I really CAN understand how some folks find having the panties at half mast a major turnon, and anything that is a turn on is always a good thing! I'm just expressing myself for "expression's" sake, I prefer
  11. Hi Rook. I myself can only imagine erotic spanking. fun spanking. seems to me, erotic spanking is the ultimate foreplay. the words "Dicipline" or "Punishment" are off putting to me. no offense meant toward anyone. erotic can be equally painful to any other types of spanking, but just CALLING it Erotic and knowing it's part of an extended foreplay session just seems more right. make sense at all?
  12. I would say I'm a feisty spankee. still not into the scene, and may be surprised. I prefer the extender bar, ass up face sown, completely vulnerable and humiliated. I can't imagine a top guy not liking that. but of course, I could be way wrong
  13. my mistake. sorry about that! I should have said "do SOME gay men" rather than being all inclusive, like my original post said. thanks for the replies so far :)
  14. I have always been very curious about this. I'm a total beginner, and have never been spanked by another man. I spank myself regularly just because it feels good to me. And I get quite aroused. But it's just not the same. I think photos of submissive men, or delectable women with their shapely, lovely ass's spanked red is very hot. and it's very arousing. Unfortunately, I have not lived this out for real..........YET! But do gay guys who like to spank get aroused from the red glow and heat emanating from a submissive guys ass?
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