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  1. What happened to Hope and Gentle? It makes me nervous not seeing their familiarity of posts and comments... I know things take time, and like Gator said, this site has been such a refuge; with all this chaos and uprooting, I'm worried my sense of safety and comfort with this site may cease to exist.
  2. Dude, I have the same questions. lol To my knowledge (which is certainly limited,) there's not enough scientific evidence to explain these curiosities. The only thing I know for certain is that people with higher pain tolerances have been shown to have more opiate receptors in their brains- basically, they are able to utilize more of those neurotransmitters that provide the euphoria and pain relief.
  3. https://www.jessihaggerty.com/blog/keto Please consider the information in this article, for anyone attempting or thinking about following any keto diet. At the end of the day, no matter your personal preferences, working with a registered dietitian, even if it's because you really want to try keto or something else, is always going to be strongly recommended, and to be frank, a necessity for success.
  4. There's not actually a double endorphin release- there's a host of neurotransmitters that together are responsible for the "high" that we feel, and endorphins are simply one neurotransmitter. Multiple neurotransmitters, such as the vasopressin I mentioned, can increase "feel good" levels AND act as a pain reliever in the body.
  5. Oh god, SO much goes through my head during a spanking- my thoughts tend to dart around a million miles per hour, while splitting and breeding other thoughts. I have yet to be able to put words to the majority of those thoughts, plus it depends on which "voice" is loudest in my head, at that time, and how much of a filter I'm actually trying to utilize. Tact is not a strength of mine, so my thoughts can be pretty harsh sounding- some might include, "This is stupid. When is it going to actually start hurting? I wonder how many stitches are in the seam of the couch here. They're not spanking me evenly. I wonder if they'd notice me blowing a bubble with my gum? Would you quit hitting the same spot- my butt ain't THAT small! God, my cuticles are wretched. I'm getting bored. What is this for again? Crap, I don't remember- which offense was this supposed to be?? To say something bratty/sarcastic, or to not? Ugh, I've been laying still for too long. How many individual carpet fibers can I count with my big toe? Oh, wait, this is supposed to be punishment for something. I should focus on what it feels like. I should also make some tea after this. And color. I guess it's starting to hurt some. How many ways can I avoid using sir/ma'am, still answer the question so it sounds like I'm trying to be respectful, when I'm really being purposefully disrespectful? Or I could just cut the crap. Why does pizza always sound good to me? I wonder what they're thinking. Does their hand hurt before my butt hurts? I haven't been on a swing in a long time. I really need to put lotion on more regularly. What would happen if I just slid off their lap? I want something to do with my hands!" And all while the Phantom of the Opera, and Moana soundtracks are simultaneously playing in my head, with the jumping back and forth of my recitation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and various Johnny Depp character quotes running in the background of my thoughts. That's on average. Different situations will produce different thoughts, at times, but that stuff is still going on to some extent, no matter what, so far.
  6. I definitely prefer the ER to pull down both pants and panties- it helps me get in the mindset of them really being in control, and naturally makes me feel more submissive. Me doing it gives me more of a sense of control. Really, anything that I do myself gives my head some sense of control I can latch onto, and that only makes it harder to let my guards down.
  7. I agree! For myself, I need a lot of structure, so following a mealplan and seeing my dietitian regularly is what helped me most. That being said, changing your habits is never going to be an easy thing- do you want something quick and simple that actually sets you up to have an increased body fat percentage, gain back any weight lost PLUS more, lower your metabolism, and sets you up for negative health consequences, OR a structured plan to follow that's probably going to require more patience, effort, and energy, but have life long lasting positive effects, including permanent weight loss, increase your metabolism, and boost your overall health mentally and physically?
  8. Uh...... Dietitian here- I could go off about this for days with how incredibly wrong, dangerous, and detrimental to one's body some of these suggestions can be. Seriously. However, all I'm going to say is watching portion sizes, eating in balance, moderation, eating small, frequent meals, and staying adequately hydrated are what will give the best long term results for one's overall health and wellbeing.
  9. H- Hell, the place where Will's bottom is gonna burn! ?
  10. This is the same hairbrush I have! I've had mine for years, but only use it for my hair... lol. I've had someone else use the same one to spank me, but it didn't do much. It's interesting how different bodies recieve and interpret pain. I didn't try a plastic hairbrush until I found this fancy one on clearance for $4. I figured we wouldn't hardly use it. Surprisingly, the plastic one has provided much more painful sessions than wood ever has for me, and I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance. Basically, how one experiences and interprets pain is so very individualized. While it's great to get feedbacks from others and hear about their experiences with various implements, I've found that experimenting to see and feel for myself has been more productive, overall. And I don't mean that to say that one should ignore the general consensus at all- just don't necessarily close off to things for that reason. ?
  11. Agreed with what the others said! And, I do the same thing. I pretty much do it with anyone who is acting as an authority to me (mentor, ER, therapist, etc.) I've found that I will slowly lower that "brat" guard as the other person reinforces their boundaries/rules. It's definitely been interesting, as I've been learning more about myself and seeking growth. The pattern I noticed, in short, is if the authoritarian figure ignored my button pushing, or backed down in any way, then I lost respect for them, and the relationship would turn toxic, or flat out cease to exist. However, if the authoritarian figure stood up to my pushback, and nipped it in the bud right away, my respect for them deepened, I'd begin feeling safer with them, and it showed me that they cared; that they thought I might actually be worth the trouble, when my darkest demons would scream otherwise. Over time, I've stitched some wounds with these people. My urge to put up that defense with newly met members of authority, has become less intense (unless, in play, of course,) and I've been more able to verbalize what's going on when I feel that need to give some kind of pushback. And let's be honest, when it's with an ER, I tend to realize these things a bit faster than I do with my therapist. LOL
  12. Hey! I'm in Ohio! If you ever want to chat, hmu in PM anytime.
  13. Dmirk: I like licorice. AG: Drats. That is a real shame. At least we still have unicorns and fairies!
  14. Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation! I should probably tone down the whole jumping down ppls throat right away thing... lol
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