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  1. Have you ever gotten spanked?: Yes. Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes?: Depends on the situation. What is the best thing about being spanked?: Stress relief and guilt relief. It helps clear my head. The physical pain helps clear emotional pain. What position do you get spanked in?: Depends on the situation. Sometimes lying flat on the bed, sometimes bent over the edge of the bed. Have you ever gotten spanked in public?: Yes, at a park one time. What do you get spanked with the most?: My current partner uses his hand the most. In pr
  2. I've been dating my boyfriend for a while. He knows I like being spanked, and he says he likes spanking me. The problem is, we have very different definitions of what that means. His idea of spanking is to smack my ass randomly whenever he walks by me, or a couple times when we're in bed. He has used his belt on me twice, but not nearly hard enough or long enough. He knows that being spanked has a lot of emotional benefits for me, but he likes for it to be a surprise and HATES when I ask for it. I don't like asking for it either, because I want him to be in control, but I don't feel like
  3. Hi Zhal, Thank you for the welcome. ...my profile says that I am a spankee...
  4. I stumbled across this site a little while ago and finally decided to join. I tend to keep this part of my life well hidden from family and friends. Looking forward to getting to know and talk to like-minded people!
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