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  1. And then you get folks like me where's there a complex mix of the 2. I used to try and deny one in favour of the other but now I realise I need both in my life.
  2. I get stressed sending work e-mails sometimes. I want to maintain a professional approach without being too stiff but always worry about being too verbose or coming across as curt. I also find making telephone calls ( even to my parents ! ) nerve-wracking. Oddly enough I'm fine with Skype/zoom type calls ..
  3. I'm happy to say that I've managed to make ( as such ) my perfect self-spanking chair. I recently acquired a recliner - when pushed all the way forward with a couple of pillows to raise my bottom up in the air it allows me to feel like a naughty boy when I'm self-spanking.
  4. Yes - from experience when a session went dangerously too far. I won't play without one. The only time I ever had to use in ( prior to the session that turned into an assault ) was in a general bdsm scene - in that case it wasn't a spanking situation but where the Mistress was ticking my feet and I used it as I she was about to knock over her vase. In a spanking situation I would try not to use it and let the punishment flow properly but in a situation such as the assault where I nearly got seriously injured ( the paddle hitting my balls and kidneys ) I insist on one now. I don't give a stuff if the spanker says they know what they're doing. The woman who assaulted me said she knew what she was doing - she didn't.
  5. We have a daily tasks timetable at work. On one occasion one of my fellow team leaders - a lady who has a reputation for being firm but fair with staff was down for "banking" at 9 am - before that she was down for "SP" - which stands for ships processing ( an admin task where I am ) - let's just say when I initially looked it I didn't see the "b" and went bright red...She saw me looking at it and said "Well I am always looking for ways to get you lot to behave..."
  6. Over underpants to start with hand or slipper and then bare bottom for the hairbrush, cane, belt etc.
  7. I think mine was seeing pictures in a Disney book when I was a child from the 1939 short "The Practical Pig". This featured a lie detector which gave bare bottom hairbrush spankings and washed your mouth out with soap. I remember being equally scared and fascinated by the idea. I had a hand spanking over a female teachers knee when I was six in front of the class for leaving without permission and I think that and the picture book cemented it for me.
  8. She helped me last night imagine a scenario where I was punished for something I felt I got away with as a child. I cried at the end because the feeling of guilt being lifted was amazing. It's something I had considered in the past going to see a male spanker to act out but I realised there were so many facets to my experience that creating an alternative story for myself in this case actually works better. We're also working on helping me to enjoy my adult spanking fetish again following some bad experiences I had about 10 years ago.
  9. An East end pub about 15 years ago at a fetish party bent over the bar with a female spankee friend next to me - both of us with our underwear around our knees getting out bottoms strapped by our Mistress at the time. I miss playing on the scene. I met some genuinely lovely people. For those who know I used to attend The Firm and Club Subversion as well as the London Fetish fair and Coffee, Cake and Kink.
  10. I find my spanking memories which are mostly all near misses or things I saw or heard rather than experienced vary in how they effect me. Some genuinely upset me because they bring up emotions around family issues which went well beyond how I was or wasn't disciplined. Others make me smile - for instance the time 2 girls I was friends with in sixth form ( 16 - 18 ) had this ongoing joke where they kept sending each other notes signed "Mrs Mabel Bottomwhacker" ...😆
  11. I remember about 10 years ago going into subscape after a paddling. I was enjoying the sensation of my sore bottom so much whilst sitting on the central line ( subway/underground line in London that runs from East to West that I landed up going in completely the wrong direction !
  12. At work whilst dressed as a bee - long story....
  13. I think I’ve started to accept that I was born this way. I just happened to be growing up at a time in the UK when corporal punishment was still fairly common. That coloured my fetish but didn’t cause it.
  14. I'm in the UK as well - another Essex geezer !
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