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  1. I’ve put my shoulder and neck out self spanking before.
  2. On the flip side I left a positive review on facebook for a business who I used today. I'd prefer to be that way all the time but if people take the p--s than sorry I'm going to react badly these days.
  3. An hour but with breaks - I wasn't timing the sessions - this was the one I've mentioned before where I was told I looked stupid. That shook me up a lot. I just want to find a caring Mummy who will use spanking and other tools to improve my behaviour and attitude.
  4. I made a fuss but Mummy said my pants were coming down
  5. So the other day I posted a completely legitimate comment on a companies website questioning how one of their in store policies was being implemented. I was a bit abrupt but not abusive. The first response I got from 2 employees was a laughing emoji. Normally I'd just ignore this sort of thing but it really incensed me so I put in a complaint about them. It's not the response itself it's the fact that they chose to do this initially rather than giving me a polite response either on the site or via private message. I know it seems like a petty thing but it's the principle. I'll add in most case
  6. Following a punishment spanking and any connected discipline such as corner time are there any particular routines or rituals that people find helpful. When I was seeing the Finnish lady I've mentioned before after a spanking when I was allowed to stand up and compose myself she would say "Now you may pull up your underpants and trousers and I expect better behaviour in future". It was always said in a caring way but she was still in control. We would then have a coffee and cake in her kitchen where I'd sit on a slightly lower wooden chair to her on a throbbing backside. I used to find th
  7. I think in all honesty I'd best looking for someone within one of the sub-cultures - metalhead/asatru/kink that I'm close to - it's sometimes difficult to convince outsiders that the 6ft bloke with a motorhead t shirt and torn jeans isn't really as scary as he looks. I'm just scary to people who hurt my family and friends.
  8. We share space where I work with the local registrars. On one occasion a couple turned up late because the husband had gone to the wrong address and then had a tantrum when he got there. After the registrar had sorted things out and calmed down I genuinely heard his wife say to him "and we'll be discussing your behaviour when we get home young man..."
  9. As long as I can keep my hair long I'm happy with relinquishing control ( within sane boundaries of course ) !
  10. I've been thinking about what I would ideally like from a good spanking relationship and also why I find it so difficult to obtain one. If I could find the right lady I would love to have a motherly type spanker who could offer me guidance and discipline as needed. Just the thought of a proper ( and painful ) bare bottom hairbrush spanking followed by a forgiving hug is very appealing for me. On the other hand the desire to have that hug is also embarrassing for me. I'd like to have the courage to let go and be vulnerable but I've built this hard and bitter wall up around me. Not exp
  11. Metalica would probably have been a close second for me at 16. From 17 I got into heavier stuff like CoC and Pantera than onto black and death metal. No wonder my hearings rubbish and my neck and shoulder tend to hurt from all that head banging back then. All great fun !
  12. My Dad genuinely did some photography work for them in the 60s. The Kinks and Hollies as well.
  13. My concern is that I’d hurt them - not physically I’ll add but just by being emotionally close. I think in some ways it’s why I’m into spanking. By focusing on the physical pain I can detach elsewhere.
  14. I was sexually assaulted in public when I was 17 so in all honesty just the thought of a deep meaningful relationship is non existent for me. I can and do feel deep affection for certain people but I don't want anyone getting too close. I've therapy for what I went through and I can cope now in terms of no longer drinking to excess and self-harming but I can't ever fully trust anyone again. Even all those years on. I think the second I feel an emotional connection to someone I just panic.
  15. This came up on a facebook page I follow. Who was your favourite band/artist at 16. For me it was Motley Crue
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