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  1. ukspanko

    This or That

    Yeah I'd forgotten how good The Orb etc were. I remember those tunes as a teenager - although back then I was a hardcore punker really and you stuck with your tribe. I always suspected the ravers were having more fun and later on when I first heard Jungle/Drum and bass I became much more open minded musically. It does get complex with all the UK rave genres but a good way ( perhaps ) of undertstanding dubstep and grime ( both of which branch off from D&B) is seeing dubstep as stadium rock and grime as punk. I probably go more towards the punk side of things but I like melody as well.
  2. ukspanko

    This or That

    Twinkies - We have a large American community where I live in the UK ( Fords main offices are here ) Grime or Dubstep ?
  3. I'm putting this here because this sometimes impacts on my mental and emotional health. I work with three people - one of whom is my line manager who all at times can be challenging to work with. Often I get conflicting messages from all three and when I go to act on what's been said I sometimes get my head bitten off. This isn't a new thing and I do try my best to stay calm at all times - not always easy as I'm prone to anxiety but I cope better now. I'm not in a position financially at the moment to leave work and I want to support my colleagues as we re-open the business after lockdown. I accept that I can't change how these 3 people are at times as in deed they can't change me. I'd really appreciate any ideas/thoughts people may have on working with challenging colleagues ( at any level ). This isn't at an HR/Union level but just ways of not letting these situations overwhelm me. I'm thinking proactively these days as well. Thanks in advance for all positive ideas.
  4. I don't know if I'd neccesarily want it to be the last one but I'd like to have a proper role-play punishment spanking for a number of incidents I feel I wasn't appropriately disciplined for growing up.
  5. I had someone do that to me once, so after a few minutes I turned round and said "Are you spanking me or dusting me ?"....
  6. I'm not fond of the cane but for different reasons. I think there's always been an attitude from certain people that if you're British like me the cane is your ultimate spanking implement. With me that just isn't the case. The whole getting six of the best in the headteachers office just isn't something that engages me. I remember about 10 years ago being at a fetish club in London and basically being called a wimp for not wanting to be caned. This was after I'd had a sound hairbrush spanking from someone. Eventually I took a few light strokes but felt I was being judged. As for positions I'm okay with most of them but anything which puts my back out doesn't appeal.
  7. With me the Marge Simpson thing is to a certain extent a lighthearted joke but on the other hand a Marge Simpson like maternal spanker would be my ideal ( especially with that accent ! ) disciplinarian.
  8. Would love to be spanked by Marge Simpson !
  9. I like the idea of the spanker ordering me to take my trousers/pants off and ensuring that I fold them neatly before going over her knee. There would be an extra spanking if I didn't do this properly.
  10. Something that's come up for me ( thinking about a session I had in the past that didn't go as well as it could have done ) is that it's very important for me to have a spanker who understands that during a punishment I do genuinely try to be obedient. I don't make a fuss during a spanking but I may kick my legs a little. If I cry or start pleading or promising to be good I understand that this won't stop the spanking but it is just a natural reaction. The thing that really upset me during that session was when the spanker said to be "are you angry ?" - when she saw that I was clenching my fists. This was simply to help me deal with the searing pain on my bottom from the paddle. I felt like I was doing everything wrong.
  11. I could have done with a good dose of 5 and 6 at times! I was a spoiled brat...
  12. When I was growing up in the 80s in the UK and going to a small rural primary/elementary schools I came across a book in the school library when I was about 9 which I've realised now was the catalyst for my adult spanking fetish. It was a book of inventions and ideas for inventions. One of them was for a "safety paddle". This would in the words of the book as far as I remember "cover your whole rump" but had a safety hinge in the handle which would cause the paddle to fold back if "parents or teacher spanked too hard". I have no idea if it was ever actually made as a real implement but that fired my imagination up. Even more than the one-off school spanking I had aged 6 and the few times it was threatened but never carried out by my parents.
  13. If I was going to ”design” the most effective punishment spanking for me, it would look like this. I would have an older male father figure type spanker. He would take me into a room with a straight backed wooden chair in the middle. He would sit down and sternly reprimand me whilst I stood at his side. I would then be told to drop my pants and bend over his knee. A hard hand spanking on the seat of my underwear to start. My bottom would then be bared. He would then proceed to use a wooden hairbrush or paddle until my bottom was bright red and I was howling. Once I had been soundly spanked over his knee I would then be made to stand bare bottom in the corner for as long as required.
  14. I like the spanker to be in overall control of the punishment. My only caveat is that my limits are respected. For me those are having my trousers and underpants down but not taken off, no spanking of my legs unless asked first, not being verbally humiliated beyond appropriate scolding and no drawing of blood. I prefer punishments to be close to the offence but don't mind waiting unless it was excessively long.
  15. I remember being about 12 and my Aunt asking me to do some chores. I was dawdling a bit and when she asked me to get a move on I said "I'm a bit hot" - to which her reply was "Your bottom will be a bit hot in a minute" - Knowing my Aunt I started working harder...
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