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  1. Perhaps it could have ended like this...
  2. O - Oval shaped hairbrush
  3. No experiences involving spanking around music teachers but I do remember an ex-headmaster or mine at one of the secondary ( high ) schools I went to coming up and having a go on a toy Casio keyboard I bought into a music class. I was never that good really but he was able to engage really well with kids as well as keeping discipline ( just with his voice )
  4. Man that really sucks - I hope things improve for you.
  5. So despite how I can come across at times I am actually a very positive and hopeful person ( just a bit cynical on the side ). Since before Xmas last year I have had a semi-persistent on going cough which is most likely just my asthma getting a bit worse. However as it's been carrying on for some while with no explanation I've had X-rays and a blood test to see if there is something else. I'm hopeful that there won't be and it's just a matter of time but if its a symptom of something else - however bad - I shall fight it tooth and nail. I was very ill at the beginning of the year so I think that was probably the worst of it.
  6. One I can comfortably use for self-spanking or can be used by another on me for OTK is my favourite.
  7. ♥️ - Falling in love with someone who doesn't know it yet and may never but whatever happens I wish her every happiness and joy in her life even if she never knows my feeling towards her and her smile and laugh and wit and beautiful and maybe very spankable bottom !
  8. I work in a library as well - I love my colleagues but we unfortunately don't get time to read. Most of it's about dealing with the public and slow computers. I would love it to be about books again though.
  9. I've only ever had a light caning before. I'd consider someone using it on me if they'd really warmed me up with hand/paddles first of all and 110 % knew what they were doing. In all honesty I see the cane much more as an erotic spanking implement. The whole six of the best/visit to the headteachers office role-play scenario doesn't really coming up on my spanking radar ( spankdar ! )
  10. I was never spanked by my parents but it was threatened. Closest I ever came was when I was about 10. At the same time the overall fear of the idea of getting a sound bare bottom spanking from my father probably stopped me from doing some stupid things ( and other stupid things I did in life got me into worse trouble than a spanking ever could have been ).
  11. And if I have triggered anyone who went through similar experiences - for what it's worth I'm sorry in the sense that I can relate to what you experienced. I had no justice. Telling my story helps. It's my way of saying ( f ) you to the coward who attacked me. I would be lying to both myself and others if I pretended that the road back wasn't rough at times but I'm still on it. My bluntness and directness is inevitably going to upset some people. It might also offend ( never intentionally I hope ) - that's not my problem.
  12. We're looking at congruence in my counselling course which is apparently also a mathematics thing !
  13. And why do you keep commenting on my posts if you don't like them. On one hand you criticise something I write because it's too vague and on the other it's too direct. For your information I was trying to write this in 30 seconds ( which I did ) - It was a bolt on poem to the other one. I could have chosen to write in far further detail but chose not to. This has nothing to do with you. I'll add I would never want you or anyone else to go through what I experienced when I was attacked.
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