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  1. ukspanko

    Another Game...First Word

  2. ukspanko

    Game Time...Would you?

    Female but an older conservative ( in dress ) lady preferably. Serious or fun ?
  3. ukspanko

    Game Time...Would you?

    Grounded but writing lines ( and a spanking for bad handwriting ) would be more effective for me. Crying or not crying ?
  4. ukspanko

    Game Time...Would you?

    Bare Bottom. Pull your underwear down yourself or have the spanker pull them down ?
  5. ukspanko


    When I was in counselling it was actually the therapist who brought the subject up by asking me if I'd ever been spanked as a child towards the end of a session. That started a strong response from me and opened up counselling for me as it let me explore and find out who I was. I agree with the posts above - have a check of the various online resources and shop around ! I'm sure you'll find someone whose a good fit. Best of luck
  6. ukspanko

    Ever get spanked in public or wanted to?

    Spanking threats and jokes seem to come up fairly often where I work. I'm not sure if that's due to like attracting like or whether at the moment the general demographic of staff where I am tend to be older men and women who like me grew up with corporal punishment. I could list lots of examples but the one I remember from a few years back was the time I nearly sat on a present for a member of staff who was leaving and the lady who was organising it told me that "If you had broken it, you wouldn't be sitting down again for a considerably long time...!" which made me smile... I didn't break the present though. She's got big hands. Oh and while I'm thinking of her please could people send any prayers or positive thought. My friend and potential spanker maybe one day is very ill at the moment.
  7. ukspanko

    My Two Sides

    That's superb.
  8. I'd genuinely like to be in a female led HOH relationship with some bdsm/fetish/ageplay scenarios both ways as part of that too.
  9. ukspanko

    Need spanking - UK

    The original post was in 2006 ....just saying.
  10. ukspanko

    Older men

    I also think it's really really important to recognise that there are predatory women out there as well. Speaking as someone who suffered abuse at the hands of females ( not in a spanking/bdsm context I'll add ) and also had a female friend who was suffering domestic abuse by her same sex partner. Abuse etc goes across all lines.
  11. ukspanko

    Self spanking implements

    I've self spanked with a broken iPad before
  12. ukspanko

    A spankee"s Book of Excuses

    It's against my religion !
  13. Being 100% serious - when I was being mentored online a few years back on one occasion I got 100 paddle stroke ( 2 lots of 50 ) with 15 minute corner in between for bratting and disrespect plus an essay and letter of apology to write afterwards. It worked - believe me.
  14. ukspanko

    Favorite Implement

    My absolute favourite and the most effective punishment for me is a hard hand on the bare bottom.
  15. ukspanko

    Spanking Haiku

    Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Crack Another hairbrush gone !