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  1. Loads of old ( pre 50s ) jazz, blues, country etc and early dub plus various hip hop things.
  2. I can empathise. I work in public libraries and whilst the vast majority of customers are fine we don't get the odd one who can be a challenge. I find sometimes the issues are around policies which are bought in at a higher level which staff than have to implement. I've had some people say to me ( in relation to stories about difficult customers ) - "Why don't you just tell them to f - off ?" - As people who work in customer service know you can't. I think overall though I've got better at dealing with situations when they arise and not taking things personally. It can be a challenge though and I know colleagues of mine who've been spat at and even punched in other rougher areas libraries !
  3. She was spanked for not writing a ten word story.
  4. Thanks man - I feel sorry for his little granddaughter. She's not even 3 yet. I'm planning to record some memories of my uncle for her so she can find out a bit more about him when she's older.
  5. To be honest one or even a few of the ladies I work with would do a good job of this I think. Even without spanking they've kept me in line over the years ( and I'm very grateful )
  6. Thanks Pete. My uncle but we are very close. He has a terminal brain tumour.
  7. So I treated myself to a new leather strap for my bass guitar which arrived today. I haven’t put it on yet but just out of interest I tried it quickly as a self spanking implement. Very impressed so am going to get another. Very good for the bottom end in both senses of the word !
  8. I remember the second primary school I was at had a very strict deputy headmistress who was also a singing teacher. In assemblies she would read out the names of boys who were going to be caned by her in private afterwards. She used to pick on particular kids for completely unfair reasons. She never caned me as I wasn’t there that long but I’m still angry the way she treated some of my friends back then.
  9. I was at an exhibition in Birmingham England today on Black Sabbath and heavy metal in general. It was really good. I love metal and hard rock and punk. It makes me feel calm.
  10. Been getting back into whiskey recently. Maybe a drop once a week or so. I used to drink a couple of bottles of beer a night at home but knocked that on the head as it was making me depressed. I don’t get drunk anymore though.
  11. Looking to chat with older ( 50 plus ) English UK based ladies who believe in giving an older ( 44 ) but still very naughty boy a proper old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking etc. Thank you. Please don’t contact me if you’re male.
  12. I remember to this day That time you had me standing in your shoes And though I could hardly move I felt 10ft tall The Battle not always won But the pride of standing alongside Family and friends Close and far As your eyes begin to close I thank you for your vision A gift that cannot be lost And a bond deep in my heart
  13. ukspanko


    Hi Kayla Welcome on board. Please be very careful as regards posting photos of yourself and putting out personal information as there are some real creeps about. In my experience having had money and time issues myself when I was younger the key is having a workable plan in place and sticking to it. You might find that spanking motivates you but ultimately you'll need to put the work in and stick to the plan. I wish you luck.
  14. I remember having the first 2 Cypress Hill albums on cassettes. I used to get beaten up for liking hip hop and reggae when I was a kid but didn't care and just carried on anyway.
  15. I have just bought a new bass guitar...
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