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  1. What would be really great is if someone could come up with a specific spanko social media site/app.
  2. The only time I've ever really cried in an adult spanking was about 10 years ago during a paddling. I think as much as anything it was due to me being so stressed at the time ( I had open weeping sores on my arms at the time from a stress related rash ) that any release was going to produce an emotional response from me. One of those sessions that I hated and needed.
  3. Also sometimes for me summed up by this line ...although sadly I don't have Morgan Freemans voice.
  4. Thanks @chawsee - your kind words made my day a lot less painful.
  5. A couple of other UK examples In cockney - Aris = backside or bottom - (from 'Aristotle' = 'Bottle', from 'Bottle and glass' = Arse In West Indian/Jamaican Patois - Batty I love language and how it evolves
  6. There's a pub in the UK called "The Spanker Inn" https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink/no-sniggering-back-spanker-back-4407253
  7. I meant took him out for a beer - I'm writing through tears.
  8. A year ago tomorrow we held my uncles funeral after a short and courageous battle with brain cancer. Then covid and lockdown happened. I still don't feel I've grieved for him properly. I was going to run a music event to raise money for the hospice he was in but obviously had to cancel that. My memories of him are joyous and I always think of him and my aunt as "second mum and dad" even as an adult. On the other hand I feel utter rage and anger at his illness I could foam at the mouth. I feel so powerless. He was a young man as well - only 60. he would have hated what's happening now. A partic
  9. When I was a kid I had a birthday present one year that I loved. A book of poetry. I remember one poem in particular... "Two men look out from behind bars. One sees mud One sees stars" In general I always tend to see the mud. I know that can seem negative and maybe I am somewhat of a pessimist. But it's only because deep down I want to help people get through that mud. I think as well it's why spanking appeals to me. It's a temporary pain worth going through to get to something better.
  10. It would be an after spanking thing but I'd love to have my name, offence and punishment written in a punishment book.
  11. I had one recently where I was my adult self with a Victorian school ma'am or Governess in an old fashioned classroom. In the dream she handed me a paddle but I told her I prefered the hairbrush. Nothing else happened in the dream but I can't tell who was going to do the spanking in that scene. I think I've got a thing for Victorian/Edwardian roleplay..
  12. I had a bad experience with it a few years ago and it put me off that type of play. I'd be willing to do it again but would be very very picky about who I played with.
  13. Out of interest, if you don't mind me asking which one did you find worse ? When I've spoken to people who were caned or slippered at school most people say it was the cane but a fair few have said that the slipper stung a lot more over a greater time. Thanks
  14. I don't wear it all the time for self-spanking but I do have a set of clothes that remind me of what I was wearing at school when I was spanked over my teachers knee when I was six. It wasn't a traditional UK school uniform as such but it does put me in that headspace. In terms of spankings from others I've never done adult school roleplay - not against the idea - just haven't found the right person. That original spanking is the most important event in my life in terms of who I am.
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