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  1. For me there’s a difference between someone spanking another adult in a parental manner and acting out a scenario for funishment purposes. Nothing wrong with either setup but they just have different focuses.
  2. ukspanko

    Acronym Fun

    Righteous indignation gets her tanned. POLENTA
  3. I think I need new glasses. I read this as dominant colleague…😂
  4. Very sad to hear of the passing of Jeff Labar of Cinderella earlier this week. One of those bands who got unfairly lumped in with that whole hair metal thing ( which in itself was a rather shaky concept - just a bunch of kickass rock n roll bands that still put a smile on my face ).... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XYzOpzHtbg
  5. I met my mentor from a few years back on here. We met a few times for coffee. Strictly platonic stuff. The mentoring was all done online. As others say go slowly, trust your gut instinct and let a friend know where you are.
  6. With you on all of those. I worked for 10 years with someone who kept on reminding everyone that he was “the manager” and caused a lot of resentment. The lady in charge now where I am doesn’t need to do that.
  7. People who stick their noses into business that isn’t theirs, liars who twist what people say to their own agenda and cowards who hide behind being “offended” rather than engaging in debate. and Coldplay…😂
  8. I’ve had real issues with my temper of late. I nearly got into a fight in public the other day when someone on one those electric scooters nearly knocked me over. I chased him on foot and had to stop myself retaliating. Stupid I know. I just have so much pent up anger inside. I’m normally a very shy quiet person but once I get mad at something I’m dreadful. It makes me feel sick inside as I’ve had first hand experience of what random street violence is like.
  9. I’m not looking to see a pro domme - I’ve explored that path before. Might consider going to bdsm munches etc when those are up and running again.
  10. Not a spanking per se but I actually had an older female colleague cuff me across the backside for pulling a practical joke on her ( she’d told me to print off some posters and I doctored an extra one making out she was selling gin ) - thankfully we have a sense of humour where I work.
  11. People who take credit for others ideas.
  12. Just thinking of that Simpsons episode where Marges turnoffs/pet peeves are pedestrians, underpants and justice…😂
  13. ukspanko


    Yesterday I got into work nearly 90 minutes before we were due to open to the public. We’re running an annual event which involves co-ordinating volunteers and obviously this year the added stress of dealing with the pandemic. I regularly only take half my lunch and don’t eat well. I have to force myself not to keep checking work emails our of hours ( there’s no expectation for me to do that ) and mistakes I make prey on my mind. I don’t get paid a huge amount but I like my colleagues 99.99 percent of the time and feel terrible if things go wrong. The thing is I don’t know if I’m just passiona
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