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  1. Something I've learned both through my own depression and counseling training is the importance of embracing our negative feelings. However bad anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy make us feel they are part of us. I know how awful they feel but from my experience naming and acknowledging them ultimately helps.
  2. In all seriousness even at plus 40 my Mum and Aunt are perfectly capable of putting the fear of god in me without having to raise a hand. Just a look does it.
  3. When I was a little younger ( around 10 ) I'd been badly behaved on a family trip out culminating in me having a tantrum in the car home. My Dad had threatened me with a "belting" but when we got home I was just sent to bed and given a lecture by by Mum. I remember feeling very guilty and asking if my Dad was going to do anything. I was told "not this time". In hindsight I think I wanted to ask for a spanking but wasn't sure how to ask.
  4. I'd primarily describe myself a submissive with a spanking fetish but I have switched a bit over the years. I'm flexible really.
  5. I found out yesterday that I've passed my Level 3 certificate in counselling skills. I can't call myself a counsellor yet but I'm now qualified to use counselling skills in the workplace or a voluntary postition. Very happy about this and also for my fellow students who've all passed .
  6. I've got into making french press coffee too recently. Great fun.
  7. Outside the flats/apartments I live at someone has recently dumped a beautiful kitchen chair. It would be perfect for someone to sit on to give a good OTK spanking, for bending over for the belt/cane/paddle/slipper etc or even for corner time. Unfortunately it's broken. I've just had a look at it and unfortunately I don't have the confidence to fix it. I really wish I did and I really wish people would respect beautiful items like that as well.
  8. My first one would have been round about 12 or 13. I used a wooden clothes brush on myself and landed up breaking it ! I did it partly out of curiosity and partly out of guilt ( there were a number of incidents I felt guilty about during my childhood that I wasn't spanked for ). I can't remember what excuse I gave my parents about the broken brush but I got away with it. I wish I hadn't !
  9. I'm tempted but before I do is this site private - I don't want friends and family knowing.
  10. Nearly at the end of my work with her - very satisfied with what I've done. I've started to heal some very old hurts that go far beyond accepting my spanking fetish.
  11. When I was growing up there were times when due to my parents work and social situation I had very few friends nearby. I think that these periods led me to having a vivid imagination and it's partly where my interest in spankings comes from. Interested in knowing how others feel. Both those who like me consider themselves to be spanking fetishists and those who need it purely for discipline or motivation.
  12. Not particularly - in general if I'm in a roleplay punishment spanking situation than a simple explanation that my behaviour has led to this consequence is enough. Phrases like "naughty boy !" and so on can be helpful but being shouted at I just find combative.
  13. I'm an only child. To be fair there were times growing up when I could be the stereotypical spoiled brat. Generally my parents would use logic to deal with my behaviour. Spankings were threatened sometimes but never carried out. On the other side there were times when I was treate very much like an adult from a young age. For instance having to emotionally adjust to moving around a lot as a kid and losing touch with friends. I remember on the one occasion I was actually spanked ( by a teacher ) I actually welcomed it because it put an end to a falling out I'd have with another kid.
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