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  1. I myself have kind of always thought of the safe word associated with BDSM environments, You know like the stuff seen on line and such, The kinds of environments that i am to chicken to be found near such a place. But have always {and probably not wisely} just associated safe words with environments where folks are not playing with trusted caring caring individuals. But with a domestic discipline environment it seems to me that a safe word is almost like topping from the bottom, If thats the correct way of putting it, it's not totally submission anymore if I have a way to put a halt on the spanking.
  2. Yes maple is a great wood as well yellow cedar.
  3. How in the hell does one spank with a 9 iron? one can be hit or struck or beat with it, but spanked?
  4. I make these paddles out of reclaimed Woods, that is, only Woods that are from dilapidated buildings burnt down buildings old school houses, out houses, churches, close down renovated bars, scrap piles to be burned, and when I go overseas for my line of work I will send back chunks of wood from the south of France Madrid, Barcelona, and over time I've collected some great Boutique types of wood rainbow grain, rare yellow cedar, European Cedar, Purple Heart Wood, I make the paddles by hand one at a time, no template is ever used, as is evident by the fact there is no two alike they are all one-off designs. I know it may sound a little strange but not to a spanko or someone who enjoys a well-fitted paddle, but I like to say and I mean it when I say that The paddle dictates its shape on its own somehow, it just kind of speaks to me as I'm holding it and trying to maximize the use of whatever Piece of wood I happen to be holding. here are just a few.
  5. woops I apologize as when i went tol go proof the post it was not there so i figured a glitch so I re posted and now there is two. Ill be more careful . I am Not sure how to delete one.
  6. I make these paddles out of reclaimed Woods, that is, only Woods that are from dilapidated buildings burnt down buildings old school houses, out houses, churches, close down renovated bars, scrap piles to be burned, and when I go overseas for my line of work I will send back chunks of wood from the south of France Madrid, Barcelona, and over time I've collected some great Boutique types of wood rainbow grain, rare yellow cedar, European Cedar, Purple Heart Wood, I make the paddles by hand one at a time, no template is ever used, as is evident by the fact there is no two alike they are all one-off designs. I know it may sound a little strange but not to a spanko or someone who enjoys a well-fitted paddle, but I like to say and I mean it when I say that The paddle dictates its shape on its own somehow, it just kind of speaks to me as I'm holding it and trying to maximize the use of whatever Piece of wood I happen to be holding. I am very careful about the SNAP SOUND OF A good paddle as apposed to a thud of to much mass in a small area. Wood is so important that it mach the bumm and spanker. Initial Shaping is Accomplished with a small belt sander clamped upside down in a vise, then all sandpaper in hand is used starting with 80 grit working all the way to 600 grit in the end. Other than a belt sander no other power tools except the occasional hand crank drill to bore a hole in the handle occasionally for wrist strap or hanger strap. a few have tiny extra-strong neodymium magnet under the surface to hang on a refrigerator or dry erase board etc.. The paddles with the larger holes are all done with a torch I burn the holes through first and then sand it out with sandpaper and shape and form. All paddles have a minimum of 30 coats or more of hand-rubbed lacquer. I started doing inlay with aromatic Cedar and boutique Woods as you can imagine it takes quite some time in some cases. I'm also nearly blind so some of the folks locally that know me, find a great deal of satisfaction in acquiring these paddles knowing that each paddle literally sculpted itself with the Sandpaper in my hand. Here are some of the pictures of recent paddles. Pictures don't do a whole lot of justice as some paddles are stippled some have wormholes that I've sealed up with two part clear epoxy inside the holes to seal it all up before rubbing in the lacquer. Some are actually laminated where I've taken some thin maple or bird's-eye maple and bonded with for instance purple heart on one side or rainbow Grain or one side maple on the other side red oak, cross graining, making a very thin paddle but extremely strong and resilient. All the paddles, in the end, meet the anti THUDD test, meaning I take into account the THUDD and the SNAPP Factor, and I avoid the THUDD Factor at all times, that is to say, too much mass in too small of an area creates a THUDD. Like trying to spank with a two-by-four 2X4, All the paddles have the right weight and density Factor taken into consideration once done, they SnaPP, PoP, SiNG, Zing & or StiNG, all with a unique sound as well, some woods really translate into an amplified POP sound when smacking the fanny. So they're built kind of like the "Field of Dreams" "If I build them, the spankers will come" I strongly feel they should be held before taking possession of but someone has convinced me to try and get them into the hands of more than just the local few, otherwise, they're never going to get to the rightful people they belong to. Folks naturally want to ask how much $, and I have to say it's impossible for me to put a number on them some take so long that it would be really impossible to put a price on them and if I was I think my attitude would change about the time that I put into each one. and I only build them in the winter. The way I've gotten rid of them is by allowing people to hold them and handle them and if one or two paddles speak to them specifically, then I say take them home. I only ask that if they grow tired of them or they are not needed any longer that they either pass them on to someone who will use them or bring them back. But recently someone came by and wanted to take 40 of them to some sort of a convention somewhere or some sort of a spank event. And he refused to just take 40 of them knowing he was going to sell them and make a profit, I initially had a problem with that but then I started thinking we'll someone's got to buy a paddle somewhere. So I had to come up with a pricing structure somehow but I needed it to be very reasonable and not be a profit margin issue. So for now as a trial i have come to basically $25 for an average paddle \ and the tiny purse paddles are 15.00, if it has inlays it's 35 if it's really large its 35.00 and if its realy large and has inlays its's 45.00 add 7.50 for shipping in the lower 48 If someone buys a couple three of them then I'll cover shipping. I would rather think of the funds as donations for chemicals and paper, The chemicals can be rather expensive, stains, varnish, and lacquer can be costly considering I buy only high-end chemicals. And my love reminds me just now that shipping the wood back when overseas has its collective costs. and boy does it., And if there is an occasion that someone can't afford one but they really like one by sight in the pictures then communicate that to me and we'll figure out how to get it to you. I just want to be clear that this is not about a prophet making project, it all started and is still about matching the right paddle with the right hand and fanny. That is the one and only motivator in my making them. I also recently took pictures of quite a few with a measuring square for scale, so some can get a good idea of the length and width of the paddles. I know this probably sounds a little weird but if you're not able to come and actually hold the paddle if you send me a picture of the fanny that it's going to be spanking I believe that I can come pretty close to picking out the right paddle for the fanny so far I've been spot-on in my assessments in choosing the correct paddle to send out, if it's wrong, no problems just return it and I'll swap it out for you. you pay the return shipping to me, and I pay the shipping back to you. I'm trying to be as fair as make sense in the policies of replacements and or swap out options. Should there ever be a mismatched paddle to a Fanny? If you pick the wrong paddle for the fanny, then you pay shipping both ways for a swap. I imagine there's a lot of very generic feeling paddles out there in a lot of hands that could be holding something custom in the hand. Also, I'll add that I will replace any paddle that breaks one time as it's really the spanker's responsibility to know what they're holding in their hand and if it is appropriate for the fanny there spanking and at what velocity. Obviously, some paddles are going to be more delicate than others, now these paddles are not porcelain delicate by any means, But still ... for instance, I had one gentleman that was consistently breaking a particular design that I kept making over and over for him and I finally stopped at 5 and asked for a picture of the bottom he was spanking, and it was the wrong paddle to say the least for the amount of bottom he was spanking with that particular flavor of paddle. So, I made him a newly-designed paddle custom for him and that bottom and it has not come back. These are for domestic discipline and or play between consenting adults. Please Play Safe Folks. i am going to post all the new pictures soon, I need to crop and clean them up. these are some of the paddles here Ill get the new pictures up in the next couple days. Here are a few.
  7. A few years ago my wife went with me to king county court house in downtown Seattle. I was summons to Jury duty, and was having a rather pissy morning already and by the time we got there and traffic and finding a parking garage close that was under 14.00 bucks to park!! So we got in the court house at 8.30 with an expected call to be there at 8.45 which menat 9.00am and every step was a pain in the ass, waiting in line for the metal detectors on the west side entrance, and only one machine was running so the line went out the door and down the sidewalk around the corner. Then the lines to the elevator was a repeat of the building entrance. Then once we found the correct room but not after entering a few and having to wait in yet another line to speak with the person behind a window to check in only to be told i was still in the wrong room, this happened twice, then found the correct room only to find we excluded that room, from the start because the door was not marked with the identifier that was taped on the rooms with a little piece of scotch tape, well this one was marked but the paper was on the floor being trampled. Now after waiting in this line for what was maybe 20 min but may as well been all day at this point only to be given a lecture in how late i was and that if picked they cant be expected to hold up a trial because i choose to be selfishly late. with sitting and sitting and sitting and i was fuming mad, at nothing specific but the entire day thus far was a complete waist By the time 3.30 pm rolled around we were all informed to leave and return the following day.. all we did was sit, no cell phone service as they have the cell phone zappers on the 4th floor, sitting in a hot stuffy crowded room with maybe 60 others crammed in that room.So I approached the widow to let them know i could not return the next day and was lectured at how i had to be and told them NOT! and was excusing myself but proceeded to express my frustrations of the days use of time in an admittedly not to nice of tone and disposition. Doing so with a couple F bombs and so on, well i thought i was alone up there as far as my wife was waiting by the door for me, But to my shock i turned around in a huff but feeling some how satisfied in telling this #$%^& off!, when i spun around i found in my direct line of sight and about 5 inches from me was my wife standing with her arms crossed and her lips tightly pursed and a fire in her eyes. And i asked in hopes of the reply i wanted to hear i asked "OH hey dear how long have you been waiting here?" and from behind me the #$%^& at the window chimed in so proudly "THE ENTIRE TIME!" Crap i have to go this took a while to type and im late, i think the reader can see where this is going. maybe not though. I will ad the end of that day here in a bit, maybe tonight or tomorrow morning, but i will get it done. I did not intend on cutting it short but I got to go..
  8. oops, some odd spell and sentence auto correct there but i think or i hope i am conveying my thoughts clearly
  9. Im straight, And have spanked and am spanked regularly by guys. I see a particular male disciplinarian on average once a month sometimes twice a month. I honestly believe that there are guys out there spanking that it is non-sexual, there is always an overtone with both sexes an undercurrent of a sensuality I mean it is creating blood rushing right to the rear end which travels through the particular area of the vascular system that the blood is carriedt to the genitals both instances sharing the same vascular system bringing blood to the bottom and bring blood to the genitalia when aroused so when the blood is brought to the rear there is a biological reaction in some cases. So when spanked that shared feeling of arousal when the blood rushes to the rear end. Now let's be clear in case you are not overly clear on this Factor men will get arousal get an erection standing in line at the bus station it of course is going to happen in the higher average when being Baird for when touching someone else's rear end if they're inclined that way but it's up to them to manage those feelings and manage that drive and not let it tank or blur the motivation for the spanking those that can't control that that's a personal issue with them and even got to get a hold of themselves, maybe literally before the spanking. If I do get aroused while getting a spanking it is short-lived I'll tell you that because as soon as the sting starts happening on my bottom there was no sign of an erection after that it quickly dissipates. But my mind is not thinking sex XXXX. Men involuntarily get erections all day long. When were younger we masturbate and it takes care of it when we're older we masturbate because we can or when we can. your natural question might be well what do you think of when you masturbate? are there some scenarios in my mind that have to do with spanking? Sure yes. but it's more of the humiliating Factor not the spanking itself, being forced to stand in front of a stranger or a a new spanking partner and bend over and be rather exposed is embarrassing and for men in basement brings an erection usually they're connected somehow in the psyche of a male. but I don't have any true spanking images in my mind when masturbating it's a biological factor but outside of that my motivation and other gentlemen that I know their motivation is not the sexual contact it is disciplinary. now I can't imagine ultimately ending up spanking someone and it not being on the bare bottom it's kind of the ritual of spanking that I've become accustomed to as most of us have, I can't think of anybody that wishes to administer a spanking and it not be on the bare bottom I mean men have it worse when they bend over where their genitals are exposed, and I spank females and I've not had any inclination at all about any kind of sexual motivation of any kind it's truly strictly discipline now maybe I'm the rare one of males, I don't know but again I do know males that spank guys and spank women as a disciplinarian. just like their are female disciplinarians to. There are alpha males and a lot of the times they're not necessarily alpha males in their own home but when they get together with submissive males as myself whose primary is submissive in that role they get to dominate. I'd be glad to answer any specific questions that you might have as to at least my perspective I won't answer them if I don't have a perspective but I've been in this panko Arena now for a good 30 years and I have come across men of course that were sexually motivated and that is always discussed before hand and if they still try to move that direction during a spanking I shut him down and they are not called on again. I've never had any inclination to have the sexual component be part of the spanking for me spanking is and always has been about submission, discipline of sometimes an attitude adjustment, if I'm engaging in some specific specific sexual activity spanking really is not part of it at all. If having intercourse with a woman I don't even think of the spanking component. there is foreplay and a lot of genital manipulation in touch but not spanking these are two completely different articles for me, though they're closely related yeah and I can understand and see how they could be blurred very easily by some folks that don't have a managed perspective. \ there are a subset of men out there that absolutely do use spanking as a tool to further other agendas that is not spanking, but I think we're talking about different things here because spanking is such an overly used term there is a spanking for a reason, so one must ask themselves what is the reason behind this need for the spanking or the desire to spank, is it motivated by a sexual overtone or under current or is it motivated by BDSM factors, Or to affirm ones submissive nature that is not easily affirmed otherwise or to a firm a dominant nature that is not affirmed otherwise, or is it about light BDSM of discipline where is the spanking coming from and who is receiving it for what reason? and I'm sorry that you get that creepy feeling that guys bother you, that sucks that is inappropriate and you certainly never got that from me nobody has, Men by their drive and by the very nature can be rather overbearing and rather like a pig sometimes I find myself ashamed of their actions it is community at times and I called him out on it I'm Not Afraid at all to call them out on it. But if I was to spank you or any other person it would be expected that it would end up on a bare bottom but you would never find my hands wondering Target, or overtly touching your genitalia specifically at all that would be completely out of character for me it just wouldn't happen I would be ashamed to taint the arena of spanking as it is let alone my self-respect and respect for the Spankee and the trust and bond that is to develop would certainly be compromised forever. So I hope I provided some insight from a male's perspective here I don't know if I did really answer your question or shine any light on what you were asking, but I'm certainly open to the subject matter it's intriguing to me and would gladly engage in any questions specific that you would have for straight guy who has and does both sides of the fence but primarily I am a submissive and I switch out of favor to friends or favor to a new Spankos or someone who's just becoming interested in stressing out and I'd like to think that I can share very quickly am notion of trust and display a honest and sincere transparency.
  10. Yes my friends know
  11. yes I would and have, There is no intimate contact or desire here. It must remain disciplinary at all times. scolding verbal engagement and then spanking while scolding continues with a firm hand and tone, will only use hand and paddles no long lasting marks but there will be a sore bum to sit on for the next day. Witness available if desired, I prefer to spank for real life disciplinary needs for the spankee, So some phone time to discuss and get to know the ee just a little is a help, however i understand that we just need a spanking sometimes not for any particular reason but simply the need, and i can accommodate. after care provided if desired or needed. I will not engage in a militant style brutal spanking, its a genuine care of the ee that will evolve into a mutual trust and bond of which will lead to more effective spankings. The EE must be showered and free from any Odors, such as deodorants, perfumes, or colognes etc. Would rather smell you then distracting man maid perfume type odors. spankedtotearsnw@gmail.com
  12. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be a prude, I'm not trying to be difficult or combative or just negative but I just can't find any redeeming qualities in this material, l that you're posting here. Where's the melody? where's the melody resolve? I guess I'm an old timer and it shows, as both a session player and a producer in the very real professional Market for nearly 40 years I produced all the major genres and I have no problem with any kind of material is long as there's Melody, If there is melody i can build from that. then I'm on board It's All Art at that point when melody is present. I've charted with country records, I've charted with metal, I've charted with Progressive Metal, with jazz with traditional and jazz fusion, I've charted with Prog Rock, and even European Euro pop record that is one of my older records and I still receive royalty checks every year from that one it keeps getting picked up by this Japanese label very strange. as well a couple of Americana records and even had my contract run with a faith-based recording label, Star Song (RIP) and the Christian record label contracts paid better than any other company ever did, the mid and late 90s of the huge overwhelming wave of the faith-based adult contemporary Christian Market when it exploded was a wheelbarrow of money, honestly it purchased my Home and wife's new cars in those days, as well received the most points in post first run sales offerings, and still today get the best publishing checks to date of all my records. but I've never been able to get on board with the wrap that is not R&B based in core. But the just Mindless monotonic rap and no redeeming qualities to The Listener of the extreme death metal, I just can't get my head wrapped around it, so I can't produced it if I can't get my head wrapped around it. And this posted material here the D&B I'm just not finding any Melody, And it actually could start to sound annoying and repetitious, like the proverbial next door neighbor's dog non stop barking. robotic and without human influence of any kind that is significant enough to hold my attention. Not to far removed from listening to my watch ticking, which frankly may be sounding better in most instances, LOL sounds better, on that subject, and there's a lot to be desired for the sound field of the Engineering in this D&B material. I could go on and on and I don't want to be again combative or just be insulting I'm just stating my observation and this is what I do, I analyzed the potential Troy Record and submit my review as an A&R rep to the company this is where they put out the pastor all their old producers now. So I just wouldn't know where to begin with this material as a producer. I would suggest in fact that it doesn't even really require a producer as the role as we know it exists. There's nothing here to produce and that's not whether I like it or not there's just nothing to be produced, it's all sequenced and what isn't sequenced is quantized, anything that was in a analog wave format is broken down into small entitys and then slipped into the quantized field grid and then re rendered again. So if anything if it was done well it requires at least a decent engineer on board if there's going to be any analog or humanized input but if it's all going to come out of cakewalk, Mark of the unicorn Steinberg Jones sequencer etc.. or anything like that you don't even need an engineer really, Again there is nothing to engineer. Just Pot the fader levels and go to mix, or as the kids say, bounce the mix. Something comes to mind I would take Kraftwerk as right on the edge of being almost past the point of where I would want to work, but Kraftwerk does maintain its human elements and did not quantized their material it was rigid but it wasn't formally quantized yet. As well you can think of oxygen, Jean Michel Jarre. Again it was rigid somewhat quantized but maintained some human playing elements, as he recognized straight away that if he was to quantize everything out, it lost HIS touch. So the Melodic overtones that were the attention-grabbing melodies or so-called the lead tracks would not be quantized or slipped into any grid as there were no grids he was using flat out large frame analog synthesizers, FM generators this approach would maintain his human touch around a seemingly quantized musicale rhythmic Foundation Base. I've spoken in good spirit here and respectfully I'm not throwing rocks at anybody here. JJ & 88
  13. Can you spank

    a female from BothellĀ 

  14. , produced engineered played drums ands bass, walked . basWell I'm a career record producer who happens to be as well an equally accomplished session player of both drums and fretless bass so I'm very close to the two instruments. here is an album of my jazz band that for 30 years toured every year to south France for Jazz fest my co writere guitar player and friend sence a kid passed away suddenly from heart problems four years ago so i retired that production. this is a walk down memory lane as i did this record when i was 19, after i finished it in a short 2 weeks i took a trip to LA walked it into the Hollywood offices of ARISTA on there newly acquired jazz label of Danny Gotlieb and Mark Egan's independent label NOVUS Records and was promptly given a 7 year 3 album distribution contract and was hired as staff the next year to manage said NOVUS label and never looked back. walking away from a full scholarship at UCCS and transfer to MIT physics and necrology. Yes it's been one long party. I got to do exactly what I love everyday go to the notion of creating art starts losing its the pill when you have to do it to pay mortgage but truth be told I probably would have paid them to have the same job for the same amount of time. yours truly Production, Engineer, Drums , and fretless Bass tracks 6 and 3 are probably my fav to play. after playing these tunes thousand's of times over the years this material just never became as numb to perform as most material has. enjoy, pass along burn to a disc all you like, just please dont post it anywhere as it would violate my BMG publishing conditions still in place. you can share this link though. just cant re post. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-D7Qm79nLGWN21lBrG6gSOKEtP8dzq8B?usp=sharing
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