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  1. Welcome. From Ct. drop me a note if you want to chat.
  2. These comments are well put together. Be careful.
  3. Welcome to SN site and feel free to say hello if you find me online. Do you need any tutoring
  4. Welcome. Enjoy and explore the site.
  5. Hello Mae- I am located in Connecticut and travel to your area on business. Would be interested in chatting with you. Are you a Mets or Yankees fan? 🥴
  6. Hello _ I am from Connecticut and would enjoy chatting with you about spankings and discipline. Also grew up in the 70s so I can relate. - Feel free to say hello to me.
  7. GoToYourRoom


    Hello _ I am from Connecticut and provide discipline for ladies that require a good paddling over my knee. Look me up.
  8. Congratulations Child of Life and great work to you and all the others that supported this transition. Good luck with the continued success
  9. you can try to find me. I am in CT
  10. Hello - I live in Connecticut. I am an experienced spanker, I am in my late 50's, and can provide mentoring, scoldings, cornertime and of course spankings. I can provide "sound"  advice and "sound" spankings if that interests you. Would enjoy chatting with you and see where it goes.

  11. Hello Sadie and IndiGirl, I am from CT, late 50s, Father type that is very experienced. Have mentored and spanking a few "naughty ladies" in my time and helped address their spanking needs, goals, curiosity. I would be willing to discuss more if interested. I am kind, great listener, understanding but can be strict when needed. I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. I am always available to help in this area.
  13. Hello - I provide online mentoring and self directive punishment sessions. Feel free to message me and introduce yourself.
  14. You have to respect modesty when play "father/ daughter" role scene.
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