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  1. I’ve been on this site for a long while and I’ve had many conversations with people but have yet to meet up. im a switch in Hutto Tx, was just wondering if anyone has been successful here?
  2. Is it possible that everyone is a switch depending on the situation? I thought I was a pure ee and then I had the chance to spank someone and realized the context plays a huge role.
  3. anyone that switches do you have any recommendations for switching roles?
  4. Not likely since the 1950’s. I can tell you it wasn’t uncommon before the war, corporal punishment across the board was normal. Watch cartoons for hints about the timeline here.
  5. What are common rules and expectations enforced, particularly when the mentor mentee don’t live together?
  6. You really need to tease out anger and issue with authority. They are different questions.
  7. I think the fears of extremely improbable viral responses compounding with extremely improbable viral responses... gives us pretty comfortable data. COVId will be here to stay the at risk population is at risk until they have had it a few times. That’s the way T immune response works. I guess my point is COVID isn’t going to stop me from meeting one or two people. That risk is acceptable to me.
  8. Its important to not If immunity isn’t a thing vaccines are completely pointless.
  9. Getting a spanking is not a sexual act for me. Particularly not in the context of real discipline.
  10. Responded to you, I ended up getting COVID and recovering when you reached out before. I’ve got immunity now, verified!
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