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  1. Welcome to SN's, this is a great site with a good group of members. Id be happy to chat with you and happy to see another Canuck here.
  2. Spanking Appointments are an excellent idea. As a mentor, I look to change negative behavior and this generally includes the need to reflect on this behavior by my Mentee. Knowing that a spanking is hours or days away will surely force a Mentee to think about the behavior and consequences and this can be quite powerful in changing a behavior. Corner time has the same effect, but allot more immediate and nerve-racking. My only caveat is don't let too much time go by between the offending behavior and spanking, if possible.
  3. Welcome!! Great site, great members and stuff to read, hope you enjoy!
  4. I might have received a similar message. Does the email address start with shan?
  5. Another Canadian here, just for the record, most of us arent yellow and bald, eh! 😁 Welcome to SNs, great site with a great group of people to get to know.
  6. Of course they exist, but Id be interested in learning if any guys here have met and been spanked by a female ER. I think it is rare to find online. Since you are a college student i would think you can easily network/meet women of your age after Covid. Since you cant afford a pro, I suggest you first establish rapport, at least a very good friendship with a female friend. A strong foundation and chemistry is everything. Once you have a nice friendship try hinting, "man if i turn in one more assignment late, i should get a spanking" something like that, but dont push it. Then lis
  7. This is a terrific site with all kinds of nice people and allot of SN wisdom. Take yiur time and I hope you find a good partner.
  8. Very well said Chawsee and Amethyst_moon. I totally agree motives have to align and spankees should not feel the need to do what the Spanker wants, not at all. When I was a younger and less experienced spanker I jumped into spanking relatuonships too early to find what the spankee wanted didnt align with what I was looking for...since finding a spanking partner isnt the easiest thing to do...ive learned to watch for this. I would also add though, if I find a spankee who i like, and feel mutual chemistry then I will have an open mind to their vision of what they want from a spanking.
  9. That is a tender moment, i like how you describe it, very personal. My favorite moment is when we both know my spankee is about to be over my knee for her spanking. The anticipation in the air...the trust, the need...i love it all.
  10. I actually started on the receiving end...an older girlfriend when I was in my teens. It was so new to me I had no preconceptions and I enjoyed it. As time went on and I introduced the idea of spanking to girlfriends at the time I either got a totally weird look or they misunderstood and assumed I wanted to spank them, which I did, and I came to love spanking from that vantage point. Im actually very glad that I started as a spanked as it has given me lots of insights to that side of the spanko relationship.
  11. I have to admit I don't get this "it's my right not to wear a mask." I mean, yeah...I guess so. I guess its your right to smoke, do heroine, not wear your seat belt, as well - but all that is also pretty stupid too. ...and then when I hear, "its my body, its my right" Im like really?? Are you equating not wearing a mask to the right to have access to abortion, because that is the origin of that phrase?? Really?? O-o I mean, "rights", ummmm, like the big ones are fought for, like for years. Think John Lewis - now he fought for something BIG. Not wearing a mask?? ...like this is a
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