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  1. First spanking given yesterday in 17 months - great to get back to it safely with double vaxxed friends.  Be safe out there!

    1. rubyredd


      Hope it was a great experience for you both.

    2. otkpantsdown 49

      otkpantsdown 49

      I got one in April after several months away. WOW I kicked and screamed and kicked out of my shoes. NEVER had a spanking hurt like that before.  I can't wait for it to happen AGAIN

    3. OnlySolutions


      It was...some much needed lecturing and spanking is good for the soul.

  2. ditto, evenings seem a little better - but during the day, it just hangs...
  3. Hi Heather, Welcome to SN's, lots of great info and people to chat with - great intro, hope you have fun!
  4. Hi Heather, Welcome to SN's, lots of great info and people to chat with - great intro, hope you have fun!
  5. With summer about to come to an end, I am open to taking on a new mentee/spankee.  You wold need to be double vaccinated as I am and live in the GTA.  Reach out and say hi...happy to talk.

  6. Its called...now what is the word for it....ummmmm........................................................ CHOICE! That is the word Im looking for. She has the right to chose what she wants. Good luck in your search.
  7. Happy Canada to all the Canadian Spankos out there! 


  8. Welcome to SN's, this is a great site with a good group of members. Id be happy to chat with you and happy to see another Canuck here.
  9. Spanking Appointments are an excellent idea. As a mentor, I look to change negative behavior and this generally includes the need to reflect on this behavior by my Mentee. Knowing that a spanking is hours or days away will surely force a Mentee to think about the behavior and consequences and this can be quite powerful in changing a behavior. Corner time has the same effect, but allot more immediate and nerve-racking. My only caveat is don't let too much time go by between the offending behavior and spanking, if possible.
  10. Welcome!! Great site, great members and stuff to read, hope you enjoy!
  11. I might have received a similar message. Does the email address start with shan?
  12. Another Canadian here, just for the record, most of us arent yellow and bald, eh! 😁 Welcome to SNs, great site with a great group of people to get to know.
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