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  1. Was anyone successfully able to meet up for spanking plans during this corona lock down?? If soo is there any stories
  2. Anyone in here in New Jersey. Mostly central nj. Looking to get a spanking? Feel free to message me
  3. Lol you should’ve dared her to, like “you won’t woop my ass” and run away
  4. Omg if that could have only gone a different way hahah
  5. Not sure how common this is in real life, as it is in shows or movies lol but has anyone ever been spanked at work. Speaking more than a just smack by a coworker but an actually punishment like spanking?? Or maybe ur employee c; hah but I could say one time a couple of years back. I was working at a restaurant and the owner was this lady maybe in her mid 50s and one time she threatened to take me to the kitchen and spank me with the spoon 😮 she was probably just joking but I really wished it could’ve happened.
  6. Do you guys have a preference??. I know some people who always love being the one to bend over their naughty ass for a spanking, including myself. But sometimes u could really enjoy spanking someone else.
  7. i Believe you can be straight and married with kids and still desire to be spanked by another man. Personally have spanked and been spanked by another guy before and it was strictly just that. You’d be suprice at how many other guys do prefer to as well
  8. Where are the spankers and spankees in New Jersey??? Still looking lol
  9. Bending over and touching your toes already sounds like a punishment lol could imagine holding that position while being spanked. But the old fashioned otk will never go out of style haha there’s something soo empowering about literally being in the air over someone’s knee getting your butt tanned haha but the spanking in the car was definitely for the younger days when our parents would threaten to pull over the car if we would calm down in the back lol that maybe could be still not an issue, in like these big suvs now adays
  10. Would you say the spanking is more kind of discipline or being intimate w your partner kind
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