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  1. Just a little imformation from our limited experience putting together parties. Everyone always worries about the mix, men to women, spankers to spankees. S,pankees always want lots more spankers, Men always want more women, Women always want pmen. Then it gets even more specific, men wanting only women spankers, or spankees, etc etc. We have found that as long as there are enough of each, most will be happy with a party.... For instance at our our last party, my wife spanked 9 people male and female. We are both switchs so that makes a difference too. Just saying while it is good to have a mix, any mix will not make everyone happy. We find it is more important to have willing to get involved and play that a certain mix of genders and roles. All I am saying is that the mix is different for everyone.... females that only want to spank or be spanked by females would think mostly females is a good mix. males who spank and are spanked by males thing a mostly male mix would be great. Long story short, we find that everyone has diferent ideas of a party mix, but as long as everyone can find someone that fits, that is all that really matters.

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  2. We would sure be interested in attending, like most depending on the location and date. We do a small party, only 12 or 14 people once a year here. If you get this going and want any help or suggestions, we would both be happy to help any way we can. For our event we rent a bnb. Those are so much better than a hotel. as people interact more and there is plenty of priivacy that hotels lack. Like was already stated, fint the cost, div ide that and have everyone pay in advance, their share. I suggest at least two days, or three, as two days can go very fast. and an extra day in a bnb if for only a few is about the same price as a hotel for 3 or 4 people, if some want to come a day early. Ours are pretty laid back no real scheduled things, people come and go and spank as they want. We have been doing ours for 4 years now. Sorry for the long responce just to say yes we would  be inerested.

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  3. On 9/16/2022 at 7:01 AM, Lotsapappa said:

    How do you convince yourself? Do you want to look back with regret that you should have made the trip but didn’t and that person is no longer an option? As you age, I believe you regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. 

    Well said and great advice


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  4. My wife and myself heard it as kids but never happened. fortunately.... but we have done a role play "do I have to pull this car over" a couple times. The last time coming home late at night from a race, teasing all the way, we came home by way of a deserted country road we know, and he pulled over, went to the back of the truck, put the tial gate down, bared by butt and gave me a wonderful spanking.... in the cool night air.... it was a lot of fun


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  5. 20 hours ago, cat627 said:

    While it wasn't intentionally done as a "bedtime spanking" Before I got my PTSD under control, I used to have a hard time sleeping and would have anxiety/panic attacks and become super hyper vigilant...    One thing my husband of the time noticed, is that spanking just about always had an immediate calming effect on me... So there were times in the evenings he would notice me being unusually wound up, sometimes acting out, and  so he would usually spank me so I could cry it out... It was therapeutic for me, and would usually help me fall immediately asleep afterward. 

    LOL He was a night owl gamer, we were in a studio like apartment, I think spanking me to sleep during these moments also allowed him to catch a bit of undisturbed gaming time as well =p  It was a total win/win situation.

    cool, it does sound like a win for both of you

  6. We are in Indiana. Some distance, but not impossible to tavel eithert. We are a switch couple, . If you are interested, lets chatrand see if there is chemistry. Pm us or leave a message and we can find the best way to communicate
















  7. not like an official study but just from our experience   spanking at bedtime is normally the time we do it. I do have to say that a bedtime spanking after all the hustle and bustle of the day is over works perfectly for us. And yes between the exertion on the part of the spanker and spankee, And the coming down from it we sleep like  babies. So would highly reccomend bedtime spankings.

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  8. On 6/13/2022 at 2:18 PM, iowaguidance said:

    I've made my share of paddles over the years. I was just digging around in my garage and came across some purpleheart, zebra wood, and wenge that I need to utilize one of these days.

    Those are all great hardwoods and am sure they will make wonderful paddles, Good luck and share what you make from it. 


  9. On 6/16/2022 at 2:30 AM, jmalbone said:

    my first time was like 12 years ago. I was like 42, I saw ad on craigslist a guy into spanking other guys. I answered and we exchanged some emails. He was in mid 20s and said he loved the control aspect of spanking other guys. I agreed to let him come over when I knew I would be alone. He came in, he immediately took charge and started treating me like a naughty teen. he scolded me some and had me strip to fully nude and continued to scold. If my hand got close to my penis he immediately told me he had not given permission to touch myself. Then he told me to lay across his lap. The feeling of being naked across his lap was very overwhelming and i felt so vulnerable. He started hand and progressed to a brush. I will say the sting of the brush reminded me why i used to cry as a kid from spankings. I honestly did not remember that they hurt like that. I didnt cry then but I did squirm alot. Before he left he put me in the corner and told me not to get out until the sound of his car disappeared. 

    Sounds like a wonderful experience, hope you have had the chance to repeat it

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  10. On 6/2/2022 at 3:59 PM, humblebutt said:

    My lifelong friend, who was my girlfriend earlier in life, once sent me a surprise gift of a steel-reinforced leather paddle. It was one of the most awesome gifts I've ever received. Because it signified her acceptance of my being a spanko and marked the beginning of a period in which she spanked me often, even though spanking isn't her thing. Spankings became less frequent, then sadly, she moved to Texas during the pandemic (I'm in California). But we have loose plans for her to spank me good when she comes back to visit this summer.

    Very cool, nothing more fun than having an old spanking friend visit or getting to visit with an old spanking friend to play even, if you can only do the visit occasionally. In many ways it is even better and more exciting than a regular spanking partner; i have found anyway


  11. They will be tried out on my wife first and probably a few on my bottom, beforfe we introduce them to some of our friends for some aditional fun/use. Eventually I imagine they will mostly be given away to others.

  12. Had a nice visit from a friend this morning. And was gifted these antique fli back paddles. They are old,study, and well used. It is wonderful to have such great friends.  Have any of you been gifted something that is precious to you and if so what was it and who gave it to you

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  13. Never tried that, I know most spanks hurt a lot more on a wet bottom though. Not sure about a thin wet cloth covering, I would love to know if anyone has tried this, while i like using and getting the cane, not sure this is anything I really want to try. It works well enough on its own, but avoiding the stripes might be good in some circumstances, I kinda like having them on my bottom for a few days after I get the cane, and like seeing them appear when I am using one.

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  14. Most of ours are kept in two drawers in our bedroom dresser. Out of site but reaily accesable when needed. I guess someone could find them there, but anyone that would be in our bedroom and looking thorugh our drawers, probably already knows we are both into spanking. so it should not suprise them that much lol.... our belts hand on the back of the bedroom door, with my ties, our canes hang in the back of our walk in closet, between clothes so they are hidden... We have been discussing a chest or otteman or coffee table with locking tops so it can be used for kneeling or bending over and storage of implements right in the living room, or small enough to be carried from the bedroom to the living room, for those spankings that fit outside the bedroom

  15. A well thought and expressed discussion on both of your parts. I will have to think about this more before I respond, I think it is a topic that deserves discussion and thought to help others and honestly to help me and others searching for their own idenity ikn the spanking world. Thanks for opening this discussion


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