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  1. I am a spanker not a spankee, but I have given lots of spankings outdoors. It is a favorite place we both love outdoor spankings. But unlike some others have siad, we have no interest in getting caught, so that part of it is something we avoid completeluy. I have spanked on a boat at night in the middle of the lake, on the beach also late at night, in our woods , and in a few national and state parks. Even on the side of the road, on a country road high on a hill at night where we could see for miles if anyone was coming near.And while not completely outdoors out in out barn as well. Long sto
  2. In addition to blowing glass, I do some woodwork as well as leatherwork. So as you cn imagine over the years I have made a lot of different spanking implements. Lost count long ago. I do find that some work well for certain people, some like only leather, some like only wood, some like only hand. I tend to make things I think will fit and sometimes they do... other times they do not. I tend to just put them in a drawer, but after so long without being used, I eventually have to throw some out that never get used or do not fit from the start. But I continue to make more as the mood hits me. M
  3. Well good luck to you both. Hope it works out to the satisfaction of both parties as well
  4. As a spanker, what I am thinking about when I spank, is more about what the spankee is wanting or needing. No matter if it is a erotic spanking like I give to my wife or a punishment or stress relief spanking like I give to others, I am always thinking about the spankee completely. I watch the reactions, to see if the spanking is having the desired effects, watching thier butts making sure the spanking covers the whole area and stays within the "spanking" area. I watch their vocal reactions, as well as physical reactions, to see if what I am doing fits what they want/need. Some I spank cann
  5. Oh and as a side note. I did this probably a year ago or so, and find I use the thinner 1/4 inch thick with no holes the most of all of them. But I like giving longer spankings and that just seems to work best for the majority that I spank. I only use the thicker 3/4 inch on one person, that wants that level of spanking.
  6. I do some wood working along with my I other hobbies. I decided to do an experiment once and made 6 paddles, just pine paddles. All the same width, and length, but two were 1/4 thick, one solid one with holes, two 1/2 inch think one with holes one without. and two 3/4 inch thick one with holes and one without. I tried them all out on three different people, just to see the difference, and it ended up being just as you would expect. The lighter the more stingy, the heaver the more thuddy. As far as holes and no holes, two said the holes were a little more painful. and the third said the holes
  7. I gave my girlfriend at the time wife now her first spanking in the front seat of my mustang... believe me we were a lot smaller and more flexible way back then, no way that is going to happen nowl Luckily we have a mini van, and although it has only happened a couple times and even then it was more bent over the seat, feet on the ground outside the van, it is still so much fun for a quick spanking, if you can find a private enough place to do itl
  8. I got the traditional three swats in high school ,back when it was done regularly. Believe me those, although only three swats, left my bottom black and blue for a week, and sore for several days. They were given over the jeans, cannot imagine what it would have been like to get that on the bare. As some have said.... those were no joke.
  9. Amen preachng to the choirl here. But from the spanker point of view. Sometimes you just need to give one
  10. I had a similiar experience when we moved right after college. I took a job out of state and stayed in a apartment the company put me up in for a few weeks till my wife could join me and we could find a place. My bed and the neighbors must have been back to back just seperated by the wall. I still remember hearing the sounds of they having sexas I was trying to sleep. I have to admit I did get put my ear to the wall sometimes just to listen in. No spanking just sex and the fights they seemed to have often. But a newly married guy away from my wife for the first time, that was hard to hear. ha
  11. We travel to art shows about 40 times a year, so end up in hotels about that many times a year. We try not to spank in hotels, but sometimes it just needs to happen. We have found if staying Sunday thru Thursday, we can ask for a room on the end, or to have a room between quest and most will give us that. We tell them we are light sleepers, or early or late sleepers. When we do spank in a hotel we try to keep it as quiet as possible too, but sometimes when we really get into one, we then to say what the heck..... just do it no matter how much noise. We have stared in hotels and heard others s
  12. Yes my wife got a couple spankings on our wedding night. But we both knew it was going to happen, as she had been recieving regulafr spankings while we were dating.
  13. Indiana here as well, good luck finding what you are looking for, if I can be of any help or point you in a direction feel free to ask.
  14. I agree I often do the same with my wife, sometimes take down her panties and spank her bare they pull them back up for more spanking over them, In my case I like the way her bottom look or i presented in a nice pare of panties, and "making" her take them down or pull them back up. or doing it myself, just adds to the control part of the spaning too.
  15. We meet in Greenwood, one saturday a month, for lunch and chat and have a couple parties a year, at a members home. We have not been for a while because we have shows almost every saturday. Small group, usually about 15 to 20 at the lunch. Good group some couples, some singles, lots of different taste in spanking. I have not had no contact since Covid, but guess there are no meetings or any activity since that started, best way to get in contact is on Fetlife, and talk to Abby, she kinda heads i up. Hope that helps.
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