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  1. for me 95% spanker, I do love the site of bare bottom turning red at my swats, and watching the reactions they cause.... but will occasionally get a little swatting myself when I am in that mood too
  2. Congrats, on your wedding. Our honeymoon night started like what you are expecting..... not from Dad but from hubby. Tanned my butt good that first married night, it was the first of many throughout our marriage. Been married 46 years, sore bottom throughout those years. Hope it is the start of a very long and exciting marriage!
  3. Like everyone has said before, just getting the spanking itself can be embarrassing. Not sure what I like to do adds a whole lot to the embarrassment, but is just part of the spanking. I think being scolded and lectured before the spanking sets the mood for what it to come, embarrassing in itself. Just being told you are naughty, for what you have done, what you are going to get for it, making you admit you deserve and are willing to submit to the spanking ads to the embarrassment. Being made to go to where it will happen, made to get the implement, being shown the implement, inspecting it, then made to assume the position, and told to present your bottom for it, and receiving the first swats over your clothes, before being make to stand before me and removing your pants, and back to the spanking, before finally standing again and removing undies as I watch, and back to position for the final spanking. Corner time between, bare butt on display, with scolding, and you answering questions. Of course there are many other things that can go along with all of this depending on what you find more embarrassing.
  4. Not sure if I fit what you are looking for, I am older. 67, but a spanker and I spank males as well as females. I just did an art show last weekend in New Albany, Indiana, so pretty hear you. I was there for the weekend with time to spare in the evenings. sure wish I had know of you sooner, we could have at least had a chat. Let me know it you still have any interest, we will be near that area again several times each year. If no interest, still good to meet you.
  5. glad you got it done, and good to see it, thanks so much for sharing
  6. I have the whole weekend, from 6pm tonight till 5pm Sunday free. If anyone else has the time and desire, I would love to give and or receive some spankings. I know this is short notice, but lets grab the opportunity and have some fun! Male or female, spanking only. If you are interested, message me here. I will check in often.
  7. I am sure we will all be looking forward to hearing about your experiences.
  8. My wife was taken to the photography dark room several times for a spanking when she worked with me in the studio. Of course we owned the studio, and it was after we closed too, but still she got spanked at work. Not to mention the times she got her butt tanned in the studio. Quite handy actually, lots of backgrounds and props! It was long ago, but we still remember the times there fondly
  9. this sounds like a wonderful idea, I get so tired of spending so much time only to find after a lot of effort that the person I am talking with is not at all who they are saying they are or have any real intentions of following through with anything they say, just leading people on. such a huge waste of time.
  10. Not real long time on here but my interest has changed some. I am now ready to take a spanking from anyone willing and able to give me one. I am an older male, and live in central Indiana, I would love to be given a spanking by a male or female. I am probably not very good at taking one, but will do the best I can to accept the spanking anyone wants to give me, within reason. Been a spanker for years, and occasionally get spanked by my wife, but looking forward to getting it from someone new. If anyone is interested, just let me know and we can talk more and see if it is something some one wants to try. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I am a spanker in Indiana. My wife and I have been into spanking for a long time. Only spanking with others, nothing sexual, just good old fashioned spanking. I enjoy all kinds of spanking from the mildest, hand over pants, to bare bottom, and every where in between, just for fun or correction, punishment, and guilt relief. Not into anything real severe though.... If you are interested in talking just let me know.
  12. for me it is a frozen margarita, with salt, relaxing and renewing
  13. Using different positions for spanking is always fun and just adds to things for us. Hand spanking in any position is always a nice way to start, and you always have the "implement" no matter where you are, for a quick swat too. Not sure about others, but sometimes just a good hard, long, hand spanking can be about as intense as it needed.
  14. Sounds like a wonderful thing, I would love to join in... in the evening would be good for me 8 or 9 pm sounds good, but I guess I could adjust my schedule to join about anytime that works for most people +
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