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  1. Back when I was in school 1960's, the paddle was the rule rather than the excetion, I got three in my school experience. They did not mess around when they paddled then.... it was bend over touch your toes, or handes on knees nd three hard swats, and it was over.... but believe me you felt it for several days after. Now I love to paddle, life is strange sometimes
  2. guess I am simple and old fashioned, my number one is just my hand, but for implement... my favorite to use is a good old fashioned wood paddle that I made from a very old cedar fence post on the farm.... it is my wifes favorite to recieve too.... she says it just "fits" her bottom.
  3. For us role play is often the lead in to spanking. I mean it gives us an excuse to get things started it can be something that happened in real life or something made up. But it lets us transition from everyday life to something like.... that was naughty, I should spank you for that, or you have been very naughty, I should spank you, right into a good spanking. For us the role is just the start most of the time and is long forgotten when the spanking gets going or after a while. Although sometimes the role plays out through the whole spanking too.... Heck,it is just fun.
  4. Hello I am Ken. Welcome back. I am a spanker mostly, and have does some onlive play. But right now, my wife who haI s been a life long spankee, is just starting out on her journey of becoming more of a spanker. We are in Indiana, and she would be interested in talking with you with a goal of eventually meeting, if you have any interest in being spanked by another woman....Sorry if this is too forward, but just being honest and open. Thanks
  5. sounds like I should bring my wife by for a visit next time we get to southern Indiana
  6. All I know about it is... those pickleball paddles are serious business when used to give a spanking.... probably best only used when you really need to give a pretty severe lesson. In my experience anywayy
  7. Very well said ruby... I have had to seperate from long term spankees myself. It is never pleasant and someone always feels hurt, no matter how much you try to let them down easily. But when things become toxic, or harmful, or even unpleasant for either party, I think removing yourself from that situation is the best thing to do.
  8. First off, I am mostly the spanker, rarely get a spanking myself, but occasionally I do have the need for one. And yes I will admit I have worn my wifes' panites a few times when I got a spanking. I even bought a couple pairs of womens undies once for myself to be spanked in. I will also admit that they really have a lot nicer feel than the undies we men mostly have available to us. I enjoyed it, but have not done it in a long time..... this post might have me wearing them again soon, as it reminded me of it..... ha ha
  9. Just my two cents worth, but I truely believe this... The only things you regret in life is the things you did not do or try. Just saying in this case, I cannot see where it would cause you any permanent damage, as you are an adult, and have an interest or need for this. I say give it a try, if it works for you..... you can move forward with it...... if not.... at least you know.... and will not have to regret never knowing. Of course you still have to follow the normal safety and communications protocols to be safe. Good luck no matter what you decide
  10. I am a spanker not a spankee, but I have given lots of spankings outdoors. It is a favorite place we both love outdoor spankings. But unlike some others have siad, we have no interest in getting caught, so that part of it is something we avoid completeluy. I have spanked on a boat at night in the middle of the lake, on the beach also late at night, in our woods , and in a few national and state parks. Even on the side of the road, on a country road high on a hill at night where we could see for miles if anyone was coming near.And while not completely outdoors out in out barn as well. Long sto
  11. In addition to blowing glass, I do some woodwork as well as leatherwork. So as you cn imagine over the years I have made a lot of different spanking implements. Lost count long ago. I do find that some work well for certain people, some like only leather, some like only wood, some like only hand. I tend to make things I think will fit and sometimes they do... other times they do not. I tend to just put them in a drawer, but after so long without being used, I eventually have to throw some out that never get used or do not fit from the start. But I continue to make more as the mood hits me. M
  12. Well good luck to you both. Hope it works out to the satisfaction of both parties as well
  13. As a spanker, what I am thinking about when I spank, is more about what the spankee is wanting or needing. No matter if it is a erotic spanking like I give to my wife or a punishment or stress relief spanking like I give to others, I am always thinking about the spankee completely. I watch the reactions, to see if the spanking is having the desired effects, watching thier butts making sure the spanking covers the whole area and stays within the "spanking" area. I watch their vocal reactions, as well as physical reactions, to see if what I am doing fits what they want/need. Some I spank cann
  14. Oh and as a side note. I did this probably a year ago or so, and find I use the thinner 1/4 inch thick with no holes the most of all of them. But I like giving longer spankings and that just seems to work best for the majority that I spank. I only use the thicker 3/4 inch on one person, that wants that level of spanking.
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