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  1. we are pretty much erotic and role play spanking people, but before we were married, and for a couple years early in our marriage I did give her punishment spankings on occasion.... there was definitely no sex involved after those.
  2. not the first time I have heard of a self spanking helping at least get rid of stress for some
  3. It is funny and I have actually done something very similar with a telemarketer. I once told one "I am giving a spanking right now.... can you call back later"... did not get a return call ha ha
  4. I do not think your expectations are unrealistic at all. Not sure about L.A., but here in Indiana I know a few who receive exactly what you are needing. I think it does need be an ongoing relationship to be really effective. Also the mental aspect of getting a punishment is really big part of the spanking, it is really a compilation of everything, the physical hurt of the spanking, the humiliation of just allowing the spanker to put you in position, the embarrassment of exposing yourself, and admitting what you have done or do that you need the punishment to help you with. Be careful, take your time to find the right guy, and I hope you find someone to help you.
  5. Hello and welcome to the site, I am a 66 year old male, I would be very interested in chatting with you, as I have similar interest. Let me know if you want to talk and get to know each other. Till then enjoy the site and have fun.
  6. Probably too much age difference between, us, but if you would like to chat and talk about things, I am willing to do that, as are lots on here. Best of luck and enjoy it here.
  7. ditto what AfterGeometry said
  8. Not that I have lots of experience, as I have only been spanking other men for a about a year (all my spanking experience before that has been with females) but it seems to be a very common desire of men (adult) to want to be spanked "like a 10 year old". I think the issue was more a communication one than anything else. Know what someone wants, how they want to be made to feel, mentally, as well as physically, during a spanking is key. And as long as both agree and keep that agreement in mind, things will work. Of course there can be issues that come up, like in your case, but think talking through those and you can decide, if you both want and accept those and continue or it is not for you, and just go from there. All that said, when you get a surprise like that that you are not expecting, it can be very upsetting, or embarrassing for both parties.
  9. I am mostly a spanker, but do get spankings occasionally from my wife. So not sure I qualify to answer this question, but for us in real life, it is 50/50 as far as leadership roles.
  10. I was in school here in the US from 1959 to 1970. Small rural school, and believe me they used the paddle and it was very common. It was about the only punishment used then. There were very few suspensions, no summer school, etc. If someone did something bad, they would just be taken to the hallway, principals office, or boiler room, bent over and get three swats with the paddle, and sent back to class. I am not saying this was a good thing, just the way it was done during my time in school back then.
  11. We tried a thing one time, because someone told me they had done it, and it sounded fun... My wife and I made a bet of a kind on a football game. More of an agreement, than a bet really. The looser would have to bare their bottom and get the number of swats equal to the total number of points scored by both teams. She lost and we both had fun... her "paying" and me "collecting" on the bet... it was fun, but only did it once.
  12. For me....I am mostly a spanker.... when someone offers to "repay" or "reward" me for spanking them. The other thing that makes me question if I will meet someone is if they tell me very unrealistic things about how, when, and where, they are spanked.... In a park with people watching, got my pants pulled down in Walmart, they are 40 years old and Dad/Mom still spanks them bare bottomed etc. Just makes me very cautious if they are real or just messing around with me.
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