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  1. cool, it does sound like a win for both of you
  2. We are in Indiana. Some distance, but not impossible to tavel eithert. We are a switch couple, . If you are interested, lets chatrand see if there is chemistry. Pm us or leave a message and we can find the best way to communicate
  3. not like an official study but just from our experience spanking at bedtime is normally the time we do it. I do have to say that a bedtime spanking after all the hustle and bustle of the day is over works perfectly for us. And yes between the exertion on the part of the spanker and spankee, And the coming down from it we sleep like babies. So would highly reccomend bedtime spankings.
  4. ha ha funny, but have seen those looks when talking aobut spanking ourselves lol
  5. Those are all great hardwoods and am sure they will make wonderful paddles, Good luck and share what you make from it.
  6. Sounds like a wonderful experience, hope you have had the chance to repeat it
  7. Very cool, nothing more fun than having an old spanking friend visit or getting to visit with an old spanking friend to play even, if you can only do the visit occasionally. In many ways it is even better and more exciting than a regular spanking partner; i have found anyway
  8. They will be tried out on my wife first and probably a few on my bottom, beforfe we introduce them to some of our friends for some aditional fun/use. Eventually I imagine they will mostly be given away to others.
  9. Had some time to play in the shop today, these are what I made. Any other woodworkers care to share their creations.
  10. wanttospank


  11. sorry here is the pics I intended to post on my first post
  12. Had a nice visit from a friend this morning. And was gifted these antique fli back paddles. They are old,study, and well used. It is wonderful to have such great friends. Have any of you been gifted something that is precious to you and if so what was it and who gave it to you
  13. Never tried that, I know most spanks hurt a lot more on a wet bottom though. Not sure about a thin wet cloth covering, I would love to know if anyone has tried this, while i like using and getting the cane, not sure this is anything I really want to try. It works well enough on its own, but avoiding the stripes might be good in some circumstances, I kinda like having them on my bottom for a few days after I get the cane, and like seeing them appear when I am using one.
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