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  1. I am in the USA, but have some questions I would like to ask of anyone in Italy or around that area. Thanks in advance to anyonw that is available there and would be willing to answer a few questions about things there.
  2. I have used one a few times, but I have only used it on spankees that neew/want pretty severe spankings. It is pretty intnese even with lighter swats. With meduim swats it is really severe, and leaves distinct marks. If used harder it is unbearable for those I have spanked, I only have given a few swats like that, and as someone said, that is way beyond what I like to give. Mine is a home made one made form a wood handle and short piece of old cable tv wire. Compared to pddles, spoons, etc, that I normally use, it is the worst fo the group. About the only thing I find more severe that I have p
  3. Are you a member opf Indianapolis Woodshed? That is probably the best place in the area to look for spankos. The group already exist and has monthly munch meetings as well as spanking parties. I do not want to intervent in your group or event, just a suggestion if you are looking for spankos in the area.
  4. Hello and welcome to the site, hope you find if helpful and fun. As a fellow Hoosier, I hope you enjoy your time here and find it all you are looking for.
  5. Yes I have met a few on this site for face to face spankings. Like others have said some were one time things, others became long term relationships. I am careful as everyone should be with meetings, but no horror stories. And never had a regret with anyone I met.
  6. Welcome to the site. I think that is a pretty normal fantasy for a lot of us here. Or at least some kind of school (paddlings) here in the US for us. I am always interested in discussing any kind of spanking play. Hope you find the site to your liking, and anytime you find me on please say hello.
  7. I participated in a spanking booth several years ago. A local BDSM group what a fund raiser for charity, and they had booths for different things and ask our spanking group to help by having a spanking booth as part of their event. People bought tickets at the door and could redeem the tickets at different booths. It was a great money maker, and everyone had a great time. It was more a fun event, and no one got serious spankings some hard swats of course, but nothing severe. We were looking forward to doing it the next year but they lost their space, so that was the only time we did it.
  8. Yes we attend a munch once a month if we can. Although ours had been canceled because of covid. But otherwise we attend as often as life allows. They are a great way to interact with others with the same interest. At the munch of course participation is just talking with others. And yes it is very positive experience. We participate in the discussion and help keep things fun and lively, that is about all you can do to participate in a munch.
  9. I have done the same thing, but like you never refused to give one to any willing spankee. The only time I declined to go as hard as they were asking for, was when they were in their headspace, and kept asking for more and harder but I knew they were well past their limit. So I said no, they had had enough. Kinda upset them at the time, but the next day after they had "come down" and their butt was still sore, they thanked me for caring enough to stop when I did.
  10. it was scenic to me, more stingy for her ha ha
  11. It was a little too risky to get too involved in spanking right t the entrance, just enough safe time for this pic, but once we got further in the park where we could see if anyone was coming for a long way, believe me she got turned over the back of the van and her fanny matched the color of her hoodie a lot better.
  12. we not call this big Bend Over National Park. ha ha
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