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  1. what is close enough and where are you located?
  2. I have most woods available, from cocobolo. and bloodwood, to plain old oak, walnut, pine and cedar. and can usually laminate them just for looks, but I have had 12 people request one, so will not be making any more right now
  3. not weird at all, I have found this to be pretty common really. My wife for example can take a really hard spanking with a wood paddle.... her dad used that, but wants nothing to do with even the mildest spanking from a hair brush... what her mother used.... she has no issue with spankings her mom or dad gave her, but for some unknown reason, the hairbrush is off limits on her. On the other hand I spank a guy that only wants to have a hairbrush used on him for the same reason.... his mother used the brush on him..... We are all different, and no matter the reason you just have to go with what you are comfortable with, no matter what others think. be safe and just enjoy what you enjoy or need, and let the rest go.
  4. sounds like you would be the dream of a lot of folks around here!
  5. Never been caught my self giving one, but I have heard a couple in hotel rooms, did not really "catch" them, they never knew I over heard. We travel about 40 days a year so stay in hotels pretty often. I did catch a couple once in a parking lot of a hotel early in the morning while taking my morning walk. Heard it first, then walked past a truck, they seen me about the same time I seen them. Did not actually see any swats, just her quickly pulling up her pants. But the looks on their faces were priceless.
  6. welcome to the site, lots og great people here, hope you find all you are looking for.
  7. thanks everyone for all the suggestions and ideas and request, I have as many now as I feel comfortable making, I will let you all know when they are done and ready to send and get addresses and get them out to everyone.... thanks again, think this is going to be fun.
  8. thanks I have made them from lexan as well as pvc, but just offering wood as that is what I will be working in during this restoration project
  9. Yes just the paddle, unless someone is close enough and would like a test drive when the paddle is done!!!
  10. I am going to be doing some wood work for the next several weeks. Restoring and repairing 6 chairs, a buffet and table from the early 1900s. Thought I would offer to make a few paddles while I have all the equipment out for woodworking. I will only ask the cost of material and shipping, as it is just for fun, and not for profit. If anyone would like something made just get in touch with me, about what kind of wood, thickness, length, width you would like and I will make a few. Will have to limit it to a few as it is just a fun thing. If you get one, and use it, I would appreciate a pic or description of what you did with it, not necessary, but would be fun to hear about. Thanks!
  11. Oddest thing I ever knew to be used was a piece of "Hot Wheels" toy plastic race track. My wife got that f rom her Mother.
  12. I remember just the old plastic fly swatter, those could sting far more than their looks would suggest. I think the leather one would sure be fun to try.
  13. Will just say what most here will tell you.... be very careful.... but follow your dreams and needs. I first spanked my girlfriend, now my wife of almost 47 years when she was 17, so you never know where things can go. Wishing you the best of luck in finding what you want and hope all the best for you.
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