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  1. Most of ours are kept in two drawers in our bedroom dresser. Out of site but reaily accesable when needed. I guess someone could find them there, but anyone that would be in our bedroom and looking thorugh our drawers, probably already knows we are both into spanking. so it should not suprise them that much lol.... our belts hand on the back of the bedroom door, with my ties, our canes hang in the back of our walk in closet, between clothes so they are hidden... We have been discussing a chest or otteman or coffee table with locking tops so it can be used for kneeling or bending over and storage of implements right in the living room, or small enough to be carried from the bedroom to the living room, for those spankings that fit outside the bedroom
  2. Hands down for me it is Jenna Elfman from the TV show Dhrama and Gregg. They even discussed getting spanked in a playuful way in a couple of episodes.
  3. A well thought and expressed discussion on both of your parts. I will have to think about this more before I respond, I think it is a topic that deserves discussion and thought to help others and honestly to help me and others searching for their own idenity ikn the spanking world. Thanks for opening this discussion
  4. wife may be interested, but need a lot more imformation before even considering it with a guest
  5. Hello we are just west of Indy. my wife has always been a spankee and has recently started being a spanker. So new to that side of things. we are older, late 60s, so it would be just a friendship type spanking situation for her. So if you would be happy with just a friendl giving or recieving spankings I am sure she would be interested in chatting and possibly meeting with you. Let us know.
  6. How fun, only because we share together my wife and I what I think is a similiar experience, I can understand what I think you two experience. We have never done the creating a role or story by watching others, but now that you have given me that idea, it might be something we would like to add to our little "secret" that we do that no one knows about.
  7. Enjoying something I never even thought about. My wife, a spankee all her life, has been exploring her spanker side. She has given a couple of spankings now. The fun part for me is that now when we go out or are at a show. we both now notice others with outstanding bottoms. And will draw each others attention to it.... Makes us even closer and excited. Anyonee ever have a parter do this .... notice or draw each others attenton to nice rear ends
  8. You are so right, even with my wife of 48 years every time we both know a spanking is going to happen it is still exciting. Not knowing where it will take us, maybe playful anf light, or naughty girl role play, for funishment, Or a real butt blistering that will leave her sore for days. If it is someone new the unknows just adds ,how much do the want, how iinvolved mentaly are they, of course what will that butt ook lime bare, can I understand their needs and meet them, al exciting questions tht will soon be answeed.
  9. several of my sister in laws know she is spanked, but only a couple know many details , and of course others I spank too. our daughter knows, and I think my son suspects or knows too, but not sure. A couple cose friends as well. We are fairly open about it , so like talking about it discretely whne w can.... you never know when someone you joke or talk with might be into it and become a friend.
  10. my father spanked my mother discretely. Somtimes late at night when they thought we were all asleep, I would here him using a switch or belt on her, and after a while I would hear her crying going from their bedroom to the bathroom. Once in the middle of the day we were all outside playing, and they were inside alone, and I ended up at their bedroom window and overheard the spanking as well. A few times they would be on the couch with her laying over his lap, but never seen her spanked then.... or ever.... only heard it a few timess. Maybe that is what made me a spanko.... who knows.
  11. Hope he rids it out safely and no damage. A bakery in New Orleans.... sounds like a place I would love to visit... when the weather is good
  12. After experiencing a tornado two years ago, our heart goes out to them as well. I knon for many there it was worse that what we had then. Not sure what it would be,but, anyone in those areas that we could advise on anything damage related, insurance, etc, that our experience with weather damage woud help, we would be willing to do....even if it is just emotional,support or a shoulder to lean on.
  13. Having been in a relationship with someone like this for a few years I know how you feel. It is a very difficult thing to do, for both parties really. Once you are invested with someone like this you find yourslef going from frustrating times to good times. It is a hard situation to leave as well, I felt so bad finally having to end it and tried to do it in theeasiest wayt and let her down as softly as I could. But as I am sure you know there is really no easy way to do it. feelings are going to be hurt. But you have to do what is best for yourself too. I feel a lot of compassion for tht person, and am sorry for their issues in life. But at some point everyone has to look our for their own well being and state of mind. Sorry is this seems self serving, and maybe it iis, but just my experience.
  14. Older married couple. Never given a parental type spanking to an adult, but it has been on our bucket list for a long time. We love introducing spanking to first timers. Although we are in Indianapolis, we do travel to your area ocassionally. We do art shows on the weekends, we were just in Yellow springs last weekend.
  15. it has been dormant for a while since covid, but thinking I should get ahold of some of the old members and maybe revive it again
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