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  1. wanttospank


    Very well done, what did you use, looks like perhaps a cane?
  2. I think you can learn to use one correctly, but having someone experienced with a cane to demonstrate is a great help and will speed up the learning curve. I know it did for us. Good luck to you.
  3. Just a little imformation from our limited experience putting together parties. Everyone always worries about the mix, men to women, spankers to spankees. S,pankees always want lots more spankers, Men always want more women, Women always want pmen. Then it gets even more specific, men wanting only women spankers, or spankees, etc etc. We have found that as long as there are enough of each, most will be happy with a party.... For instance at our our last party, my wife spanked 9 people male and female. We are both switchs so that makes a difference too. Just saying while it is good to have a mix, any mix will not make everyone happy. We find it is more important to have willing to get involved and play that a certain mix of genders and roles. All I am saying is that the mix is different for everyone.... females that only want to spank or be spanked by females would think mostly females is a good mix. males who spank and are spanked by males thing a mostly male mix would be great. Long story short, we find that everyone has diferent ideas of a party mix, but as long as everyone can find someone that fits, that is all that really matters.
  4. thanks we would love to if dates times etc worked out, so we can plan far enough to make it work
  5. We would sure be interested in attending, like most depending on the location and date. We do a small party, only 12 or 14 people once a year here. If you get this going and want any help or suggestions, we would both be happy to help any way we can. For our event we rent a bnb. Those are so much better than a hotel. as people interact more and there is plenty of priivacy that hotels lack. Like was already stated, fint the cost, div ide that and have everyone pay in advance, their share. I suggest at least two days, or three, as two days can go very fast. and an extra day in a bnb if for only a few is about the same price as a hotel for 3 or 4 people, if some want to come a day early. Ours are pretty laid back no real scheduled things, people come and go and spank as they want. We have been doing ours for 4 years now. Sorry for the long responce just to say yes we would be inerested.
  6. agree arnica gel or we use the cream, works wonders on bruises, as far as the pain probably the old RICE would work best, rest, ice, compression elevation. although not sure how you would do some of that lol
  7. My wife and myself heard it as kids but never happened. fortunately.... but we have done a role play "do I have to pull this car over" a couple times. The last time coming home late at night from a race, teasing all the way, we came home by way of a deserted country road we know, and he pulled over, went to the back of the truck, put the tial gate down, bared by butt and gave me a wonderful spanking.... in the cool night air.... it was a lot of fun
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