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  1. You have to be careful in the woods here in Indiana, there are lots of us spankers, that just love to warm a bottom in the woods, As long as we can find a secure, private place to do it.
  2. I am in Indianapolis, male, if you find that close enough for a meeting I would be happy to talk to you and see if we might be on the same page about things and a possible meeting.
  3. Mine was in school, way back in the day a bunch of us had bean shooters, one of us was stupid and shot one at a teacher. About five of us that had them were taken to the boiler room, made to bend over and got three swats from the school paddle. It hurt everyone of rubbed our butts after the swats. I had black and blue bruises for a week after.... and yes we all learned our lesson, never got a bean shooter again.
  4. Just pm or message me, and we can probably work something out.
  5. all good advice Johnny, and all good questions to try to answer. I struggles with the same questions and many more when I first got into spanking. Some were easy to answer, others I never was really able to find real answers to.... In the end I just decided to not worry so much about all the whys, and decided to just do what felt and came naturally. That attitude has served me well for many years.... Sometimes I think we can over think this spanking thing we all have in us..... Just enjoy it and let yourself be yourself
  6. I have been ask the age question several times, and always struggle explaining why age is not that important to me. You explained it here in a few words exactly how I feel about age, looks, and even gender. Thank you very well said.
  7. First I had been spanking her for years before I ask to receive. So my experience would probably different than most. At first she was reluctant, but did not take much encouragement to try it. She was worried about hurting me, I assured her she would not. The first time she was really unsure of doing it, but willingly did it anyway. I just encouraged her to go ahead, when she ask if she was hurting me, was that too hard, and those kind of questions. As far as how the spanking went, it was not the best, her being pretty unsure, but it ended up being a pretty hard spanking. She used her hand first then a small paddle after that. It hurt, and I had to ask her to stop from the hurt. I reassured her after when she questioned how she did, and all was well. She occasionally spanks me when I need one, not often, and is still not an expert, but gives me as much as I can handle.
  8. That is exactly how my wife is as I said above, but you explained it better than I did. As far as how she feels about her talking once the spanking starts and she is in the zone. thanks
  9. wanttospank


    Looks like a spanking one will remember for a while!
  10. that bottom looks perfect for a nice spanking
  11. You never know when you may get in a conversation with a friend or stranger, and in some the subject comes up innocently. I have had this happen several times.... admittedly I kinda lead the conversation that way. Even if nothing happens, it is still always fun to have those conversations
  12. My wife is much like that Chawsee, when she gets spanked she likes to be scolded and reminded of why she is getting spanked, but do not want to talk herself or be ask any questions. She also says it takes her out of the state of mind she has gotten into, she looses her concentration of what is happening and why.
  13. I agree as been said before it is more about the attitude and way the person getting the spanking acts. the mental part is far more important than the size, or appearance of some ones bottom to me. Guess what I am saying is that some ones appearance can change in my minds eye more with the way they react and get involved in the spanking, than anything else
  14. Agree 100% kids do not need to know, or be exposed to adult spankings, period.
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