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  2. Thanks! I can't wait to get to know everyone.
  3. Hello everyone. I guess you can just call me Strapper? I'm in the middle of my twenties, been in the military for a while (still am), and while I've enjoyed the excitement of exploring the dating scene in the few places life has taken me, I have finally resigned myself to the fact that a vanilla relationship will not and can never be the thing that satisfies me romantically. I've had these desires and this attitude towards relationships since I was very young and became more sexually aware of myself. While I've met a good number of women in the vanilla world who are open to idea of spanking, I think ultimately looking back they didn't enjoy it in the same degree or in the same way that I did. And by that, I mean that I ultimately want to be someone's protective disciplinarian in a loving domestic discipline relationship. That doesn't necessarily mean I want a relationship with someone based off of spanking and nothing else, it just means I want a well-rounded relationship like you'd expect, but one in which spanking is a big part along with a dominant and submissive dynamic. The women I've met so far in life who are at least open to spanking in the bedroom, are often not at all really that open to a serious and deeply involved companionship involving LDD and a true D/s dynamic. I guess I'm just a cheesy romantic who enjoys the connection you feel with a girl when you've sorted her out properly. All apart of tending to the needs of that which you care about I suppose. But it's apart of how I show affection and it always will be, so there's nothing I can do about it on that front, especially pretending like I'm vanilla and that it doesn't bother me. I guess my soul's just stuck in an era I've never experienced (the cliche of the 50's/Stepford Wives/etc) and I long for more as a man living in the modern world. And of course I'm not expecting anything to come out of posting on here really. If anything, I just want to actually have some mental breathing room by being able to be open up with others like me. But who knows what can happen.
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