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  1. Wish I were closer, it is my dream to move to Florida soon for work
  2. Hi, i would love that, where are you located? I live in PA, have a great New Years!!
  3. Hi:) 41 year old female wiling to travel throughout the state of PA to receive discipline focused spanking by a male, phone number is 8145849828
  4. I would love to set up regular sessions with you, I'm struggling with self discipline and beating some bad habits, I am a 41 year old female who would love to set up a first session
  5. Finally so refreshing to find a group of ppl that understand the profoundly awesome experience spanking. Can bring to a relationship, have always been turned on by that.
  6. 40 year old Well educated and laid back, life loving female looking for a gentleman who believes in discipline, and is interested in dating/LTR, PSU grad
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