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  1. one of my biggest fears in doing a meet up, is exactly what you said, thats why i like going with a self spanking but I know that i crave the attention of another. I am so sorry for what happened to you and that it probably ruined this for you in so many ways.
  2. Real spanking paddle Scolding or no talking during.
  3. So I have been completely lazy around the house. I have no excuses for it. but I live alone and I've let the dishes pile up and the floors go unswept for a while over due. my laundry has been sitting in the dryer for 2 days. I think i deserve something for just being lazy then forced to do my chores afterwards.
  4. Belt was hard for me to control. so I didn't find it very effective, ruler, and hair brush though are my go to's even a charging cord can work decently.
  5. I would also be in for trading instructions with others. would need to know tolerances and implements. prefer F, but will also do with M
  6. Quite the precarious position she found herself in. seems like a double caning is going to happen.
  7. I’ll give my hand at a shot to write how this scene came to be. It was late in the year, Trish has been neglecting her schoolwork all semester long and is currently failing her course. Trish has been used to this, but the new teacher was strict others she could simply throw some flirts around and shake her hips as she walked passed them to “earn” the grades to move on. This new teacher was different, the first time she tried to flirt was poorly accepted and she was removed from the class for the day. He told her “I don’t know who you think you are but that kind of behavior will never be tolerated in my classroom, if you try something like that again you will face the consequences”. Trish thought little about these consequences ignoring them as empty threats. The time came for the final exam and regardless of how well trish could do she was not going to pass and would be forced to take it again with the same teacher. Trish devised a plan to seduce her teacher one that he couldn’t resist she put on some very thin white panties, ones that you could just barely see through putting on a push-up bra to make her girls pop. grabbed her smallest school tunic and vest rolled her school issued skirt up above the allowed amount to show off her long thick thighs. Before leaving for the class she gave her bottom a little wiggle and a confident smile. When she entered the classroom she certainly got a reaction, she looked to the instructor with a haughty smile. what happened next she wouldn’t soon forget....
  8. RichBoy35


    rich Male quarterlife crisis? West by God Virginia switch(mostly bottom) Female
  9. Here is my prompt for you all. gender: Anyone 4 Anyone Scene: I am a college student who has been skipping your class since the first day. I show up to the first exam and Fail it! I try to seduce you to give me a better grade and you show me that it doesn't work like that. We would start the role play on the day of the exam. I'd come in play like a cheater but still fail. I would be the last student to finish and know I was doing terribly so I stay after to convince you. Where:This can be done on here or on kik. Reply here for you interests
  10. Real Name: Rich Jericho Ethnicity: Caucasian Age: 25 Height: 5'10" Weight: 185lbs Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: Black Tattoos/Piercings: Tribal tattoo half sleeve on right arm. Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Marital Status: Single Occupation: Teacher Background: grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Richmond, spanked all his life and teaches at a private college that implements corporal punishment for both students and employees. Lives the switch lifestyle and believes in spanking as both punishment and play.
  11. Real Name: Caitlyn"Caity" Marie Lance Ethnicity: Caucasian Age: 29 Height: 5'6" Weight: 125lbs Eye Color: Light blue Hair Color: Golden Blonde Bra/Cup Size: 30B Tattoos/Piercings: Just ears pierced Hometown: San Diego, California Marital Status: Single Occupation: Former background Dancer Background: Don't let her appearance fool you, She is a beautiful woman, whom you wouldn't guess didn't have a lot of money. She's also dangerously athletic and quick. She grew up in a small house with her parents and sister. After venturing out on her own she became a dancer appearing in some minor music videos, but life got rough and she had to take other jobs to keep her lifestyle. She became a model for some Adult videos and images leading to her finding a kink in Spanking.
  12. ^^ for your lazyness lets give you a good hard 5 minute spanking, at your own pace set a timer and wail away with your bamboo brush.
  13. thank you both for the warm welcome! I can already tell how great this community is
  14. RichBoy35


    Welcome Nina, I only just got here the other day and I can tell you that there are plenty of people here that are willing to talk and listen. Feel free to message me anytime using chat or kik (PM me for the kik)
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