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  1. I am going to talk it over with him. I appreciate the help everyone.
  2. Hi all, so I've been around for a bit and I just wanted to see what you all thought about for advice. I have a male friend that spanks me every now and then, with us living in different states and all this doesnt happen too often. but when he does come in he offers to spank me and I quite often accept. wanting the spank from someone else rather than myself. That being said, he is a Gay male and I am a straight male, so he always tries sexual things, and sometimes I reward him by jerking infront of him or whatever. My question for advice is he always seems to be asking fo
  3. That sounds great... I have an Iphone but I think one of my old laptops has a google play account that I can probably use. thank you so much for the info
  4. Hi everyone, today it dawned on me. and I went searching but cant seem to find anything good, or even remotely what I was looking for. Does anyone know if there are any apps(mobile, computer, etc) that act as a spanker? meaning they give you a 'punishment' to complete etc? I know that there is one on AnimeOTK that is a randomizer of sorts. I went looking for one on my phone and didn't really find one that I thought was close to this. Does anyone know of any?
  5. uh oh it seems like theres some trouble in the air wonder what the story is here.
  6. I've used it once but I will post a link of it https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T67MS8S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 12x4 pretty solid with holes in it.
  7. Hi everyone, I have officially bought my first implement of bum destruction. I jest. I had made my very first purchase towards a spanking only object. I bought a paddle, and it's arrived. I am a little intimidated by it, its not necessarily big or heavy for that matter. but I know what it could probably do. I was thinking about testing it out on myself, any advice going into it? or any recommendations?
  8. yeowch! great hold on position though
  9. Thanks I will have to get a bath brush I have heard great things about them actually, I have plastic spatulas and spoons and have used both of them as well as rulers all seem like a common spanking items.
  10. I would not be against this, as a spankee it would be extra humiliating to be put in a diaper. so like a true switch I would also do it to someone else as well
  11. I actually havent cried in a spanking in my adult life, when I was a kid I cried anyway like before the spanking even started. but I would love to experience one that did make me cry if not just once so I could have that feeling again.
  12. Hello, so I often find myself improvising common items into spanking implements, and was wondering if others did the same thing. I say this because I am a very shy self-spanker that gets embarrassed if I have something like this either on my card or taking it to a counter. some things that I have used for example are: Phone charging cords :- does the job better than I really expected. coat hangers :- now I actually know this is more of a well known thing its just something I didnt know until I tried it. cutting board :- actually a great replacement for a paddle but d
  13. I often spank myself, though I have a hard time determining when to stop and what implements to use. I have had a few people give me a cyber spanking but nothing consistent enough to be considered a mentor. all in all self spanking satisfies my needs.
  14. I am a high school teacher, and I love to roleplay. seems like you want quite a bit of stuff and I'd love to help. feel free to send me a message if you want to do some kind of long term role play. also if you want to use contacts outside of SN like Kik or discord
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