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  1. Sometimes Babysitters spank.... Sometimes they GET spanked.
  2. This girl is the iconic epitome of naughty. She surly "raised the bar" on naughtiness. Has there ever been a girl more deserving of a sound spanking by Santa as Kendall in such a time as this. I would spend good money to buy a front row ticket to see this spanking if I had the chance. And I would pay a lot more if I was the one who got to give her that spanking!
  3. But I will always "Try Hard" to make the experience as good as possible. But if I get NOTHING in return, then I know when it's time to "quit beating a dead horse." (hehe) I wish I had your confidence. But the time it happened to me, the first thing I thought of was maybe I wasn't doing something right. So, I try to take my game "up a notch," but I'm just spinning my wheels. It was time to pack it in and clear out.
  4. With some girls, being spanked can be a very calming experience. I've had girls sometimes lay across my lap, without so much as a flinch, twitch, or utterance. I wonder if maybe they are about to fall asleep. Others kick a little and maybe wave their arms around, possibly a whimper or two, and still, some girls squirm, and fight to get away, constantly reaching back to shield their bottom, and if the setting is right, cry and scream. Because so many of the spankings I dish out start out as role play, some girls really "sink their teeth" into the roles, and do the "cry like a girl being spanked hard for the first time" thing. I've had situations where the girl really wanted to cry, but was unable to get "into it." I'm curious, how do you react? And have you ever wanted to, down deep inside, wished you could "let yourself go" a little more? And not hold back? Just curious...
  5. Oh, and if you are curious, the answer is Yes. Yes I have spanked some of my congregation members. Never as discipline, but more like for teasing and being silly, for like birthdays and such, etc. There have been some members that in my mind and my heart, I wanted to take across my knee because they misbehaved, and flip up their Sunday-best dress, and spank the daylights out of them till their bottoms "glowed in the dark." But that never got passed the stage of "wishful thinking." hehe
  6. I, myself, have been a Christian since October of 1976. I started preaching in 1979, and preached pretty steady for 35 years. That was my career. But I have been fascinated with spanking since I was 7 or 8 years old. You can't just "flip a switch" and make that go away. Yes, I go through all of the guilt and the shame that one has when I've failed God, and let Him down. Then I remember that the Apostle Paul wrote "where sin abounds, Grace does Much More Abound!" And I take comfort and joy in knowing that because of God's grace, He Loves me STILL. The main difference in my spanking life now, since growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, is: this spanking thing had a "tight grip" on me as I was bound and addicted to it. I still am involved init, but it no longer "owns me," for now I belong to Jesus. The Bible says so in John Chapter 17.
  7. Do I get to be the guy? hehe
  8. Yes, thank you for sharing. I am very familiar with her work. I have been a big fan of hers ever since I discovered the internet. hehe
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