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  1. Today I’m grateful for: 1. Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chances. 2. Discovering that there are in-fact laws when drinking White Claws! 3. Forcing myself not to take myself too seriously.
  2. Speaking for myself, even with the same person, it wouldn’t be the same every time. My actions and rhetoric would depend on what the infraction was, and what type of spanking it was.
  3. Today I’m grateful for: 1. Family 2. Staring down the grim reaper 3. Forgiveness
  4. Always been a spanko, ever since I was very young boy. There is nothing like a good spanking for stress relief. This goes both ways, for the spankee, and for the spanker. You’ll find that many of the types of spankings cowboy listed, have a stress relieving component to them. If done properly, you’ll get your release, and those emotional hang ups will be a thing of the past!
  5. Hey, tough internet guy. Relax. You’re getting a little snippy for your britches. I don’t mind if you want to make snide comments toward me. I’m a big boy and it rolls off like water off my back. Let’s be gentlemen and not involve the ladies.
  6. Well said Child. Being a sadist is not a bad thing. That really sums it up. I think that’s what threw me off with the original post. As long as both parties consent, it’s all gravy.
  7. It is possible to enjoy giving the spanking but not enjoy the discipline aspect of giving a discipline spanking. It’s all about the mindset of both of the participants.
  8. Obviously I’m not a ee, but I felt the need to comment. Sadists get a bad rap because they enjoy delivering the spanking? How is that any different from a spankee having masochistic tendencies and enjoying the pain from spanking? It’s all yin and yang man. Without the spanker enjoying their work, there would be far fewer spankers. We would all just be vanilla. Boring.
  9. I read your post and feel awful for you. Don’t think for a second that all men are like this guy. Some of us enjoy spanking without having to beat their spankees. It’s obvious that he was in the wrong and took advantage of you. You definitely shouldn’t leave the site due to this man. Don’t let him steal your joy.
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