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  1. I haven't experienced this too much, but when I do it is definitely annoying. No one is obligated to be attracted to everyone they talk to and some people are just bad at understanding that. Or they're stubborn and think they can work past it by being persistent which is even more annoying.
  2. I tried to get the ball rolling but most everyone just joined and went quiet.
  3. These days whenever I find that I'm procrastinating on something I switch to it right away and get it over with. It doesn't always work, but I know it helps and is a step in the right direction. Sometimes I'll make little goals for myself like I won't do X until I finish a certain amount of homework.
  4. As for rules, I don't have anyone who enforces them but I have a couple that I set up to keep myself focused. First is setting up goals for homework and meeting them on a daily basis. Even if stuff isn't due right away it's best to get them done quickly (though I usually fail at this). Second is attending each and every class, skipping them is a big no-no. Also I would say aiming for an A on every assignment is good to have, so anything below an A would get some kind of punishment. There are loads of punishments that are applicable, with spanking being the obvious
  5. I'm me, dogface. 23/M and in my senior year of my BS degree in physics. I've been in college for quite a while so I have good tips on studying, test taking, and other stuff. Also some good tips on discipline and keeping students in line. Though I should probably be cautious, seeing they could be used against me...
  6. Hell yeah I would, both at the same time if possible. At least that's what I would say if I wasn't a huge coward irl. Would you ever betray your country and perform espionage for a foreign power?
  7. It'll depend on the soap used. Any kind of brand that say's "children safe" or "non-irritating" and "hypoallergenic" are all words that let you know that a soap isn't very harsh on the body and would be the safest choice to do any mouth-soaping with. All soap is pretty alkaline to an extent, and will similarly cause burns if it is applied for too long on the body, just like acid would. These kinds of burns aren't like the "burn" of a spanking, it's a serious injury, so don't aim for causing one if you're planning on incorporating it into your lifestyle. That being said, the more gentle soaps l
  8. Multiple spankers or spankees, from both positions. Spank/get spanked outside in a secluded area, like a farm field. All I can think of off the top of my head.
  9. I used to play a lot on PC but school got in the way so I've dropped off in the last month or two. Though winter break can turn things around. Also have console gamed since I was 4, but that's more of a solo gig.
  10. Sweetpea gave the gist of it. If you're serious about taking up this sort of life style with people, just be careful who you interact with because there are a lot of predators who aren't interested in your well being out there. Don't jump into things too quickly either, you're young and have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with what you like and want.
  11. Procrastinating isn't a big deal, but a spanking to get your butt in gear would be appropriate. I'd say start with a good 20-30 with the strap on your underwear to start, then 10 each cheek with the bath brush, and make them hard ones.
  12. Okay, so not as many people posted in introductions as I hoped :/ Let's try something more plain. Post whether you've spanked or been spanked as an adult before. If so tell the story of what it was like, if not describe your ideal first meet up with someone. Ready, GO!
  13. How hard a hand spanking is depends primarily on your own arm strength and your tolerance for pain in your own hand. Unless you want to start pumping iron at the gym or doing Shaolin Monk style training by slapping bags filled with iron balls to toughen your hands not much else will help with your hands effectiveness. https://www.cane-iac.com/items/otk~items/leatherspankingbuddy-detail.htm Caniac sells a type of implement which fits right over your hand and probably helps a lot with delivering a good amount of sting without hurting your own hand.
  14. I'd support and join a club like this. While getting spanked by someone a good amount older than you is a scenario thought of a lot in fantasy, in reality it can be intimidating. Still valid for spanking someone older than you, but it's more awkward than anything.
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