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  1. Aside from my wife who is the ER, only a couple of long gone ex girlfriends know of my spanking interests. My wife and I agree that spanking stays between us, and does not get discussed with any of our friends. If it were to leak out amongst our friends, I would describe it as more uncomfortable than embarrassing. Embarrassment comes during the session with various parts of the submission.
  2. Yes, we have gone panty shopping. She makes it into a game so to speak. She says things to the store clerks at times that could tip them off that they are for me, not her. I do wonder how many times we walked out of the store and the clerk figured out they were not for my wife.
  3. The blog I referred to makes suggestions as to what women’s panties work well for men. Some seem to have a little more material in the front than others, but they are true panties, not the manties. I’ve tried the made for men ones and I agree with you, it’s not the same.
  4. For our marriage it’s bonding time. As far as the appeal to me personally, I’ve never been able to put my finger on it entirely. That’s one of the reasons I participate here in this forum, so I can understand more about myself and hopefully help others. During our sessions, I completely submit, which is the opposite of my normal everyday self. That seems to be the biggest appeal.
  5. As far as her feelings about panty wearing, she is ok with it. She is of the opinion they are just fabric that covers the butt. I have worn them under my cloths outside the house as she has ordered, and at my own choosing. I am told to be wear different types of underpants based off of her mood when it’s time for a session.
  6. I would occasionally wear them before we met. After spanking was introduced into our relationship they occasionally became part of the session. Wearing panties isn’t necessarily a punishment. It is embarrassing to be ordered to pose in panties verses having her see me in them when I choose to wear them.
  7. Panties only. I was spanked hard last night in a pair of white nylon Shadow Lane briefs. Until recently, there seemed to be more support and comfort offered for men in certain brands of women’s panties then in regular men’s brands. An internet search for panties for men will lead you to a blog hosted on the Her Room site that makes suggestions which brands and cuts work on men including testimonials.
  8. Last night I got a long hide tanning. The wife was a bit annoyed at my attitude for the previous few days and I can sense it. This was one of those occasions where you know you deserve it, and know your going to get it. She went to work and mentioned on her way out the door that I should not fall asleep before she got home. I was told to lay out the pillows, the Purple Heart paddle, and the leather strap so they were ready. As soon as she got home, I was marched into the bedroom and made to wait standing in front of the bed while she got herself together. It seemed like eternity. Next thing I knew she was alternating between the paddle and the strap. She kept going until I was just about turning purple. So here I sit, or should I say try to sit, today with a sore rear as a reminder to be a bit kinder!
  9. I have to ask, how do your girlfriends react to watching the spanking, and does it create an uncomfortable feel for your husband when he sees them outside of your home? I would be beyond embarrassed if one of my wife’s friends witnessed her giving me a spanking.
  10. I totally agree with loosing composure. Especially when she pauses and says to knock it off and take it like a man.
  11. I should have worded that better. I usually make suggestions, not orders. Lol
  12. I’ve been telling her for sometime to try additional punishment after the spanking but she has never ordered corner time.
  13. Regardless of how many times you have been spanked, who else feels embarrassed every time their ER orders you to drop your pants? I am married to my ER, and we see each other in our underwear or naked every day. Despite this, her ordering me to bend over in my underpants still brings on a feeling of embarrassment. Am I alone?
  14. We have always been careful and never caught. One time while staying in a hotel for a quick getaway, she wanted to give me one but we decided no because we had no idea of the rooms next to ours would hear
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