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  1. Sounds like you got a little more than you bargained for. We don’t do maintenance spankings here, but I’ve been trying for a while to get my wife to spank harder in our sessions. If she sees too much red, she backs off or stops.
  2. A few years ago, one of the cable networks did a documentary on a NYC fetish club. They interviewed one of the dom’s who said a good majority of the clients were very successful businessmen in leadership positions that came to them for a release. The scenes were often “bad boys” that needed a spanking, not a leather clad, tied up whipping. My take on the interview was that no matter who you are, some people find a release or reset in receiving a spanking. It made me more comfortable in wanting to receive.
  3. I know this is a post for the ladies, but I would like to mention that for some of us ee men, spanking is just a release. We still lead (for lack of a better way of putting it) in a relationship. Everyday life outside of occasional spanking activities is fairly normal. We may ask our girlfriends or wives to paddle us red, but we are not looking to be “dominated” in our every day lives. It does take a special kind of woman to be willing to participate in something that is so far from mainstream in a relationship.
  4. Are they paying you or paying for your housing? Why do you feel you need to submit? Do they assume the role of disciplinarian for you?
  5. Years ago when I was single I tried switching. I thought for sure I would have no problem giving a good sound spanking to a much in need female backside. It didn’t work out so well. A woman I once met on a fetish chat site had an older couple who she would visit a couple times a month for the purpose of discipline spankings. She was in her 20’s, they were in their 60’s. The young lady said it helped her keep focus so she could concentrate on work and part time college. The husband would spank her while the wife lectured her. When we got together for me to spank her, I didn’t realize at
  6. I have always had a partner within 3-5 years of my age. Being married, it’s not really an issue because my ER is my wife.
  7. Seeing a behind in white cotton briefs. Until I was about 20 those were the only type underpants I wore, and received many spanking with them around my ankles, or if I was lucky allowed to keep just those on.
  8. As stated before, being a sub and being submissive are two different things. Part of the experience for me is giving up control in the scene. Choosing to submit is actually still having control up to a point.
  9. Not yet. When the weather gets warmer (no pun intended lol), I’ll probably build something in my shop.
  10. We purchased a purpose made folded leather otk belt from caniac a long time ago. It gets the job done. Growing up, I got the folded leather belt taken right from dads work pants. It hurt like no other. Those types of wide, heavy leather belts are hard to come by these days. My wife tried to use one of my belts but found the buckle made it uncomfortable to hold.
  11. We made a few of our own. Once we found a shape we liked, I made a router template so we could easily cut them out in different types of wood. So far we have tried ash, oak, and maple. Typically 1/2 inch thick. Woodworking is a hobby for us, so we do have a decent assortment of tools to use. For finishing, we went old school. Several coats of tung oil then a coat of Johnson’s paste wax.
  12. We are interested in a spanking bench next. Something “covert” that doubles as a piece of bedroom furniture so it doesn’t draw attention.
  13. Busted4fun


    His and hers matching rears!
  14. First there was the revelation that I wanted her to spank me. There was lengthy discussion so she understood why. The first time was a bit awkward, with both of us unsure what to expect. It did progress over the past few years. She now occasionally suggests it’s needed, but usually waits till I hint at it.
  15. We have a few paddles from them. They are ok for us. I did have to take some fine steel wool to one of the paddles because the finish had a bit of a grainy feel, like it was dusty when they put on the coating. Since I have had more free time lately, I made a couple of paddles in my shop. Ordered some tennis racquet handle wraps on Amazon for the paddle handles, and my ER enjoys using them much more than the Caniac ones. We came up with the designs on our own, which makes the experience a bit more personal for us.
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