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  1. I think every one of us on the planet grows up and discovers we have some kind of “thing” that turns us on sexually, helps us bond, or gives us release from stress. I wouldn’t call adult spanking weird, but it’s definitely not your typical every day topic. Perhaps someday it will be more mainstream to discuss it openly. If you look at the past 50-60 years, we as a society seem to keep lowering the bar when it comes to nudity, sex, and fetishes. Technology has allowed us to connect in ways and learn of things we haven’t heard of or realized in the past. Consider that at one time television woul
  2. Can I ask what might make you feel uncomfortable? There is nothing wrong with asking questions about it. You can try to find an ER that strictly spanks and set rules like keeping your pants on or no over the knee or more intimate positions.
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve added something to my blog, today presented me with the perfect opportunity. This morning left my wife and I with a quiet empty house. We decided to take advantage of it with some romantic alone time. During our intimate interaction, I was told I was getting a spanking immediately following. We finished up then laid back for a minute and started discussing the yard work and spring clean up that had to happen around the house. After some lengthy discussion, we got up and I started getting dressed. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?” Is what I heard as I
  4. I’m the HoH and the EE. I use the term head of household meaning I take care of the finances and upkeep of the house. We make most decisions jointly. I get excitable at times, and a bit nasty when things are not going well. That’s where my wife steps in as the ER. Spanking is a release, a reset, and intimate to us.
  5. Congratulations! It will evolve as long as your both open with each other. At least that’s how it has been working for me and my wife.
  6. If you hate them, that may be all the more reason he chose them.
  7. We have no set hard limit. She inspects her progress often while giving, and will not go to the point of broken skin. I’ve heard her tell me often that the spanking was done because I’m red enough.
  8. My ER gets excited as she is spanking me. I start off standing at attention, but a few swats in that goes away as the sting takes over. When the spanking is done, it takes a minute, but I’m aroused even more than when we started. At no time during the spanking does any masterbation occur.
  9. Our marriage is solid, my wife understands my needs. About one year after we met I confessed about spanking to her. Not only did she understand, but she has grown to enjoy being an ER. She knows I participate here even though she does not. We have the type of relationship where neither one of us worries about the other wandering away. We’ve both gone out with friends to strip clubs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc without worrying.
  10. Between purchased paddles and ones we make the collection keeps growing. We had a discussion in the car today about me making her yet another paddle out in the wood shop. At last count, we are up to 5 paddles, a hair brush, a leather belt, and a cain. Is there such a thing as too many? How many implements do you own? Do you find yourself using the same implement over and over?
  11. My wife spanks me with the belt only while I’m wearing underpants. She says it’s easier for her to keep an eye on the target that way.
  12. The leather strap definitely gets the point across. It also works for other positions.
  13. She has an OTK leather strap, an assortment of paddles, and a cain. She never uses her hand.
  14. If I tell her the day after a spanking that it doesn’t still sting, it’s almost a guarantee I’m getting another one that night. During a spanking, she will ask if I’ve had enough. If I say yes, she continues for a bit more then stops. I never say that I’ve had enough. When she asks I always say “it’s up to you dear”.
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