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  1. jodi4Strict_F

    Origins in the childhood?

    My interest in spanking definitely goes back to my childhood. My spankings escalated at age 12 and I was spanked often until I graduated from high school. I'm still spanked, but since I work so many hours, I'm spanked less than I used to be. I never thought of imagining myself younger than I am, because at 18, I feel I am far too young for my discipline to end. I consider myself a work in progress lol
  2. I tried to make it clear with my name that I am only interested in other females, but some of you guys don't get it, so let me try again... Please don't PM me or Follow me if you are not a female! Thank you

  3. Could there be a more exciting conversation, dream, or desire?
  4. jodi4Strict_F

    Three Word Description

    Intense, Sore, Closure
  5. jodi4Strict_F

    Taking underwear down.

    I totally agree with you on both points you raised. I am always slowly stripped, usually from the waist down, and frequently that happens in front of her friends who enjoy teasing me. I was taught that embarrassing a girl is much more effective than scolding her, and I'm living proof that it works very well. My cornertime afterwards is done bare from the waist down as well, and often my bottom stay's bare for a long time.
  6. jodi4Strict_F

    How do you settle down?

    Omg Yesss michgal! A long, hard bedtime spanking that leaves me sobbing so that I cry myself to sleep works every time for me!
  7. jodi4Strict_F

    Never Ever Have I...

    Never Ever Have I not cried from a spanking
  8. jodi4Strict_F

    What kind of paddle do you prefer?

    I have been paddled with several different paddles, and I think a more narrow paddle, say 3 inches compare to 4, has a sharper sting because the swat covers less area. Also, in my opinion, a thinner paddle, say 1/2 inch vs 3/4, the thinner paddle stings more and less damage. On a bare bottom, how thick and heavy does it need to be lol. I think the perfect/worst paddle would be 18 inches long, 3 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick, and have 3/8 inch holes in it (the holes really make it sting more). However, I've never felt a lexan paddle and that might even be a better alternative. Just two-cents from a spankee's point of view
  9. jodi4Strict_F

    How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

    When I joined this site hoping to find a female to spank me and discipline me during my college years, so I was simply trying to be clear about what I was looking for. This was an interesting topic, thanks Bewilderflower
  10. jodi4Strict_F

    Worst discipline you've ever gotten or given?

    I totally agree... the switch is the worst depending on how and where it's used