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  1. Okay, I did a bit more digging, this file here was flagged, it may be legitimate, but there are one or two tell-tell signs inside it
  2. Tried it myself using edge, this was the result
  3. This sounds like a spam hack that targets the .htaccess file on a php or wordpress site. Site admins, I'd check to see if your .htaccess file (if you use it) is vulnerable There is more information available here --> (full url for clarity) https://aw-snap.info/articles/spam-hacks.php
  4. I posted a message to the wall, not sure if it will be picked up
  5. Hi Vicki, not associated with ipunishment, but I had a quick look at it, there seems to be some issue with displaying the captcha on the page, looking at the console the following exception is being thrown, something has either changed on the captcha service or on the ipunishment form. I suspect you'll be unable to register until it gets corrected. I tried modifying the html on the form and assign and id to the element in question, but it didn't work.
  6. I haven't posted here for a while, a couple of albums for those of you who like alternative and post-punk music The first one are from an Irish band called "The Murder Capital", their album "When I Have Fears" these guys are absolutely fantastic live, if you get the opportunity you should go see them, post punk Album Play list (youtube) The second more guitar orientated, an English band called "October Drift" , their debut album "Forever Whatever" October Drift - Forever Whatever (youtube) Hopefully one or both will appeal to someone.
  7. At that moment, she regretted answering back at the dinner table, she knew she was in trouble when she was excused and sent to her room.
  8. Poor girl got in trouble in school and paid the price
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