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  1. I’m a sports fanatic! Love the Black and Gold! Steelers, Penguins, Pirates
  2. I’m game for starting a group as well!
  3. No drinking and spanking related but my go to is Tito’s and club soda
  4. Jacob Banks love his music! Be Good To Me https://g.co/kgs/cvaGXL
  5. A good spanking experience is dependent on the outcome. If the outcome is what was expected then it’s a good experience. In other words... If it’s punishment I should feel very sore yes, but I should be crying more so from feeling bad for what I’ve done. If it’s stress therapy, I should reach the cathartic stage. If it’s erotic the blood should be rushing there with my bottom nice and hot. The outcome makes the spanking
  6. Yes, what makes you think foreplay? I don’t see it as foreplay, although I have no doubt they probably made passionate love that day. Lol
  7. It’s not Spankingtube, but stumbled upon this punishment video and thought I’d share. Good show of spanking beyond and into complete submission. Don’t let the site scare you, no sex in the video. Hard spanking and paddling for obedience https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d1596fcee3cd
  8. Love the idea! However I believe the TTWD can also be referenced to BDSM. I’d think it would need to be something specific to spanking for those who are just spankos. I’ve posted before about how a secret handshake would be fun as well! 😂😂
  9. It’s good you’ve realized this about yourself early on. Looking back it has always been what I need/want and I truly thought of it for years always thinking something was wrong with me. I suppressed as much as I could and then eventually realized there is an entire world of us out there. Unfortunately I didn’t know early enough to make it a must in any relationship and I married a vanilla. I do love him definitely! But how I have tried to get him to understand and come into our world... It’s not really him though. Unfortunately I am torn a lot with trying to keep my needs in check. You’re very
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