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  1. @LateBloomer Thank you for your response and advice. I hear what you are saying, but it does make me feel hopeless for our relationship. If I am not okay with her being spanked by another woman, and also feel left out and hurt that she doesn’t want me to be involved in something so intimate and important to her (doesn’t even want me in the room), and if she is missing out on an amount of joy like you describe for yourself, then it seems like parting ways is the only solution. I know if I give her the choice, she will choose me (We’ve been together for 8 years and dating for 5) but I don’t want
  2. Thanks so much for your advice. I really appreciate the thought and care that everyone put in to their answers. Does anyone know of spankos that exclusively do not want their partner to be their spanker? She says it’s because she wants us to be equals and doesn’t want me to have authority over her, but as I’m trying to understand it, it seems as if the spankee has the majority of the power? The main problem we have is that she had an online spanker (who she had never met in person) and was talking to that spanker all day every day. Their relationship seemed very intimate and frien
  3. But my girlfriend is. I was uncomfortable at first, but then decided that I was willing to learn how to spank her and be game for her kink. Then she tells me that she no longer wants me to be the one to spank her. She wants to find someone else to do it. We are in a same sex relationship, and she wants to have another lesbian spank her. She swears that it isn’t sexual to her, but then also describes what an important bond and how intimate and special the spanker/spankee relationship is. I scoured these boards looking for advice, but what I mostly found is that many people prefer their spanker
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