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  1. Did you get the punishment spanking yet? How was it for you?
  2. Sorry but I disagree. That just seems wrong. I am a straight male and spanking another adult male seems more non-straight than anything else.
  3. Kelli

    About 9 hours ago you visited my profile. Can I help you in any way?



  4. I have both given and received. As the receiver my spanker never told me to take my pants down she did it for me. She felt it was important that I suffer the embarrassment of being undressed as further punishment for what I had done and it worked. Believe me it really worked. I think towards the end, when neither of us needed each other, I would almost be in tears when she lowered my pants. As the giver, it depends on the spankee. I had one spankee that was petrified to take her pants down, so I removed them for her. On the other hand I had a spankee who couldn't wait to get her clothes off to receive a spanking. She was very compliant in that and I appreciated the compliance.
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