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  1. For man getting spanked, does it matter. A bare bum is also bare genitalia.
  2. Years ago I really needed to be spanked for something I did that was very wrong. Please do not ask me what I did wrong. Anyway, I was contacted by someone who called themselves Sharon Tower who said they would give me the spankings I needed and it would be several not just one. Turned out "Sharon" was a stage name and it was a man who was androgenous and could pass for a man or a woman. Other than my father growing up, that was the only time I had been spanked by a man.
  3. Thank you. I was going to do as you said, but decided against filing charges or leaving her. Getting her mental health support I did do, told her she needed to see a therapist and that I would pay for it. I also told her for every session she missed she would get spanked.
  4. My girlfriend told me a horrible story so that she could get money from me in order to pay a debt she owed. She told me she had uterine cancer and was getting chemo and that she lost her hair and was constantly vomiting. She ever sent me a picture of her in the hospital receiving treatment. At first I didn't think anything of the picture. It looked legit. Then I saw a news report of a women in the hospital dying from vaping. At that point I realized the photo that my girlfriend sent me of her in the hospital was photoshopped from the picture of the girl dying from vaping. I told my girlfriend she was going to get spanked for telling that kind of lie. However, I am not sure what implement to use. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECAITED.
  5. For me a I give a maintenance spanking for 10 minutes. A punishment spanking last 20 - 25 minutes and longer depending on the reason.
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