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  1. Growing up, I got spanked every year on my birthday but they weren't for fun and they weren't enjoyable. I was spanked to remind me that my behavior needed to be prefect the whole year. I usually didn't sit down till Halloween. My birthday is Oct 27.
  2. A few years back I was in contact with a nurse from Florida who had been a spanked wife for over 16 years. She told me she would orgasm when her husband spanked her on the full part of the bottom. She defined them as small if by hand and heavier depending on the implement. Sometimes, depending on the length of the spanking, her panties would be soaked from orgasming.
  3. I had read a post on a social media site about a male head of household giving his submissive an all day spanking. They started out at 7:00am when they woke and she got a 20 minute spanking. Then all throughout the day, no matter where they were, she would get a short 5 minute spanking at the beginning of every hour. If that mean in public at the mall grocery store or where ever then that's what it meant. Before going to bed she got another 20 minute spanking. She stated she didn't sit comfortably for about 3 days.
  4. In my opinion, you can not give a proper spanking when the spankee is wearing clothes. Any women I spank must remove her clothes before she gets the punishment. I will remove her clothes if she does not.
  5. Are you in need of regular discipline? Let me know how I can help you.
  6. This is what I would do. The first time she broke the rule she would get a hand spanking. The second time, the hairbrush. The thrd the paddle. The fourth a strap. Each time after that more swats with the strap. I usually start out with 10 and increase it by 5 for each additional occurence. My wife and I are in a DD relationship. She continually comes home late and does not call. She is up to 25 swats with the strap.
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