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  1. I have had dreams about the people I have spanked, but not the spanking itself.
  2. 1. Male 2. I really didn't have a desire to get spanked or to be spanked until I was an adult. Growing up I was spanked constantly. One time period I was spanked every night for an entire summer. I never realized how much it would make me want it when I became an adult. 3. My father. I must say he never spanked with anything but his hand and I was never bare bottomed. He always gave spankings over PJ's and always before bedtime. 4. Not sure I really don't remember much of my childhood. There was some traumatic experience that has made me block everything, except parental punish
  3. I think, at least in my experience, the main rule is if you do something that could hurt you, or hurt others. For example: Running a Stop Sign.
  4. Let's start with where are you located?
  5. Kevin, I live in the greater Chicago Area as well and from your post it seems that this might be your wife or your daughter. If she was not arrested, then I think one spanking might not be enough. 2, if not arrested, or 3, maybe more, if arrested might be in order. Fully nude. If arrested, I might consider the strap or belt, otherwise I would use a paddle, a maple handled hair brush, or a wooden spoon. Me
  6. mikeae102754


    The only subspace I know is when a Star Trek character tries to send a machine to Starfleet Command. They usually send it via subspace. What exactly is subspace?
  7. It's a shame you live in Indiana. I would love to give you this and see how you do.
  8. Really Ruby? Spanked hourly. Next time you get a chance try this. First thing when you wake, after doing morning hygiene, you get a 20 minute spanking. Then for the first 5 minutes of every hour after that you have to get spanked, and it doesn't matter where you are, you get the spanking. Finally ending in another 20 minute spanking before bed. Trust me you won't sit comfortably for 2 - 3 days.
  9. Hi Jenna 1220 When I was a child, I failed first grade and had to repeat it. I was the first child in my family to fail a grade. It seemed like every other child in my family skipped grades. Anyway, before bed every night during the summer between First grade and the repeat, I got spanked before bed. It was brutal. My dad had hands that covered my entire butt. Although I did go to sleep right away, it was more because I cried myself to sleep rather than the spanking itself. After I grew up, I promised myself later that I would never do that to any my children no matter how bad they were.
  10. The athlete I was thinking of was a Female Figure Skater named Sarah Hughes and it wasn't back in the 60's it was in 2002.
  11. Although I prefer the role of the strict Uncle. I can be a Daddy as well. Although I am relatively new to this site, I have been spanking for a very long time. I will spank you when you do things that might hurt yourself or others, or lie, or talk back. Tell me if any of this is good for you. If it is contact me, I think I can help.
  12. Although I am male, I do not, nor have I ever, been sexual with anyone I spanked. I wish you lived closer, I think you and I would be very good together.
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