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  1. I've had the same experience. If you google "Should an adult women be spanked." You'll get some stories that seem real but there is no real way to weed out the fake ones.
  2. I agree with some of the other comments that you are handling this really good. If she is to be a true submissive, anytime you decide to administer a correction her only duty is to comply. Giving a harder spanking when she complains, is an alternative to what I do. If my wife complains I make the spanking longer. Each complaint adds 5 minutes to a spanking and my base spankings is always 15 minutes. I once had to spank my wife for half an hour because she kept complaining.
  3. Let me apologize for not answering you sooner. I only come on this site once in a while. During that time period (late 70's to mid 80's), nudity in the high fashion industry was very common. Female and male models changed clothes in the same room. Model's portfolios were all nudes as it was the only way you could see a model's bodily imperfections, if there were any, and tell his/her size. So when I said I walked into the dressing room she was already naked. I explained to her that I had talked to her agent and told her, her agent authorized me to punish her as I saw fit. I roughly pulled her into a chair and administered the spanking. As a general rule, if a garment touched skin, the model could keep the garment they modeled. That meant women would get bra's, panties and swimwear on top of their modeling fee. This particular model knew she could be sent home and not make $500 plus taking home about $300 dollars in new underwear so she submitted without much resistance. After I was done, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for teaching her. She was never late again and became one of my closest friends. Do I still see her? Sadly no. She passed away about 3 years ago from breast cancer.
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