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  1. Hi there you can always PM me for self spanking stuff. Would love to trade off some time.
  2. I've been wanting to someone to direct my self soanking for a while. I only have short windows open at a time so it's hard for me to do that
  3. I'll try and help get the ball rolling. I'm 27 and I now live in Colorado. I'm originally from Louisiana and I was born in Florida. I've been into spankings for as long as I can remember. I'm a switch without a doubt. I'm a chef by trade, I love to travel, and I have a new found hobby of bouldering/rock climbing. Who is next?
  4. I'm on quite a bit but like yall said nothing really gets posted
  5. Cajun_Cook

    New here

    Ever come to the colorado area?
  6. Been looking to get spanked for a while but it seems hard to find someone. Anyone traveling to the Denver area or live around here and willing to give a young man a spanking? Please feel free to message me and we can talk.
  7. I'm a straight male and I have no problem with a male spanking me. I havent found someone to spank me yet, but I'm hoping to find someone soon.
  8. I am a male looking for a spanker to connect with. Male or female. I live in the Denver area. So if you travel or live around the area and give discipline please feel free to message me.
  9. I live in the Denver area. Message me if you would like to chat
  10. I'm looking for this as well. Please message me
  11. In the Denver area. Message me if interested and we can talk
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