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  1. Great video! Beautiful bottom to spank, well done. I liked the sound of that hairbrush, where did you get it?
  2. I know a lot of switches can't manage this, they need time between to toggle head-spaces. I can switch fairly immediately if the scene is quite a light one, say at a play party. Or in a role play where it's set up that one minute I'm the punisher, and then the tables are turned. I think if you know it's going to be that way, it's easier to get your head into it.
  3. Just to add: if he's uncomfortable actually seeing the discipline, there's no harm in him being in another room, downstairs, anywhere close by. Just the proximity helps build trust and understanding. Good luck!
  4. I just got back from there, have fun!
  5. I don't think she'd like it if I did. On the other hand, maybe she would...?!
  6. Yep, agree, and that's why if I want to test the waters (and I always do!) I will drop the word "spanking" into the conversation somehow and see if anyone bites. Or flinches...
  7. The way I'm reading this he's just perplexed that her interest appears to be in the act of spanking, and not any discussion of it. If I'm right, I also find it odd. I just had coffee with my spanko buddy, we spent two hours talking about... well, everything. Work, life, friends, and spanking. What we want to do, where to do it, with whom. Role plays. All of it! So I get why you find it weird she'll talk about everything else but not this shared love/need. Do you feel like you can ask her that directly?
  8. Exactly, my goodness. Just awful.
  9. Agree with all that's been said so far. I would add that, as a guy, making potential play partners feel safe is important. I'll offer to provide contacts and references if someone wants those. And if I'm going to meet someone, I will let them know who I am in the real world so that can do whatever due diligence they feel is necessary.
  10. I hear you, but my objection wasn't to his original post. I didn't say anything about that at all. My objection was to his insulting the entire community and while I thank you for saying I'm open and accepting, and I agree of course :), I don't accept his take that none of us are respectable people. Anyway, I'm sure Droo is right and of course the internet brilliantly weeds out tone and nuance, so I'll say no more.
  11. Respectfully, I disagree that "digs" were uncalled for. Many spankos endure so much internalized shame and embarrassment about their kink that when someone, even someone who purports to be one of us, says something like "Like I said this is a spanking website. No one here is respectable. " then I feel obliged to not just leave that alone and move on. I wasn't that fussed by the original post but his doubling down and dismissive attitude to people I consider thoughtful and honorable, and then that comment panning every single person here... not going to let that slide without a response.
  12. Congratulations on outing yourself as an ignorant, judgmental, bigot. May I suggest you climb back on your high horse and ride it off a cliff? Actually, I take that back. I don't want the horse to disappear off a cliff....
  13. I've experienced this so often I'm now very picky about chatting with people. I don't do online role play, my preference is to properly connect with fellow spankos. In fact, I'm pretty quick to tell them who I really am, or in some cases (ahem, Britty) help them guess who I am.
  14. Same here! Read much more in the past two years, and am loving it. Any recommendations?! A Gentleman in Moscow is mine, a beautiful and uplifting book.
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