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  1. Oh my goodness, you should! I often wonder, if I came across someone wearing a shirt like that, would I have the gumption to say anything. I hope I would. Just a simple, "I like your shirt" would be enough to convey, "I'm a spanko, too," don't you think?!
  2. Any question that includes the would "should" and then is applied to an entire gender-specific dynamic is likely to get a big fat "No" from me. Usually it comes from someone wishing their own set of desires applied to the entire world, which is entirely understandable. But no. Every individual dynamic is just that, individual and every single one must be consensual. Put differently, and addressing the specific language of the question asked, because spankos are a minority of the population if the below were a reality, there would be a lot of domestic abuse happening. "I do strongly believe that men should spank their wives and that ought to be the norm, not the exception as it is today."
  3. Great question, I have often wondered this. I think so. The trouble is, when my spank-dar goes off, I'm usually too chicken to test it. That is, when I think I've come across a fellow spanko (usually a woman), I don't do anything to see if she really is. I did once, many years ago, and I was right. But since then it's gone off many times and I've never been brave (or foolish!) enough to follow through.
  4. I was thinking the same thing, maybe more like a narcissist. I would say that narcissists don't tend to apologize, though, because nothing is ever their fault. In case you wondered, it always yours...
  5. If you're feeling evil and you guys like mind games, give her the choice and do the opposite of what she picks.
  6. Can you set yourself a goal or two? I'm like you, used to be very athletic but for the last decade, not so much. I'm planning on joining my old soccer team (Over 50s league now!) in January, and I want to be the fastest player on the team again. So, I downloaded a Couch to 5k app and am using that. From just walking and eating better I've lost more than 20lbs in three months. I also pat myself on the back a lot, remind myself how far I've come. And I plan to sign up for an actual 5k run with a friend, she's motivating me and helping me with the weight loss. Good luck!
  7. Well then, I think we have our order of play sorted out.
  8. I agree with @rubyredd, this doesn't really have anything to do with spanking. This is an issue about trust, about friendship. The fact that she's your spanker doesn't add or subtract anything of importance. I hope you can figure this out, but the fact you're posting about it here and not sorting it out directly with her indicates a communication, as well as a trust, issue. Best of luck, seriously.
  9. You get all the points, my friend, you know that. I'm sorry you can't make it, of course, but some day it'll happen.
  10. I thought I'd start a thread to talk about, and see who's going to, the Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston this November. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a link: Welcome to the Lone Star Spanking Party I will be there! Anyone else?!
  11. I was hesitant but have now used two, and both provided amazing experiences. One of the keys is what Ruby alluded to - make sure the person you see is a true spanko. (When I look back and see my spanker smiling with glee, I know I'm in good hands.) The way to do that is to read up everything you can, and maybe even ask for references. I know pro spankers are not encouraged here, but I imagine the people on this site would be a good resource if you have identified a potential spanker and come here to ask if anyone knows them.
  12. It was used at my boarding schools in the US, heard and saw the results of several canings, but I was one of those kids who always got away with things, so never experienced it. I have as an adult, though, probably my favorite implement.
  13. I have ended a relationship, as you know, and I very strongly believe that your main responsibility is to yourself. Should you treat a spanking partner with respect? Always. Does that mean you are required to provide your time, emotional bandwith, and anything else of you to someone else? No. As an aside, I would find it odd that someone would want to essentially coerce a spanker into continuing to see them when they don't want to. I can promise, a spanker who remains with their spankee out of a sense of guilt will soon come to resent the spankee, and that is not healthy at all. For either party.
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