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  1. Howdy folks, I wondered if anyone has come across or even invented a spanking-related game for when a group of spankos get together. I know there are spanko dice one can roll, but curious if someone had managed to pervert a vanilla game or found an actual spanking game. I think it'd be easy enough is everyone present is a switch and willing to spank and be spanked by everyone else at the gathering, but that's rarely the case. Maybe there's a gap in the market for some inventive person!
  2. I have, kind of. Which is to say I have, but it was role-play punishment not actual discipline. My spanking partner and I were bent over a table facing each other, holding hands, and caned. It was an amazing experience.
  3. Neither have I. I've not really encountered the problem the OP talks about, though I know for sure others have. I'm pretty open these days about my likes and needs and, frankly, if someone doesn't want to talk to me because I switch then I have no real interest in talking to them. As someone else said, it's about the person. I do think it's incumbent on switches to be honest about their intentions, though. I've heard multiple women make the same observation as rubyredd, that guys use the switch moniker to act toppy with a female, only to then press her to spank them. Not cool. Overa
  4. That's fantastic, it certainly seems like she's a spanko!
  5. I can relate to this young man's dilemma. I'm also a big, strong, outgoing person with a fairly dominant personality. I'm also a lifelong switch, but it wasn't until I was in my 30s that I really embraced the -ee side of me. Partly because I was afraid of what a partner might think, but also because of how I viewed myself. It seems ridiculous now, one's role in a spanking relationship says nothing about strength or weakness. Except, perhaps, it speaks of strength when you're willing to live your true live, and be your real self. It's not easy, for sure, but it's the brave, strong, and right th
  6. I appreciate that, part of being a good guy is being able to apologize, so my opinion of you (not that you should care!) only goes up. [I will say, I'm now quite tempted to request of Chawsee that for your next appt with her, she make you count... 🤣]
  7. Well, specifically you said: "'Thank you Sir/Ma’am, may I have another?' is so dumb". It's not dumb, you just don't like it. But I don't think of you as a judgmental person, not at all, I think I was just trying for a reminder about how careful we should be with language. Hey, I'm a writer, I can be picky. But no harm done, like I said, I have information from a reliable source you're one of the good guys. :0)
  8. This comes across as pretty judgy, to be honest. A lot of spankos do role play, including school role play, that I know can and does include counting and thanking the disciplinarian. Everyone is entitled to their likes, of course, but one of the great aspects of this community (in my opinion) is that we don't label other people's likes and preferences in a negative way.
  9. I'm glad you spoke up, ruby, because I agree. I've given a few over-jeans paddlings, mostly at spanking parties, and they are fun. There's also a feeling of realism, too, if acting out a school scene as school paddlings aren't and weren't on the bare. Plus, to deliver a few swats over jeans and then watch the spankee pout as she's told to lower them for more is adorable! I'm not saying it's always the way to go, but there are times when at least starting over the jeans it can add to the fun (and sting!).
  10. Another vote for this -- precisely the difference, well said.
  11. Giving / Receiving a spanking in real life Watching in real life Video Images Literature / spanking stories Audio
  12. I've come to realize that we are members of a very special, often misunderstood, group of people. So part of what I like is sharing thoughts and ideas related to spanking with folks who truly understand. My closest friends and family don't get me the way a spanko would, so it's a pleasure to be able to open up that side of me. Especially since it was closed off for the first twenty or thirty years of my life.
  13. Wow, Chawsee, that sounds heavenly. I hope one day I can enjoy both the spanking experience with you, and that serene, calm, aftercare. Brilliant. 🥰
  14. I mean, I suppose that's what I'm saying. I can get the identical spanking from two people, in terms of mechanics, but if one is from an acquaintance at a spanking party I will respond very differently than if it'd been, for example, from my last long-term spanking partner.
  15. I'll try and answer this. For me, I compartmentalize very well, in spanking but in life in general. So it comes down to the specific dynamic of the moment. If I see a professional, then it's not erotic, it's more for maintenance or a release of the built-up need to be spanked. Compare that with my last spanking partner where it was incredibly erotic and sexy, and no matter whether we did role play or maintenance or.. whatever, it always evolved into more... So maybe it's the mindset as I go into a spanking. Even if my spanker is beautiful and sexy and gorgeous and hot by every known met
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