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  1. Thank you, friend. You're the best. I'll email you about theTV appearance, I don't want to ID myself too easily...
  2. I'll play. 1. I'm a criminal defense lawyer, but my passion is writing - I have twelve novels (mysteries) and the last one was recently reviewed in the NYT. 2. I used to be fast - ran 100 meters in 10.7 seconds on a grass track. 3. I am no longer fast because I am 55 and love good food and wine too much. 4. I was on TV last Friday night. 5. I have misophonia.
  3. At the big national parties, probably the most popular event with the female attendees is the M/M spanking event. They absolutely love it, it's fun to see.
  4. If "funishment" is ever a word in a dictionary, this should be its definition.
  5. I'm a partner in a criminal defense firm, one that tries to encourage its employees to work remotely as much as possible. So I usually get up around 8, drink tea and work from home, then head into the office around 11 for a few hours. Head home around 3 or 4 to miss traffic. Love my schedule. I also write mystery novels, so that's what I do on weekends. Busy life, but no complaints here!
  6. You of all people have an open invitation.
  7. It really is, it's the best. 🥰 Btw, any women in Texas (or willing to get here) who might want to join in, we have plenty of male volunteers but always open to new women. Top, bottom, switch, it doesn't matter.
  8. I think I've talked about this before, but I lead a group of Texas spankos who get together every couple of months and rent a house in the country for a weekend of spanking fun. We all chip in for the rent and bring food, drinks etc. And for two days we eat, hike, play board games... and spank! Many of those are in front of the group, but there's private play, too. Next one is in October, and I can't wait!
  9. Not to veer off-topic, but I do want to push back a little on this. I have visited with quite a few professionals, just because it suits my situation well - I get my physical needs met, and the boundaries I need are automatically in place. And with each of them there is a connection over and above what happens in that hour or two. A friendship, a flirtation, it's different with each one, but it's also very real. After all, professionals are people too, and they do this for a living because they are into it (in my experience). I don't mean to pick on you OhRedhead at all, and you didn't say this, but I just sometimes feel the need to point out that spanking experiences with pros are not cold, distant, emotionless experiences. I worry that sometimes people get that impression, and refrain from seeking out what could be a meaningful, needed, and rewarding experience.
  10. I don't know, Dan, but if you do session with her, I'd be super curious to know how it goes. She seems fun, strict, bubbly, and a true spanko. Good luck!
  11. I had all the plans, but.... So last weekend I was at the national spanking party TASSP, in Dallas. Gave a got lots of spankings, but also got Covid. Sounds like a bunch of us did. So now I'm isolating in a hotel away from my family so they don't get it. Moderate symptoms, today a little worse than yesterday. So no spankings on my horizon, for sure!
  12. I thought I'd start a thread where people could not just announce their availability/desire to play, but get a sense of how many folks here are wanting to (or not!). Feel free to reply with the following info (mine added below): Where: Anywhere in the US (I travel) but live in Austin, Texas. Looking for spanker, spankee, or switch: Any of those three. Four things about you: Male, 55yo, lawyer and writer.
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