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  1. Iā€™m with you on this. I need my upper body to be supported and not stressed. Only want one part of me uncomfortable. šŸ˜
  2. Eek, worst spanking I ever got was with one of those suckers! Lord help me, I'd do it again though over the right lap...!
  3. I agree with what everyone has said, not the greatest start. I try not to see malice if I can avoid it, and he's demonstrating the behaviors of someone who is new to the scene. It could be that the 'advanced consent' is something he's absolutely on board with, but didn't really get it. I remember my early toppy days and cringe at some of the assumptions I made and things I said. I know Daisy a little from chatting, and she's an extremely intelligent and competent person, so I'm thinking she can navigate and educate (and keep herself safe!), such this relationship moves onto firmer ground for her.
  4. Plenty of us in Texas, if she still needs a firm hand...
  5. Agree with Bramblewine, the numbers will vary massively depending on the questions asked. If it was, "Does being spanked ever turn you on?" then a LOT of people who engage in a wee smack here and there during sex will say yes. If it, "Is spanking central to your sexuality and a strong need," then I expect it'd be closer to 10 percent, probably power. I'm with you on wanting to know, though...!
  6. Yes, communication is key. In fact, I bet you could cut and paste what you wrote here for him. I know if my spankee told me that, I would have her bare bottom over my lap asap. Ask and ye shall receive!
  7. It surely is! Stupid America, being so big... That said, the June party has about 400 people come from all over the world, literally, so if you had the time and money it'd be a guaranteed red bottom for you!
  8. From a fellow writer, thanks for creating these stories and for sharing! Will go check them out.
  9. Nothing wrong with you at all. So so many people have the same craving as you. Not only is there nothing wrong with you, but you are not alone. Take your time and be super careful, but I promise it can and will happen. Hang in there, you're as "normal" as can be, whatever that means in the world.
  10. Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, did you know your hands were getting spanked? Did you discuss that im advance? Forgive my nosiness.
  11. What? That's cruel and unusual punishment... in a bad way! Come to one of the Texas parties and we can fix that for sure!
  12. Thank you for sharing, sounds like you needed this and he delivered. Kudos to you both.
  13. I definitely get the concern, but everyone there is there for the same reason. Is there a way to reach out to some of the folks going to talk, and maybe alleviate those concerns?
  14. If you go to any of the major spanking parties in the US you'll notice a considerable presence of spankos in their 20s. That suggest two things to me: (1) there will always be spankos, and (2) the younger generations will be more active in seeking out what they need. Yay is both of those are right!
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