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  1. Greetings. Looks like you've been here a while but this is your first post. Hope you find exactly what you're looking for!
  2. I love this time of year. I wish everybody a safe rest of the weekend!
  3. Since no one has offered an answer, I'll weigh in from my own experiences. Some ladies do show signs of arousal. If it's a disciplinary or maintenance session, I ignore it and continue. It's never been so messy that I have to put down a towel. If it's a roleplay spanking or some other type of fun spanking and we have an agreement to mention it (or we have established that type of relationship), I may incorporate it into the role play. "You seem to be enjoying this. Do I need to spank harder?" In short, it varies from person to person. But generally, for a serious spanking, it's ignored. There is even a possible exception to that rule. If a person craves embarrassment as part of a serious spanking, and consents, I may perform a "wetness" check and allow relief before continuing. But that is the exception, and like I said only with prior consent.
  4. Welcome. You'll find plenty of talented spankers in Ohio and Michigan.
  5. Every so often an organization will set up a kink flea market where folks can vend their new or used implements. Also major regional parties will often have a vendor fair on ore of the party days. Chicago Crimson Moon always had such a fair. Not sure where to look for these, but that is one possibility.
  6. My answer: Nothing. Nothing at all. Not until we've met and set parameters and decided what types of spanking(s) you will get and for what. I have had that question asked of me at various times and in various ways. It is, of course, impossible to answer, because more information is ALWAYS needed first. My suspicion is that, in many or most of those cases, the questioner is simply looking to be entertained with a spanking story. And I suspect that many people who answer that question are more than willing to describe one or another possible scenario. I've written a few spanking stories and posted them on various forums. But I don't agree to write a story for each prospective spankee (or person posing as a prospective spankee). I also won't agree to detail parameters and "what ifs" before meeting and discussing what issues require correction, and what the person's limits are. That is way too speculative. So to the person who just asked me that, that is my answer. I am not a story dispenser, and I don't speculate on your personal scenario without having met. Just some food for thought in case other spankers receive such requests.
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