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  1. The ones I bought from The London Tanner have lasted me since 2008. https://www.thelondontanners.com/
  2. @FtWorthOTK55 is someone who is safe and who knows the local scene. He may be able to advise you.
    1. Spankmered57


      Like the videos, would like my bottom spanked like that!!!

  3. She might as well have asked you "Does this dress make me look fat?" There was no right answer to that question, apparently (unless you are a mind-reader and could ascertain the answer she wanted to hear. It sounds to me as though you gave her your own honest answer which, therefore, was the correct answer (and a perfectly sound one, I might add). If she didn't like it, well, that's her own problem.
  4. Storm gets one last good belting before I head back to Michigan.
  5. Storm gets one last paddling before heading back home to Indiana.
  6. www.SpankingTube.com has thousands of spanking clips that you can view for free. You will have to sift through a lot but should be able to find something that approximates what you are looking for. You could use the search bar and narrow the search to something like "domestic" although even that might bring up a lot of results you are not necessarily looking for. You can scroll until you find what looks interesting. Be aware that a lot of the videos are 30 second teasers for paid sites. You can skip those ones. There is a whole lot of non-commercial content too.
  7. To follow up, you're asking for a Daddy, not a mentor. My comment, while tongue in cheek, should have made with that in mind and in retrospect sounds harsh. Moderators, feel free to remove it.
  8. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I don't spank any young ladies with cheesy beards or big bellies! Double yucky! Oh, wait. I take that back. I do spank young ladies with big bellies. I forgot. I don't fat shame. I have a cheesy beard (since being locked in) and a big belly (happens with age sometimes) but my spankees don't seem to mind so far. In return, I try not to fat shame them. I do require that they keep their beards trimmed if they have cheesy ones. I don't want them scratching my ankles as they lay across my lap. Common courtesy. Tats are fine so long as they don't say "M
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