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  1. Here is a variation of one I posted to your status. In a fantasy world, it could be consensual or mandatory. A spanking court for certain offenses such as tickets or, say, shoplifting. You have your hearing, or take a plea (number of swats/implement to be set by judge based on a predetermined range), and sentence is carried out in front of court.
  2. Welcome! There are in fact quite a few from the UK on this site and other sites. I've had the pleasure to actually meet a few at events here in the US. The original London Tanner (RIP) used to be on this site and I had the chance to meet him in Florida and Chicago before he moved back to the UK. You are among friends here and in the UK!
  3. I concur with @Bramblewineand your comments that followed. It's polite to introduce oneself and see if that goes anywhere. It's rude to simply launch into asking personal questions without getting permission or being invited.
  4. Two new videos up at SpankingTube last week:


    The most recent includes the switch to the bottom and thighs at about the six minute mark.

    1. MichiganHeadmaster


      The sore bottom in the video belongs to Storm, who is SN member @gluttonforpunishment

  5. I prefer a bed or couch. On a couch with my back supported, the spankee can lay full-length across the couch. On a bed, the spankee can go across one knee with her upper body on the bed. Alternatively, I can use the headboard as a back support and the spankee can go fully across the bed.
  6. I don't know about fertility, but libido - quite possibly.
  7. I have known this man since around 2008. He is very experienced, and very safe. Highly recommended.
  8. I like the corner time idea, or maybe sitting on something uncomfortable (a so-called bad-pad). Or lines. Maybe find someone who can monitor what you are doing via a Zoom connection. By the way I saw what looked like a duplicate thread under a different name in a different category. Is that you under a different screen name? MIght want to get that addressed.
  9. The ones I bought from The London Tanner have lasted me since 2008. https://www.thelondontanners.com/
  10. @FtWorthOTK55 is someone who is safe and who knows the local scene. He may be able to advise you.
    1. Spankmered57


      Like the videos, would like my bottom spanked like that!!!

  11. She might as well have asked you "Does this dress make me look fat?" There was no right answer to that question, apparently (unless you are a mind-reader and could ascertain the answer she wanted to hear. It sounds to me as though you gave her your own honest answer which, therefore, was the correct answer (and a perfectly sound one, I might add). If she didn't like it, well, that's her own problem.
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