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  1. www.SpankingTube.com has thousands of spanking clips that you can view for free. You will have to sift through a lot but should be able to find something that approximates what you are looking for. You could use the search bar and narrow the search to something like "domestic" although even that might bring up a lot of results you are not necessarily looking for. You can scroll until you find what looks interesting. Be aware that a lot of the videos are 30 second teasers for paid sites. You can skip those ones. There is a whole lot of non-commercial content too.
  2. To follow up, you're asking for a Daddy, not a mentor. My comment, while tongue in cheek, should have made with that in mind and in retrospect sounds harsh. Moderators, feel free to remove it.
  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I don't spank any young ladies with cheesy beards or big bellies! Double yucky! Oh, wait. I take that back. I do spank young ladies with big bellies. I forgot. I don't fat shame. I have a cheesy beard (since being locked in) and a big belly (happens with age sometimes) but my spankees don't seem to mind so far. In return, I try not to fat shame them. I do require that they keep their beards trimmed if they have cheesy ones. I don't want them scratching my ankles as they lay across my lap. Common courtesy. Tats are fine so long as they don't say "MichiganHeadmaster is a meanie."
  4. Sounds like it's time to make some new friends.
  5. Welcome to the party!
  6. Just uploaded a going-away "reminder to be good" spanking on SpankingTube. https://www.spankingtube.com/video/97246/last-spanking

    1. michgal.k


      Your 'maintenance' spanking is akin to Christy's warmup! :spank: 

  7. It's not a good Yes/No questions as there is definitely a third choice, that being a stress-relief non-erotic flogging (just like therapeutic spankings). A good flogging can send someone into subspace or just feel like a good massage. That said, there are floggers that have heavy braided tails that will cause welting and could be quite a punishment implement if used with care. I personally haven't tried to use them like that, however.
  8. My arm would fall off after an hour. I think most folks consider a session to include the greeting, any discussion, lecturing, scolding, undressing/baring the bottom, warm up/spanking, corner time, more spanking, more corner time, possibly more spanking/various implements, possibly more lecturing/scolding, etc, etc, until the actual punishment is over. That plus any aftercare or debriefing could add up to one to two hours easily. Some sessions could be over as soon as a few minutes, depending on the circumstances and need for aftercare.
  9. Link to some videos we made recently.  https://www.spankingtube.com/user/sslg713/videos

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    2. SJE


      @Michgal.k didnt you know head master sent one to each of yr ers he wanted to broaden yr education

    3. SJE


      Lol headmaster I'm just glad yr not my er my spankings are bad enough but yrs are whoppers lol I think ill turn into a quite mouse

    4. MichiganHeadmaster
  10. Another member of SN (who is inactive now) and I have made several spanking videos this past week and posted them on SpankingTube. The link to her SpankingTube page is below. A few were done at my place in Michigan and a few near her home in Indiana. https://www.spankingtube.com/user/sslg713/videos
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