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  1. This is a very trying time for one who needs discipline, structure but isn't able to receive that right now. I have spankee friends who are quite frustrated due to this fact. I'm grateful that we at least have this great community which allows us to support each other, especially during this time.
  2. Staying home has been tough. However, for the safety of myself, as well as others, I'm gonna continue to do everything that's ordered for us to do. I'm glad the restrictions seem to be working.
  3. I've used spanking as a tool to help with certain habits, yes. However it's not always the answer and shouldn't be a substitute for any sort of formal therapy as far as addiction is concerned.
  4. This is touching and profound. Thank you for sharing this.
  5. Congratulations!! I wish you the very best in your new journey!
  6. I wouldn't bother. Most paid sites similar to that one seem scammy to me. One would be better off using Fetlife, IMO.
  7. WhatsApp is a good alternative. I enjoy using it. Also, Google Hangouts.
  8. Absolutely. I've used those a few times over the years.
  9. Very interesting tool. Can be useful for many.
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