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  1. This post has helped me meet a few local women, both virtually and also for Some really good in-person spankings. I’m dropping a response here to bring the post back to the top of the list in hopes of catching the eye of someone new. With the current situation surrounding COVID, I imagine we are all feeling like there isn’t a great way to address our spanking needs right now. Still, it could be a great time to start chatting in hopes of meeting up at a later time. Please take a peek at my original post in this thread for more details. Feel free to message me directly (as most people seem to prefer it over posting on the forum thread).
  2. If you’re near Boston or Worcester, I’m not too far from either I would love to hear from some local spankos. Maybe just to chat or potentially meet down the road for the real deal. No pressure to meet if you contact me, so please feel free to send a message or respond here if interested. Thanks!
  3. Hi Borasa24, I am a 33/M in Massachusetts, about 30 min west of Boston. You can check out some of my other posts for info on my approach to spanking. I’d love to chat more and see if we are a potential match.
  4. Thanks for responding, Stardustxc2. I’ll send you a message and hopefully we can chat more.
  5. Feel free to message me if you have any interest, even if just to chat or say hi!
  6. Hello New Englanders! I am a 32 year old male who has moderate spanking experience, having given two women their first ever “real” spankings and also included it in some of my personal relationships. I’m a very easygoing guy, but can be strict when it’s called for. If it matters, I’m 5’11” and 175lbs; slender, Caucasian, and I have a professional job in downtown Boston. I know this website isn’t all about meeting up, but that’s my primary goal with this post. I’d love to help a local woman experience the spanking she needs/wants/has fantasized about. I’m very open to the spankee’s needs and desires; my enjoyment is derived from making a great experience for the spankee (and, of course, I love having a woman over my knee!). While I’m open to her needs, I do have a few preferences (which can all be negotiated) that I will share so you get a feel for what kind of spankings I have experience delivering. I love traditional, otk spankings. I’ve enjoyed roleplaying different roles and scenes. I like the spanking to have a disciplinary aspect, even if it’s “made up” but I am also open to just giving a spanking for spanking’s sake. I can host in my private home about 30 minutes west of Boston. I’m also willing to travel locally. But most importantly, I think it’s helpful to discuss each other’s interests before meeting. I don’t want anyone to feel pressure to meet me and get a spanking; I’d much rather wait until they are ready. Are there any local women who would be interested in opening a dialogue about spanking, with the hopes that we can meet up and fulfill your need/fantasy? Send me a private message or post below. Thanks for reading.
  7. Hey! Glad to see your post. I’m a 32m with spanking experience living just west of Boston. Whereabouts are you? I mostly have experience giving disciplinary style spankings, but I am flexible to accommodate what a young lady needs. When you ask for a mentor, I think of someone who provides guidance but also discipline when you are in need. What’s your definition? More about me: 5’11” white male. Thinner body type. Experience giving and receiving spankings. Primarily interested in disciplinary style spankings that sting but never bruise. Otk, hand, plenty of scolding. But as I mentioned before, I am flexible to what the spankee needs. Hope to hear from you.
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