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  1. No, we are not all fakes, but you do have to be careful. Best advice I can give is spend time getting to know the person before committing to anything. The guy (or gal) that wants to role play, or get you on video chat in the first 5 minutes is almost surely not serious. And, if you decide a "guy" has potential, do try role play because that will tell you how he approaches discipline Good Luck with your search
  2. Well written and puts the reader right in the back yard with the two of them. IdSpankr
  3. I'm no expert, but I believe males wear underwear, and females wear panties. At least all the ladies I have spanked wore panties.
  4. Not sure if you have found what you wanted, but if you would like to talk, or ask questions, I am around usually in the mornings. Idspankr
  5. Not sure why others think video is only acceptable method unless their motives are their pleasure and not necessarily your needs. I have mentored several ladies over the years and actually rarely used video. The most important need is the relationship you are entering is trust, and if you don't trust the honesty then there is no trust. If you want an honest mentoring relationship, based on your needs, I believe we can work out a system that is satisfactory to both.
  6. Saying it can be done is one thing. Establishing a common goal, and system is something else. No matter what you decide be sure to choose wisely and make sure that you mentor really wants to help you, instead of pleasing them self. I have several years of online mentoring and am currently available.
  7. Idspankr here. If you don't know what the Id stands for, think of great potatoes and the State made famous for growing the best ones. I am a Daddy/Mentor/disciplinarian born and raised basically on a farm/ranch in western Idaho and have had the desire to spank females for as long as I can remember. My favorite cartoons all had someone getting spanked and I watched "I Love Lucy" hoping that Ricky would finally get tired of her attempts to get into his show and do something about it. I still live on a ranch, and most of my connections are chat but I do get out to deal with the occasional naughty bottom. I also am a published author of spanking stories. Thanks for allowing me to join.
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