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  1. Thank you. I hope it will be a Happy Spanksgiving as well.
  2. My mom uses either her hairbrush or a wooden spatula to spank sis and me. Neither one of those do I have right now nor do I know mom still has them. Hope she doesn't.
  3. It is fun to reminisce those spankings you seen and heard. The best spanking on McClintock was when the daughter is spanked by the cowhand. I only wish he pulled up her petticoats, and spank the seat of her bloomers.
  4. Spankings in movies and on TV are far gone from view. PC is ruining my fantasies.
  5. I have had a few orgasms during spankings, but most of my orgasms were after being spanked and then masturbating.
  6. A spanking is definitely not a spanking until your bottom is bared. However, I have always liked to be spanked over my panties first then have them pulled down for the "real spanking".
  7. Is there any spanking group in or near Portland, or is Seattle's "The Palms" the only one?
  8. Since you live in Seattle, have you ever heard of "The Palms"?  It is a spanking group in your city.

  9. So, is "The Palms" dying out?
  10. I always get aroused when I think or look back at my spankings.
  11. Sounds like you deserved more than a "bit" of a spanking.
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