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  1. It’s such a good chart. My wife usually gets me to a 3 or 4. I wanted to get more to a 7. It’s been a week. I’m still slightly bruised, but any soreness went away several days ago.
  2. Thank you. Still not it. I saw it a few weeks ago and I cannot recall where. Ugh.
  3. Thanks Tate. It’s similar to those, but those aren’t it.
  4. I know it exists! Basically shows 10 or so different cartoon bottoms at varying levels of redness. I want to show to my partner. Anyone have a link or picture of what I’m talking about?
  5. I have come across black spankos, but it’s certainly a majority white. Try to lookup spanking videos. I feel like it’s 1 in 100 are black. Still, that doesn’t make spankos or spanking racist.
  6. Girlfriend at the time caught me talking to someone else. Horribly embarrassing and horrible mistake. I got multiple spankings after. They were all severe.
  7. Check out some of these blogs/sites. https://strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com/?m=1&zx=9df64eabb5343edd https://domesticdiscipline.info/blog/ http://hotbottomstories.com/nonfiction/index.html https://adomesticdisciplinesociety.blogspot.com/p/the-dd-community-chatroom-is-open-to.html?m=1
  8. Only thing I can really recall is spanking a girl I met on Fetlife. It was probably her 3rd time coming over. She was taking quite the paddling when I heard my roommate walking in the kitchen. He had just come home. So the spanking had to end. No idea if he heard anything.
  9. I feel like the Golf Pride wraps would be best, but never considered spanking with them. I still can’t see it being THAT great of an implement.
  10. Not sure. But will be getting one in a few days
  11. My wife is not the HoH. We’re equal. If anything I’m the more dominant partner.
  12. Thank you. She likely will not be the dominate partner. We’re equal. If anything I’m the more dominate one.
  13. Will be married in less than a week. She spanks me. We’re still new to DD side of things. Have yet to do a punishment spanking. I can’t imagine us ever being like that couple in the car, but I do look forward to us building on the DD side of our relationship.
  14. More than 7 but less than 20. And yeah certain implements definitely get used more than others
  15. I’m sure there are plenty. If you were willing to mention it on your tinder I bet you’d find many of them.
  16. The last thing I want after I cum is a spanking or doing anything submissive. I think it’s a reasonable thing to do. I get removing any sexual elements, but by making him cum before hand, you’re making the spanking far less sexual for him.
  17. Fiancé has known and embraces it.
  18. Well if anyone is interested were 3 spankings in. First one was actually pretty long and fairly hard, but we built up to it and I was sore/marked the next day. She did well, but any yelps from me and she’d stop or go easy. Next spanking after a day break was harder and even when I yelled she didn’t slow down. Mostly sets of 10. It hurt and I was even more marked up. Then another day break and another spanking. By this point the sets were more like 10-20 and it didn’t matter how much I yelled. She laid it on me. That was Monday. It’s not Saturday. I’m still a little marked, but doesn’t hurt. Getting a spanking tonight. She’s trying to get comfortable with the whole process and spanking me to the point it really hurts and I don’t enjoy it. Overall she’s doing great and is really embracing a DD relationship. She even recommended we get a whiteboard calendar for the kitchen to keep track of whether I’m obeying the rules like working out 3X a week. And I’ve definitely been a better partner in terms of helping more around the house, making her breakfast, and being more loving. She said the other day we should have started this a long time ago.
  19. Where do you guys buy your implements? I’ve always used Cane-iac or Walmart (bath brush, hair brush, ruler, etc). More curious about sites that make spanking implements.
  20. I don’t know. It seems like a lot of people end up “going soft” once they start feeling the pain, but seems like others have a different reaction. Personally I tend to go soft pretty quickly and sometimes don’t even get much arousal before. But I’m sure it’s quite individual.
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