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  1. It’s the absolute worst. 10/10 hate it
  2. I get it. About the same age and similar spot with my wife. She’s getting better. Honestly, the more she spanks the harder she’s willing to go. She’s just not “strict” when it comes to spankings. My advise is send her all the articles/blog posts she’s willing to read. Try to talk to her about it. Show her examples of what you’d like your bum to look like. It’s all hard. I totally get it. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat more.
  3. If you’re a guy looking for other guys it’s great. For everyone 1 girl there’s about 60 guys. Mostly gay guys. I actually had one spank me once. Sometimes I’ll go on just for the conversation.
  4. Funny you say that. I’ve had a few “vanilla” partners who I’ve turned into spankers and a couple switch/ee. I’m into more femdom stuff as well. Some of them couldn’t get into that, but they all said they enjoyed spanking me.
  5. Assuming this is real, I’d recommend reading up on the subject. If you’re on Fetlife Michael Masterson has a ton of good articles. Given her history with spanking I’d likely go hard and fast with a small paddle OTK or big wooden hairbrush. If it’s a punishment I’m not a fan of warmup especially for an experienced EE. Likely good to add in some form of corner time. Also check out “strict Julie spanks” blog and look at her “beating your man properly” article. Applies to both sexes.
  6. I’m married. Sometimes it’s once a week. Sometimes barely once a month. It kinda depends on my mood if I want to even get spanked that much.
  7. As a guy idc about color. I do like the spanker to decide what color and style undies I wear.
  8. As an ee not a fan. I can see as an er for an ee with a tough bottom doing so though.
  9. Not on here, but somehow I Fet I ran across a girl I dated for a few months. Relationship didn’t go anywhere, but she was cool and we had a ton of fun. No face pics, but I recognized her house in the background and her lovely naked body. We reconnected and played a few times.
  10. Fun! Based on the title I thought the trainer would be spanking you!
  11. Sort of? Most spankings are when she decides she wants to and she’ll go hard, but usually not for an actual reason. Occasionally it will be for a real reason. Last one for a real reason was in December.
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