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  1. MaryJo1996


    Hmmm only 2 inches taller than me. 🤔 Welcome though. Hope you enjoy the site. There are some lovely people around. 🙂
  2. I'm in that boat at the minute. Bad experience growing up has made getting close to guys difficult. So i'm stuck between a rock and hard place - not attracted to women, find it uncomfortable getting close to guys. 😕😕😕
  3. Hmmm I'm literally the only person to vote "Single with no interest in a spanko relationship". 🤔😂
  4. Pretty sure I'm 100% "normal", whatever that is. 😂
  5. From a few weeks ago. I like posting pics on here so people see who i am. Again not a selfie, just a nice pic of me before going out for brunch with some friends. x x
  6. Well im not...im lucky. My Dad has a seven figure bank balance and owns various properties. But yeah people not as lucky as me will suffer. Brexit will hurt most people here. It already is doing with so many companies withdrawing jobs, and it will get worse.
  7. Simple and to the point; most people my age are fucked if it happens.
  8. MaryJo1996

    Another Selfie!

    Posted one a few weeks ago...ok this isn't actually a selfie. But here's another pic of me at a baby shower last week. Lack of make-up makes me look so young. Lol
  9. Aaahhh i see. Having had no interaction with so many here in the forum side of the site as opposed to chat, I just tend to take things at face value. I was in now way having a go at you or anything like that.
  10. Personally would hate it, but that's because I wear them (well, pull-up style) at night anyway as I went through some traumatic events growing up which have resulted in nightmares that make me wet the bed. Each to their own and all, but if a guy ever tried that with me I'd rip his face off. 😂
  11. I dont think it's that as such. It's just that on a site like this it's natural to be a bit wary with people potentially meeting up, etc. So with that in mind I personally think this topic is a great idea, because if you're an immensley cautious individual like me then it's quite comforting to see a name listed of someone you have spoken to about maybe meeting. So yeah, I see it as more of a checklist for those people who know someone is 100% real, rather singling ones out who you are unsure about. FYI...I get accused of being fake over having a profile pic of myself and more recently posting a selfie in the gallery. One idiot said i was "too attractive to be on a site like this and real". Pretty offensive to every member that, but I guess haters gonna hate.
  12. MaryJo1996


    Lol definitely not old...22. 😂
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