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  1. Not sure I'm a "minx" in any way? 🤔🤣
  2. MaryJo1996


    Lol no problem.
  3. No, thank you for such kind words! 🙃🙃
  4. MaryJo1996

    Lock Down

    Very kind of you to say.
  5. MaryJo1996


    Why thank you kind sir.
  6. MaryJo1996


    What the hell are you talking about you weirdo? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Awwww no. Best go have a good cry now. 😢😢
  8. Yeah, not trying to be scary, just pointing out a fact, pal. You really are a patronising piece of...well, we know what.
  9. You want to talk to me in this patronising, gender-skewed manner, then do it here rather than hiding in PM's. From my point of view, why the hell should I PM you just because "generously" offered your time? Get over yourself. I won't say what I really think of you, but suffice to say if you came into my place of work and spoke to me or another member of female staff in this manner, it would not go well for you.
  10. Again, not attacked anyone, yet you say it again because I haven't rolled over to the piffle you said. There is quite clearly a gender issue going on here...please, look at yourself and how you react to women. It's not healthy.
  11. Don't patronise me. I'm 24, not a child. And I don't see what the hell you think you're doing making comments about my life when you know next to NOTHING about me. 😂😂😂 Funny thing, a young woman is forthright with her views and she is labelled as "snarky" and accused of "attacking" people. Please, re-evaluate yourself and question how you respond to each gender. I can all but guarantee you would not label a man who said the things I have in the same way. Actually, I'd be willing to bet every penny in my bank account that you wouldn't. Oh, and my name's not "MaryJo". That's a username
  12. Please, attempt to be more patronising...
  13. But he has no idea of the circumstances which would lead someone to do that. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, I never said otherwise, but brandishing anyone who has posted/shared naked pics as "cheap" is pretty poor of someone. Was I cheap when at 15 I made the mistake of sharing naked pictures online, or was I just incredibly stupid? I'd definitely say the latter.
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