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  1. MaryJo1996

    Latest Profile Pic

    Been asked again about my profile pic, like I have before when changing it, so here it is for you all! That's prosecco in my hand, not wine, btw!
  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here, plenty of lovely people around!
  3. MaryJo1996

    Big Bum

    Yeah, good luck with that.
  4. MaryJo1996


    Most who know me on here know that I like adding pics of myself every now and then, so here's a pic of my outfit from New Years Eve! The lighting on my face is awful, but look at that skirt of mine! 😍😍
  5. Oh my god I think I LOVE you!!!!! Expressed exactly what i think, just better than I ever could! ❤❤
  6. Hey I didn't say I think my bum is too big - I like my bum! Lol. I'm just not blind to the fact that it's pretty big compared to the rest of my figure.
  7. Mine's a bit big. Got a pic up in the gallery of me in jeans and you can see it's a bit chubby. Had rather a lot of PM's from guys commenting on it. 😂😂
  8. I know that you are insecure about women having an opinion on the behaviour of men, and take any comment as a personal affront even when it clearly has nothing to do with you. I mean, that's obvious.
  9. Absolutely nothing there suggests i was aiming it at EVERY member of the site. Again, the fact you have read it that way says a lot about you. 👍
  10. Yeah, didn't make an assumption on all male members of the site. The fact you read it that way says a lot about you though. 👍
  11. Absolutely "Amen" to this. As someone who uses the chatroom a lot I get message after message. That's fine, but no need to lie about your intentions. I mean I get messages I expect coz of my age and how I look, so don't tell me it's not a sexual thing when it clearly is.
  12. MaryJo1996


    Enough people have been asking about my new profile pic, so here you go!
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