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  1. Well isn't that just wonderfully ridiculous. ???
  2. What an awful experience. So sad that you were betrayed like that. I hope you are on the road to getting over such a traumatic experience. x All I can say aside is that he's lucky it wasn't me as I'd have named and shamed him.
  3. Awww thank you AfterGeometry, that's very sweet of you to say. x
  4. My bottom was always bared for me. I'd get a "warm up" over my knickers, then have to stand up and put my hands on my head while I got told off more and my knickers were taken down ready to receive the brush.
  5. My first name and start of my middle name, then my year of birth. Terribly creative. ?
  6. I have a short one. Nothing much.
  7. Hi Sean! I'm already the best version of me for the simple fact that I am me! Without meaning to be rude, I fail to see how someone from miles and miles away could improve on something that is so good already! I am certainly not here wanting to find guidance in my life...I'm very happy with how that is going as it is.
  8. Seems more of a private message that. Lol
  9. I'm 5ft"10...definitely not smaller than me. Also definitely not at all around my age - it simply wouldn't feel right.
  10. Aww thanks everyone. Very sweet. x
  11. Hi there. I'm Mary, been lurking for a while and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 21 and was spanked growing up. I'm just looking to chat to people at the minute and have a look around. Met a few nice people in the chat room already, and hope that continues!
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