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  1. Hello all, I'm F,29 and just moved about 30 minutes south of Dallas. I am from California originally but was in Nashville for a year. I'm an EE. I've been out of the metaphorical spanking closet for about 4 years but I still consider myself a newbie. And by out, I mean that I've finally accepted this is me. I'm looking to connect with the Dallas/Texas community even if it's only virtual for now. I would especially love to meet a female spanker, the unicorns of our world. But in general I just want to connect.
  2. PSA: His hand spankings hurt almost as much if not more than the freaking hairbrush. 😅

    1. Arkie1999


      That is So TRUE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey guys! I'm in Nashville. Is there a scene in TN? I'm having a hard time finding leads. I'm f, 28. Look forward to some info or getting to know you guys! 😊
  4. It seems like everyone is in TX! Boy did I pick the wrong state to transfer to. If you're ever in Nashville hit me up! F, 28. Hope you find a great partner out there!
  5. Do you ever travel through Nashville? I know not exactly SE.
  6. Sorry to piggyback but any female spankers in the Tennessee area?
  7. Ive given this a lot of thought, and I want to be spanked by a woman. I'm not gay/lesbian, but I've experienced the intrigue of being spanked by a man, now I want to experience that same discipline by a woman and see the differences. I'm 26, female, BBW sized, and I'm hoping to find someone in Southern California. I'm from Riverside, but I'm not opposed to meeting someone from LA or SD. This is purely disciplinary, nothing sexual, my requests are the same for women as they are for men; just a good old fashioned spanking. Look forward to meeting or chatting with you!
  8. It's you fortunate that you live so far, but I've given tremendous thought to being spanked by a woman. I hope I can find someone as open as you in California!
  9. @12HolePaddle Hey! Yes SoCal stands for Southern California. LA is far, but it's the closest metropolitan city to where I live, which is in Riverside (or an area of SoCal called the Inland Empire). I'm having some luck regardless, and i am getting to "meet" a lot of like minded people, which is nice because I havnt had that sort of interaction yet. So I really appreciate the replies!
  10. Hi @Phoenix89 Hi! I read your intro earlier, I hope you also find your spanker! and I greatly appreciate you reaching out about teaching! Im a little nervous, about to start my credential program in January and I hope it's as rewarding a field as I hear it is (despite the bad stuff I hear about teaching). Thank you again though!
  11. Hello, my name is...not relevant yet. I am 26, female, and a bit on the bigger side (so aka I am looking for someone who can handle having a big girl over their knee), looking for a mentor in the I.E./L.A. area (preferably IE). I am going to school for teaching, I work full time, and I am looking for someone in the area to kinda keep me in check. My biggest struggles are procrastination, and it really becomes a problem especially towards the end of the semester. I also just crave spankings...I have only been spanked like 3 or 4 times, and am still feeling out what I enjoy (or don't), and I am still trying to figure out if I want my lifestyle to be purely a disciplinary one or pleasure, or both. idk. I do have a mentor, and I have learned a lot in our few sessions and chats, but he lives in another state, and I need something more local and recurring. Having said that, ideally I would prefer to find a mentor that is again Local. Looking for spanking ONLY. And although I would prefer to find someone closer to my age (since I have not yet interacted with a disciplinarian in my age range), I am open to someone older with experience. I'll see if this site leads to any new experiences and acquaintances, thanks to whom ever read this far!
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