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  1. My wife, she has been spanking me for a long time for discipline, we have agreed to a FLR. 5 days ago, on Saturday she gave one of the hardest punishments ever, long story short I criticize a couple of friends in front of others because they got the COVID vaccine even do the are nor yet suppose to because of there age, she gave that look and I knew what was coming. I the car she told me, you are getting one hell of a spanking when we get home. We go up stairs close the bedroom door and the closet she order me to strip naked then orders me on my knees with my hands on my back, moments later she
  2. Yes, in Quora, there you can find a lot of information.
  3. My wife recently posted this, I hope it helps you. Domestic spanking relationship My husband and I are in a domestic discipline relationship. Mostly that means that we have consensually agreed to address his transgressions by way of real corporal punishment or domestic discipline spankings. Which even though consensual, they are very real spankings. Meaning, no warm up, no pauses or rubbing the butt after each swat. The implements used are a harsh leather belt and a wooden bath brush, the spanking is intended to teach a lesson and be a deterrent for future transgressions.
  4. I have two, one is to be in a dinner party at home with friends and after some inappropriate behavior my wife gives me that look and that me to the room for a very hard spanking with the bath brush and make me come back to the table an apologize. The second one is, and I been begging my wife for it, is to tell me sister in-law ever detail about our FLR and how it has improved our marriage so much, including the spankings and punishment she give. And one day in my home with my sister in law visiting I will miss behave and my wife will spank me in front of her with the bath brush and
  5. I will love to be spank be my sister in law!! She is a beautiful strong woman one year older than my wife, very bossy. It is my dream to be spank by her in front of my wife.
  6. Agree! My wife spanks me exclusively with one and O MY GOD!!
  7. I do get bedtime spankings from my wife and morning spankings as well, and I dont know witch one its better........ When she spanks me at night I cuddle with her and when she spanks me in the mornings I go to work whit my butt very hot.
  8. Before my wife bought the wooden bath brush that now uses for every spanking she give me, some times she use to wet my butt with a spray bottle and spank me with a leather belt, it did hurt a lot more than whit out water but in my case it didn’t leave the same marks that when she spank me with a dry butt.
  9. In adition to the spankings that I get from my wife, some time she spanks my balls. When we are in bed she orders me to pull my underwear down and to open my legs then she gives me 15 to 20 hard spanks in my balls
  10. I'd like to be spanked completely naked by my wife in front of her 3 or 4 closest friends. She has spank me before in front of her best friend but not completly naked, just bare button.
  11. If it true discipline, no safe words, I only get spank be my wife and they are 100% discipline so she decides when to stop and how hard the spanking is.
  12. I'm sure that my neighbors have heard the spankings that my wife give me, and to be honest we dont care.
  13. Totally!! My wife only spanks me on the balls with her hand, never with any implement
  14. In adition to the spankings that I get from my wife, some time she spanks my balls. When we are in bed she orders me to pull my underwear down and to open my legs then she gives me 15 to 20 hard spanks in my balls. Do anyone els experience this?
  15. I will love to be spank along side with my wife by a friend of hers.
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