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  1. I have had it happen lots recently ( never a problem before). I have very good spyware on my computer and it doesn' t happen with any other site I use. My spyware actually prevents me from clicking on anything that can cause a problem. Runs every day and actually scans sites, links etc before you use them. @Kce89 Going onto the 2nd or 3rd link worked up until a few days ago- now actually all of them are doing the same thing. Once I found a way to get on I bookmarked this site so if you all do that you won' t have this problem again.
  2. Thanks ammon for requesting that I reply to this post ( you couldn' t have made it any longer!!!) It' s seems to be a complicated mixture of things for myself. Spanking is sexual for me, mostly. Sometimes things get on top of me or my mood is low and a good beating helps me recalibrate, so to speak. The domination and handing over full control, to another person, creates a unique bond and trust. I prefer CNC and having no control or say whatsoever ( wouldn't suggest that to some-one just starting out.) The forgiveness at the end of a punishment spanking is soul cleansing. I hate feeling that I have done wrong and let someone down but knowing I have paid my dues lets me forgive myself. The challenge of taking more and more is like how mountain climbers feel taking bigger challenges- to me at least. I love the marks, the bruises and the pain- the longer they last the better for me. I sleep better, my mind is quiet. Admiring the marks and the gifts some-one bestows on me is just very special. The closer the bond, the more special they are to me. This is such a complicated subject and I doubt we have covered it all but those are a few of my thoughts regarding it. I am basically a hardcore masochist who gets a sexual kick from it, depending who is spanking me. With the right person it becomes orgasmic!!! Well done for starting this subject, ammon, and I hope more people delve deep and try and answer small facets of it...
  3. My wife and I, long term spankers, just moved to Mo from Texas. We greatly enjoyed our spankings /paddlings in the Hill Country...lol

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    2. Spankbadgirl


      No I am not in a regular spanking relationship. I did have a Daddy but he lied, to me, about everything. Had other people on the go between his 2 plus accounts! Maybe one day I will find a real and genuine Daddy but for now i' m just content without one. I like being spanked for lots of reasons too.

    3. Spankbadgirl


      I have been here for a couple of years. wouldn't say that I was a legend! Welcome and I hope you both enjoy it here- most people are okay.

    4. KurtS


      Thanks! I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on!

      Take Care,


      P.S. I’ll check with you on who’s “:good” and who’s not! Lol

  4. Your city and Mr Floyd are in my thoughts and I hope things get better soon. What that cop did to that guy was unacceptable but that is no reason for thugs to loot and set fire to buildings etc. I hope the officer who killed him and the thugs are bought to swift justice...
  5. Updated my profile- not looking for a another Daddy for awhile.

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      Thank- you, wifey. It' s just not fair, on another Daddy, if I' m going to find it hard to trust him. Going to take a break from looking for awhile. Hope you are doing well. Haven' t seen you for ages. Hope my Fet feed wasn' t too disturbing to you🤣

    3. Wifey


      Takes a lot to shock me these days! 

    4. Spankbadgirl


      Same here, wifey!

  6. Getting wet will increase the sting but wet skin can also be more fragile so it won' t necessarily decrease bruising. You can usually tell who is experienced or not. Beware of the ones who are just all talk thou. Ask for references from people they have spanked before. Ask to see examples of their past work ie pics. If a 20 year old says they are experienced don't believe them! Just use your head; look out for red flags; meet in public the first time. Never take some-one at their word- check them out. If your instincts tell you something isn' t right, listen to them...
  7. Stick with an experienced spanker and they will know to stop before you blister. You have to use quite a bit of force to blister some-one! You need a thick, strong belt for a proper belting. Of course it can bring some people to tears. Some people cry from pain alone. Other people need some-one very experienced who can work on the psychological side because any amount of pain won' t make some people cry. I got an infection from being seriously spanked with a wooden spoon ( albeit it was more like a damn club lol). Tore my butt up. Blood and bruising! You probably wouldn' t get anywhere, near that result, with an average wooden spoon thou but they can bruise in the right hands! I had to take steroids for a few months after that so don' t under estimate any implement...
  8. Also you have got to remember that everyone heals differently. Like I have had deep purple bruises that have healed within a week but for some-one else they might last longer. You don' t sound like you have much experience so start light and work your way up. You will find out what you can tolerate and how easily you heal then. Also remember that some people can cry from a light hand spanking and then others you can beat them black, blue and bloody and they still won' t cry. My advice to you is gain experience, slowly, and you will work out what works for you that way...
  9. A hand spanking isn' t going to give you severe pain. Everyone' s definition of severe pain is different so you do need to elaborate. My idea of severe pain is a harsh caning where the marks would last for a month or so. A hard hairbrushing/ paddling, that doesn' t blister, would leave bruising for 5-7 days. I have been blistered before and that took months to heal from so you would want to avoid that. A belting might work for you. Avoid canes unless you want a lighter caning because those marks will last for awhile. Anything that is really "severe" is going to take longer than 5-7 days to heal from...
  10. Rip FirmHoh. Sending best wishes to his wife in her time of grief...
  11. Yeah that' s him! He has sexually assaulted and kidnapped a woman. He has been violent to women. He has used videos that don' t belong to him to claim as his own etc...
  12. They asked for my phone number when I joined- they send you a verification link via it. You can' t join without one now.
  13. Also I found that the ones that message me are just looking for casual sex under the guise of BDSM- fake Doms etc. Think they just see women as an easy lay on there. If you are a man you probably won' t have that issue!!!
  14. Fetlife is not like this site but it has it' s uses. If you follow and friend people ,with the same interests you have, the pictures, clips and writings can be good. You can block jerks. People who like munches, parties and the such can find good resources. Some of the groups can be interesting. I haven' t met anyone serious on there thou- my inbox gets filled up by pervs, dicks and spam. If you are a female you need to have a pretty thick skin but as I say the block button works wonders:-) It' s a resource and pretty much just that...
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