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  1. I left yesterday because I couldn' t reload the page- it' s getting very frustrating now...
  2. Fetlife has basically become a porn site! Most messages I get are from men looking to get off or wanting a casual, sexual encounter. Seriously 99 % of the messages I get on there are from men that I would never want to encounter in real life. They are vulgar, think that women are just worthless sex objects- if they spoke to women like that, in real life, most would kick them in the balls! The majority are just looking for casual sex and have no spanking or BDSM interests whatsoever. If you are man that just wants to get off or get a quick lay then I expect you might find it. If you are a female looking for anything else you are probably better off not bothering...
  3. Kinda like to tell myself it' s normal, yet dirty, but who cares which way around it is. Certainly not going to lose any sleep over it😂
  4. How am I hung up on people' s ages? My last Daddy was old! I was being facetious- I worked out that you weren' t 97. Lighten up!
  5. I am looking for a Daddy but, sorry, 97 puts you in the Grand Daddy category! How are you going to cope with a demanding girl at 97? Anyway, all the joking inside, I hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck...
  6. I have never been able to orgasm without thinking about spanking. Spanking and orgasms, for me, were linked from the get go! Maybe it' s abnormal but it is what it is😂
  7. Being spanked and being spanked hard has never triggered my asthma and I have pretty bad asthma. I keep it well controlled with inhalers and meds. I always have ventolin on me just in case. I think the only thing you can do is make the person, who is spanking you, aware and always keep a rescue inhaler with you. I wouldn' t worry about it too much...
  8. He sure is a pain in the ass! However, Happy Birthday, Ag- hope you have a lovely day, doing whatever the AG does😝
  9. Think I am going to have to get COL to change my username. Thinking about Bestlittlegirlintheworld. This badgirl thing is to hard to pull off😂

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Chastener


      I am glad you corrected me. [Hugs SBG]

    3. Spankbadgirl


      * Hugs Chastener*  Does that mean that I am forgiven now?

    4. Chastener


      Sweetness, if I were in Houston, there would be consequences.  But I'm not, and you're too adorable to stay unforgiven.

  10. Yeah like maybe ram something where the sun don' t shine, AG... you sure know how to piss off a little girl🤣😝 Maybe you could help out COL and fix this?
  11. It was better yesterday but a nightmare earlier today.
  12. You really believe that, FF? I think Granddaddy there wants a bit more than spanking. He might feel rather sprightly for 76! Good on him but he needs to be upfront if he wants more...
  13. I agree with Jaded. I too voted for finding partners. Distance and complicated situations have been the main problem. You find some-one perfect for your spanking needs and they live miles away and complicated " real life" situations just add to the problem. I am very picky who I do this with- if the person isn' t on the same page, I don' t see the point in doing it at all. I also voted for finding a private location. It' s not always practical to let others into your home or vice versa. Being a " spanko" can be very frustrating a lot of the time. I also would like to add , that if you aren' t the sort of person that goes to parties or munches it is very hard to find some-one who matches your needs...
  14. Kiddo' s sense of humour is rather challenged, mister. Big hug to you too...
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