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  1. How do male subs cost money? It's usually women who want to be paid, if they are that way inclined. A lot of male ee's, that I see, seem extremely desperate and will take anyone ( not saying all but look in the forums at their posts.) To be honest, I think that usually puts people off. It's probably pretty easy if a man's willing to except a gay Dom but I think that their desperation probably puts female ER's or switches off. No woman wants a very desperate man! I don't think that makes any difference, as far as which role a female is in. There just aren't many Female Tops or switches so they
  2. Never had one who wants money from me... maybe cause I'm female? I have a fair number offer to pay me... I find that a bit insulting cause I'm a real person, not some commodity. If I'm in the mood and have spare time, I usually play them back for 5 mins. The majority of the time I'm not in the mood so I just ignore them. The only time it hurts is if you've invested a lot of time in the person. Being little can be hard sometimes and there's a lot of people who seem to want to take advantage and just play us. I don't take any of these Daddies seriously now and just think they are all playing gam
  3. I'm not actively looking for something either... if it happens, it happens. Most of the men who contact me, want to be my Daddy within 5 mins of chatting to me. Maybe, some people jump in that quick? Personally, I'd rather find out what they are about and if we are going to be compatible first. I think it's a red flag if they want to go that fast. For what it's worth, I think your approach is right. There are so many fakes, fantasists and time-wasters, making them wait will hopefully weed those out.
  4. You are young, just keep trying and you'll find one. It sometimes feels like "it doesn't matter what you do," you try to please them and make them happy but that's often not enough. Just don't lose hope because the right one will appreciate your efforts and want to make you happy too😀
  5. Sounds like you are fucked either way😂 If I had a Daddy I would enjoy being good and pleasing him but might as well take advantage of being an orphan, in the meantime😛
  6. @selfsp12 If it works keep doing it, for now. If you find another stress release avenue, you can re-evaluate then. Just take care of your skin- hot baths and moisturise lots. You do not want leather butt. If you are having a good day, take the day off from spanking. If you get leather butt or damage the nerve endings, then you are going to have to spank a lot harder for the same result.
  7. I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks. As long as it's consensual, then it's your dynamic and none of anyone else's business.
  8. A lot of us build walls... some bigger than others and some even with a moat around it😂 The right person will want to climb those walls; help you break them down and find out who you really are beneath all that armour. Us humans are inquisitive and if we find some-one who we like, we want to really get to know them. Just cause you haven't found her yet, doesn't mean that she isn't out there. I read a comment, in your other thread, from some-one telling you why they read your posts and I second that. It's very clear that you are a caring, kind and soft soul, which makes people root for you. I'd
  9. I don't think that you are crazy and you are not the only one. During my 20's, my life was very stressful, for a multitude of reasons which I'd rather not go deeply into. I craved the pain of a severe spanking constantly and the release was only temporary- like I could be spanked harshly in the morning and want another one in the afternoon. Luckily, I had a Dom who got it- he had his own personal demons and a very stressful Govn management job. He also knew how to beat me soundly! He had concerns because I'd be badly marked and want more. He devised a plan that he would spank me several t
  10. What does it matter? if it's consensual and you are both happy, that's all that's important😀
  11. For sure I can see the advantages. A male slave, what's not to like but it' s just not me. I'm purely an ee but I respect you both for living and enjoying this life-style. I just have no use for a submissive man- 2 subs together just would never work.
  12. We are just advertising the benefits of FLR. These 2 are trying to convert me to the good cause😂
  13. I like to think of an ER/ee relationship as being mutually supportive. We help and support each other- I don't like the idea of it being one-sided. If I sign up for a long-term DDlg or D/s relationship, I end up caring deeply for the person and I'd hope that they'd come to me if they needed my support or just some-one to hear them out.
  14. Believe me if I signed up for a FLR, I'd make sure that I was capitalising on it😂 You are a very smart woman and it sounds like you have this made😛
  15. You actually have him do all the household chores? Most women can't manage to get them to do 10% and maybe 0.000000001% isn't a shit job. I'm really warming up to this FLR stuff😂
  16. 😂🤣😂. Good on you for finding a way. You are a beacon for the FLR.
  17. I hear you. I tend to be the person everyone goes to and in the past I haven't had a whole lot of support. We are our support but it's nice to have people who are there for you. The journaling has been amazing and I'm lucky that I have a thoughtful Dom, who puts in the effort. If I can find one so can you. They are out there but you might have to weed through some shit ones first 😂
  18. You must provide him better lessons then. If anyone needs husband house training advice, you are the woman to go to😛
  19. You are telling me! I still can't work out whether they do such a shit job, in the hopes that you won't ask them to do it again or whether they are just naturally inept😂
  20. Covid hasn't exactly done anyone's social life any good! If a wife sends her husband to a Dominatrix sounds like she's going to have to send him out to get a 2nd job, if they can only manage to do a good job for one week😂 Sounds like you need to make the lesson more memorable... i'd have hoped it would have worked for at least a few months🤣
  21. @TimidMouseI empathise cause I'm pretty much the same. I don't need some-one to micromanage my life because I've always managed it on my own. I know you are probably not ready for it yet but how about a spanking friend and not so much a mentor? Some-one who will spank you and give you the sort of support a good friend would? I don't have a Daddy right now but I have a temp Dom. He is not my mentor and it's not really DD based. I have no rules and he's basically a really good friend. We support each other. The only thing that he's implemented is that I keep a journal, of sorts, for him. He
  22. So if his cleaning isn't up to your standards he gets spanked and then you send him back until it is? How much of his cleaning is up to your standards? Like, do you have to spank every week or does he manage to do a good job for a few months, until he needs a reminder again?
  23. Do they do chores perfectly if you spank them? I suppose if you aren't a spanking wife, regular trips to a Dominatrix would be an alternative😂
  24. No need to be ashamed but work colleague relationships should be a "no go." I have never had one and never would. It would be so awkward having to work with an ex. Being kind does work but only if you don't become a doormat. Don't let life make you jaded... the world needs more kind and genuine people. You've just fallen in love with the wrong person, that doesn't mean that there isn't the right person out there. We are all freaks, in our own way, and you just need to find your fellow freaks. Don't give up or become hard and jaded.
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